rustic modern table talk.

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elle decoration.

when it comes to dining rooms i’m always more drawn to a casual laid back, cozy atmosphere where guests can feel more at ease — at big communal tables where the conversation, food and wine just flow. i like the informal look of mismatched chairs around a rustic modern table to make a space feel more easy going and familiar — there’s just nothing stuffy about the look and not only does it create a comfortable ambience it’s also a much more affordable way to decorate. you can add chairs found at yard sales and flea markets for a unique look all your own, and for not a lot of money. add some great bentwood or ladderback chairs with an old bench, or some mid-century modern chairs to the mix. there’s no rules and anything goes.

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peter kragballe photography for kinfolk.

mismatched chairs around a rustic modern table with hanging exposed lights / sfgirlbybay

witness apartment.

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interior likes.

mismatched chairs around a rustic modern table / sfgirlbybay

elle decoration.

mismatched chairs around a rustic modern table via elle decoration / sfgirlbybay

elle decoration.

mismatched chairs around a rustic modern table with hanging lights / sfgirlbybay


chairs around a rustic modern table in a loft / sfgirlbybay

collin hughes photography.

tiny dining space / sfgirlbybay

alice gao photography.

rustic wood dining table and chairs / sfgirlbybay

jennifer young photography.

mismatched chairs around a rustic modern table with industrial pendant lights via kinfolk / sfgirlbybay

peter kragballe photography for kinfolk.

chairs around a rustic modern table / sfgirlbybay

maple leaves & sycamore trees.

rustic wood table with chairs and bench / sfgirlbybay

Mark Roper photography for Country Style.

mismatched chairs around a rustic modern table with large potted tree / sfgirlbybay


friday finds.

dining space with tropical vibe / sfgirlbybay

this week on friday finds i’m all about vacation vibes — think tropical beach house, maybe in bali or belize. doesn’t really matter, we’ve just got to get away — am i right? it’s memorial day weekend here in the states and we’re off monday for a little extended rest. so here’s a bit of beach decor inspiration to get you in the mood. enjoy your long weekend everyone! xo, victoria

  1. this very bohemian space up top looks like the perfect place to unwind, pad around barefoot and just chill.
  2. i could easily picture lounging around at home in this cool frock.
  3. this palm leaf ceiling pendant from rockett st. george gives off the perfect beach vibes.
  4. beautiful cement tiles like this can keep a warm climate beach house nice and cool and feel great on barefeet.
  5. anthropologie’s pari daybed is a lot like mine — and the perfect place for a summer afternoon nap.
  6. and i love these lamps from restoration hardware teen – had no idea there was a teen and these OMBRÉ STRING TIERED PENDANTs are very beachy.

friday finds with vacation vibes. / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: vegan house.

vegan house in ho chi minh, Vietnam / sfgirlbybay

vietnam brings the summer style — and eats — with its hottest new hang out vegan house. this week’s wear this there is located in the bustling city of ho chi minh, and embraces the design heritage of old and new. old being the nods to french colony, new being the chic revamp the vegan house got upon re-opening. we suggest an easy breezy jumpsuit so one can easily dig into the vegan feasts at hand. an oversized tote, and tassel-toed slides keep things looking up — you have a lot of competition with this spot’s perfectly color-blocked exterior. the book we suggest you bring on this adventure is one of the summer’s steamiest, modern lovers by emma straub.

unique decor inside vegan house in vietnam / sfgirlbybay

wear this there: vegan house. / sfgirlbybay

zara printed flowing jumpsuit; j.crew jack aviator sunglasses; anese co. gotta peace out hydrating elixir spray; kayu design wild tote; prism boutique fiddler cap; read emma straub’s modern lovers; loeffler randall kiki flat slide; and j.crew floral drop earrings.

vegan house's colorful shutterred exterior / sfgirlbybay

colorful shutter walls in vegan house stairwell / sfgirlbybay

vietnam's vegan house interior decor / sfgirlbybay

colorful shutter walls at vegan house in vietnam / sfgirlbybay

concrete dining table with industrial lamps at vegan house / sfgirlbybay

colorful shutters and whimsical birdcage outside of vegan house / sfgirlbybay

• photography of vegan house by Quang Tran for elle decoration uk.

unexpected guests: alix bluh.

modern relic store in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond District. / sfgirlbybay

Today’s guest is jewelry maker Alix Bluh and she is the proprietress behind this hidden little gem in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond District. A standalone shop on one of the quietest streets in the city, Modern Relics is her studio and showroom filled with her handmade reliquary pieces and what she calls her “cabinet of curiosities”. It was a happy accident that I discovered her space a few years ago while on a stroll to nearby Golden Gate Park. It is oh so dreamy and fairytale-like. Similarly her home, also in the neighborhood, was recently featured in the design book, Maker Spaces. A long-time resident of the city, Alix has been designing jewelry for thirty years and is now celebrating the ten-year anniversary of her shop.

jewelry and vintage decor inside alix bluh's san francisco store / sfgirlbybay

To begin, what are reliquary pieces?
These are lockets that I have carved in varying shapes and sizes that ‘house’ precious and symbolic elements, like a mother’s locket with her new baby’s first lock of hair wrapped in gold wire, both the baby and mama’s birthstones, a gold initial of the baby’s and maybe even a first tooth. The contents can really be anything meaningful that fits into the locket. These are all set under mineral glass. I am actually working on a couple right now with a deceased spouse of a wonderful lady. I have his favorite denim jean fabric, a diamond tie clip top, the birth stones of both of them all floating under crystal. These pieces bring a very intense feeling of comfort and sentimentality to the owners. It makes me feel so satisfied to provide this for folks.

San Francisco’s modern relics store / sfgirlbybay

What inspired your craft?
I was in art school trying to become a great painter, but in all my free time at home I was making jewelry out of fimo clay with bits and pieces of watch parts and tin types that I had been feverishly collecting since my late teens. That work was actually a lot more sophisticated than it sounds, and I started getting it into galleries by the age of 21. One of my biggest influences back then was Thomas Mann—that should give the idea of the aesthetic. At 28 after moving to San Francisco I finally started work in silver and gold, traditional metalsmithing and started creating a body of work based on similar yet far more refined themes, such as religious reliquaries, Georgian memento and mourning jewelry and the beauty found in nature.

interview with alix bluh owner of modern relics in san francisco / sfgirlbybay

Why reliquary pieces?
I am a very spiritual person, I feel that jewelry has the power to be so meaningful, talismanic and thus adding so much more value to one’s life than merely objective beauty. I have been able to design pieces that are not only substantially beautiful but profoundly symbolic for the owner. These are heirlooms in the truest sense. It’s one thing to pass down the family diamonds but it’s another thing to pass along your grandfather’s hair locket with his birthstones and his lucky penny floating in it.

alix bluh's jewelry at modern relics / sfgirlbybay

Your shop is tucked away on one of the quietest streets in the city. Why did you choose this spot for Modern Relics?
I fell hard in love with the space and it is so close to the Golden Gate park which is where my dog and I spend much of our time. I also love that I am only a couple blocks from the De Young Museum and Academy of Science. Luckