welcome to tulipina.

tulipina. / sfgirlbybay

i’m delighted to take you inside the brand new san francisco-based home of floral design studio, tulipina. regarded as one of the most sought-after floral designers in the u.s. and beyond, owner kiana underwood recently moved her workspace from her home in nearby burlingame to this light-filled loft in sf’s potrero hill. her signature garden-style combines plenty of color, texture and a medley of floral varieties, including fun pops of fruit and foliage. you can see why her arrangements are coveted for every wedding and event! she further extends her passion through teaching, hosting both local and destination workshops for fellow floral enthusiasts and professionals. in fact, she’s teaching a course in indonesia as we speak.

i’ve seen kiana’s work up close at a number of events and workshops and i’ve admired and loved every installation—from lush tablescapes to hanging chandeliers. the moment she shared a photo of her new studio, i knew I had to pay her a visit.

vintage ladder inside floral design studio, tulipina. / sfgirlbybay

bright and colorful floral design studio, tulipina. / sfgirlbybay

love at first sight the moment i walked in. i mean, those stairs!

tulipina floral arrangements. / sfgirlbybay

tulipina owner kiana underwood. / sfgirlbybay

green and gray armchairs in tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay

rainbow stairwell inside tulipina workshop. / sfgirlbybay

vintage homewares & accessories inside tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay

her white medicine cabinet of candy colored vessels waiting to be filled.

tulipina owner kiana underwood arranging flowers. / sfgirlbybay

pale pink sofa inside tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay

the main floor is her workspace.

tulipina floral arrangement by owner kiana underwood. / sfgirlbybay

light fixture and vessels inside tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay

and the loft above, for meetings and gatherings.

lofted meeting area inside tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay

owner kiana underwood inside her tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay

for some daily floral inspiration check out kiana’s instagram. and for more information about her services, workshops and also prints of her work, visit here.

• all photography by leslie santarina.

tile: i want to walk on you.

tile: i want to walk on you. / sfgirlbybay

tine k’s beautiful home

i’m still obsessing over these encaustic tile floors. i love the faded, washed-out look they have — like they’ve been walked on for centuries and some archaeologist has dug them up from fabulous ruins found in morocco or spain. maybe it’s just the romantic in me, but i love that they seem to have history, and yet you can order them brand new to just look ancient and well-loved. but the thing i really love about these rooms is how light and airy they seem — they make you wanna go barefoot just to feel that cool, smooth tile against your feet, don’t they? perfect for warm weather areas (like los angeles) — i think i do need these!

encaustic tile floors / sfgirlbybay

patterned tile designs / sfgirlbybay

love minimal style; tabarka studio; entic designs; tabarka studio.

dining area with tile floors / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest mexico.

dining area with encaustic tile floors / sfgirlbybay

salva lópez photography.

geometric encaustic tile floors / sfgirlbybay

simo design.

foyer with tile floor / sfgirlbybaytiled entryway / sfgirlbybay

alhvhem (top two images).

living room with encaustic tile floors / sfgirlbybay

tine k home.

modern kitchen with patterned tile floors / sfgirlbybayblack and white tiled floors / sfgirlbybay

marmo spirito and agnetha home.

contrasting tile floors / sfgirlbybay


lovely tile floors / sfgirlbybay

freunde von freunden

new and noteworthy.

shower accessories and stwotwenty's eco white bag / sfgirlbybay

1. stwotwenty’s eco white bag.

i’ll come right out and admit it — i’m a bit of a bag junkie. no matter how many bags, totes and clutches i seem to acquire, they keep making cuter ones that make me want them — badly. so for this week’s new and noteworthy i thought rather than buy more bags, i’d simply blog about them and leave the shopping to you guys — should you see something that catches your eye. apologies to your pocketbook in advance.

new and noteworthy bags and totes / sfgirlbybay

2. i love this round leather shopper from cos; 3. L’accumulation french fisherman’s bag is adorable; 4. i would prefer not to tote bag from volte face — speaks volumes!

zip pouch is made with canvas from the 1960s by individual medley / sfgirlbybay

5. Vintage canvas zip pouch is made with canvas from the 1960s from individual medley.

new and noteworthy black and white bags / sfgirlbybay

6. sweet pebbled bucket bag from steven alan; 7. fries before guys (yes!) tote bag from ban.do; 8. Silence + Noise Elbow Bucket Bag from urban outfitters — so cute for spring.

claire vivier's Every Mother Counts tote. / sfgirlbybay
9. claire vivier’s Every Mother Counts tote. 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this bag will go directly to supporting EMC — Founded by Christy Turlington Burns, Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

new and noteworthy tote bags / sfgirlbybay

10. madewell’s holepunch transport tote is very smart looking; 11. love the reusable bien fait tote from madewell; 12. and for a real splurge — the Marni Colorblock Hobo from nordstrom.

abandoned love.

photography by peyton fulford / sfgirlbybay

this love story is a little different. introduced to photography by her father, Peyton Fulford has always loved to document her experiences and the people around her, so photography became the creative focus and outlet for her. Peyton is a photographer and digital artist based in Columbus, Georgia and her Abandoned Love series was inspired by Candy Chang’s Before I Die; Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July’s Learning To Love You More project; and Klaudija Visockyte’s Please Don’t Leave Me series. assigned by her professor to create participatory and network art for one of the last projects in her course, peyton researched different artists, and learned that the audience interacting with and experiencing the art was what becomes the true object or subject of the work. for more brilliance from peyton, be sure to follow her on instagram and check out her prints at society6.

abandoned love series by photographer peyton fulford / sfgirlbybay

abandoned love series by peyton fulford / sfgirlbybay

photo series by peyton fulford / sfgirlbybay

photography series by peyton fulford / sfgirlbybay

abandoned love series / sfgirlbybay

abandoned love by peyton fulford / sfgirlbybay

abandoned love by photographer peyton fulford / sfgirlbybay

• photography by Peyton Fulford.

darkness prevails.

dark bedroom decor inspiration / sfgirlbybay

studio preveza via pop sugar.

i used to have a dark blackish blue accent wall in my old bedroom, and i adored it (benjamin moore’s gravel gray). and i still love this look. jenna lyons may have made dark sleeping quarters into a trend with her fabulous bedroom featured many moons again in domino — and i’m sure others may have come before her, but that’s the one that i am always inspired by — unexpected lighting paired with that marble fireplace and those amazing black walls. bold and definitely beautiful. the look is pretty timeless — who knows, maybe darkness will prevail and i’ll go to the dark side once again. these rooms certainly tempt me.

dark decor inspiration / sfgirlbybay

tommaso sartori.

dark gray bedroom walls and dark bedding / sfgirlbybay

la maison champs élysées.

dark bedroom walls / sfgirlbybay

tommaso sartori; Derek Swalwell for residence style; analog dialog; jenna lyons bedroom via domino.

textured dark bedroom walls / sfgirlbybay

Sean Fennessy for the design files.

dark and light bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay

eight birds.

dark distressed walls in modern bedroom / sfgirlbybay

Yoshihiro Koitani for ideasgn.

black bedroom walls and white bedding / sfgirlbybay


white art and lamp with dark bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay

japanese trash.

dark accent wall in modern bedroom / sfgirlbybay

elle decor.

dark bedroom walls and wood beamed ceiling / sfgirlbybay


light gray textured walls and neutral bedroom decor / sfgirlbybay