playful pastels.

playful pastel kitchen / sfgirlbybay

tyche apartment in barcelona via cargo collective (above + below).

i would never call these pastels bashful. instead, they’re bright, perky and pretty darn playful. they’ve actually got an almost ‘playhouse’ vibe to them, and a distinctly Scandinavian slant. and the cool thing is, that achieving these looks can be as simple (and inexpensive) as a couple of cans of paint; some colorful textiles or pieces of art; or some fun and funky colored furniture. add that to a white base and you are good to go! companies like IKEA, ferm living and fine little day are perfect resources for attaining this colorful but stylish and very scandinavian look.

playful pastel kitchen decor / sfgirlbybay

playful pastel dining decor / sfgirlbybay

our gathered home.

playful pastel decor / sfgirlbybay


playful pastel cabinetry / sfgirlbybay

home polish.

playful pastel dining room / sfgirlbybay

belathée Photography.

decorating with playful pastels / sfgirlbybay

home of Marij Hessel of my attic, via casa del caso.

playful pastel RICE furniture / sfgirlbybay

rice furniture.

playful pastel bedroom / sfgirlbybay

karin lindroos.

playful pastel decorating / sfgirlbybay

the primary essentials.

playful pastel kids room / sfgirlbybay

light locations.

around l.a. / shout & about.


Shout & About is the newest addition to Echo Park Avenue, and a welcome one. Owner and shopkeeper Tamara Houghten first entertained the idea of the store when she failed to find an ideal shop for small gifts and goodies for her own friends. Bright, energetic and fun, Shout & About is artfully curated with several local and national products that seem made to be in each other’s company. With one of the best stationery selections and a wall of gift wrap, Shout & About is your new one-stop-shop for birthdays, parties, house warming gifts, etc. And how about that neon sign?













• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

hostess of the mostess.

airbnb stockholm / sfgirlbybay

our stockholm airbnb.

i’ve been using airbnb for about five years now, and i’ve always had really wonderful experiences. and part of what made those travel stays great were the attentive, caring and thoughtful hosts i’ve had. in paris, i stayed in a five story walk-up in le marais, and the host lugged my heavy suitcase up all those winding narrow stairs for me. in amsterdam, my host left me his bike and tons of handwritten guides to the city. in venice, our hostess, sylvia was so amazing we created a hashtag for her: #whatwouldsylviado. she went the extra mile and about 10 more miles further than that. not only was her home stunning, our kitchen was stocked with pasta, fresh fruits & veggies, eggs, bacon, milk and everything else you could need to make a few simple, but delicious meals upon arrival, even wine. when you’ve been traveling long distances it’s these little touches that make all the difference upon arriving in a new place. in the past, i’ve rented my old apartment in san francisco out on airbnb with the permission of my landlord and i wanted to be the kind of generous host i’d been treated to in my own travels. i wanted to add those extra touches that make travel memorable and stress-free. and now, with my new home, i want to be that kind of airbnb host again.

airbnb hostess of the mostess / sfgirlbybay

sylvia’s amazing venice airbnb (above + below).

on becoming an airbnb host / sfgirlbybay

when i was shopping for my new L.A. house, i was hoping to find a place with a small, private in-law unit available for family and friends to stay in when they visit. i also wanted to be able to supplement my mortgage payment with an airbnb rental and share my neighborhood with travelers from all over the world. one of the coolest things about traveling with airbnb is that my stays have always felt really personal. i’m not the kind of traveler that likes a lot of touristy places or agendas. i like to wing it — i like to feel like a local when i arrive in a new city. i love going to farmers markets, local bodegas, and flower marts, and having an airbnb rental feel as though i live there, albeit a short while, is important to me. it seems like the only way to really experience a city for what it truly is. so that’s what i’m aiming to provide as an airbnb hostess in my new echo park home.

airbnb amsterdam / sfgirlbybay

the cozy amsterdam airbnb i stayed in.

being that kind of welcoming host that goes above and beyond is important to me. with the help of CB2, as you probably saw, we converted my empty private studio downstairs into a comfy, cozy place for guests to stay. and with hosting on airbnb in mind, i’ve added lots of extra touches i think my guests would like — things that i’ve learned as a longtime airbnb’r that really make my stays that much more special. i’ve added all the plates, cups, wine glasses and utensils I think my guests could need, as well as an electric kettle and french press coffee maker; a mini fridge stocked with sparkling and still water, coffee, and cream. when new guests arrive i’ll add fresh-baked goods, fruit and breakfast foods for their first morning. i’ve added a microwave and a case of microwave popcorn and a bottle of wine for late night snacks. i’ve added a martini shaker, cocktail tools and a small BBQ. i’ve even included a picnic table, umbrella and lush plants on their private porch.

brooklyn airbnb / sfgirlbybay

our charming brooklyn airbnb.

i’ve also included down comforters and pillows and nice sheets, along with a few extra throw blankets. in the bathroom, i’ve included soft fluffy towels (not my old hand-me-downs) and some pretty Moroccan towels, too; some lovely body wash, shampoo and conditioner for their convenience; a hairdryer and also a small first aid and sewing kit. naturally there’s access to free wifi. in other words, hopefully i’ve made my airbnb rental as much like a home-away-from-home as they could hope for. it’s the kind of airbnb host i want to be, and the welcoming experience i’d like my guests to feel. i’m so excited for my first guests! i’ll let you know how it goes, and we’ll share an updated tour of my airbnb rental very soon.

paris airbnb / sfgirlbybay

my paris airbnb.

• this post in partnership with airbnb, but all thoughts, reviews and opinions are my own. i’m a proud hostess on airbnb!


reinventing vintage cart / sfgirlbybay

freunde von freunden.

i like the idea of repurposing vintage finds into something completely brand new. not just for the environmental sake of one less thing ending up in a landfill – which is awesome, but also for the creativity reinventing something brings about. giving an old object a whole new purpose is fun and often unexpected, which is my favorite way to decorate. i have lots of items around my house that once held an entirely different purpose and that makes me a little bit giddy. an old pulley cart is now stacked with art books; a big old jar is now a candle holder and a vintage medical cart is now a garden of herbs outside my kitchen window. here’s a few industrial pieces given new life — and giving us all new ideas.

reinventing vintage crate / sfgirlbybay

jessica comingore’s home, via the everygirl.

reinventing vintage pieces / sfgirlbybay

svenska maklarhuset.

reinventing vintage cabinet / sfgirlbybay

home of thomas lingsell, via andy liffner photography.

reinventing vintage rolling cart / sfgirlbybay

studio of katrin Bååth, photographed by sara landstedt (above + below).

reinventing vintage cabinet / sfgirlbybay

reinventing vintage finds / sfgirlbybay

milk decoration.

repurposed vintage pieces / sfgirlbybay

carla zacharias’ home, via the everygirl.

reinventing vintage bar / sfgirlbybay

Kelly Lack’s home, via refinery29.

reinventing vintage kitchen cart / sfgirlbybay



aqua colored bathroom / sfgirlbybay

architectural digest.

i have this pinboard called aqualand and it’s one of my favorites. it has no real theme, other than everything i pin to it must be shades of aqua, which when grouped together i find incredibly soothing to look at. these interiors with cool aqua and pale turquoise blues are quite magical, too. rarely do i decorate using blue — do you? and i’m not sure why now that i’m looking a little more closely at these images — they’re all so uniquely beautiful and also a little bit exotic, like a quick virtual trip to the Mediterranean. perhaps i need a beach house where i’ll decorate with nothing but pale aqua blue. i’d be quite fine with that.

aqua accents / sfgirlbybay

Blackband Design, via Neustadt blog.

aqua colored walls / sfgirlbybay

Hotel Saint James in Paris, via architectural digest.

justina blakeney designed aqua archway / sfgirlbybay

fab aqua archway via justina blakeney.

aqua credenza / sfgirlbybay

nordic leaves.

aqua colored interiors / sfgirlbybay

The World of Interiors by hello mr fox; figueroa hotel; culture club; light locations; design*sponge book via garden design.

aqua mural / sfgirlbybay

tomas colaco home.

aqua colored bedroom / sfgirlbybay

milk decoration.

aqua decor / sfgirlbybay

annette o’brien photography; lillian wilkie; the bohemian home; elle decor; alison causer studios; danielle de lange.

aqua colored bar area / sfgirlbybay

elle decoration UK.

aqua cabinet via design*sponge / sfgirlbybay


aqua inspired decor / sfgirlbybay

vt wonen; QUARANTANOVEA; j. ingerstedt photography; miluccia; juvako.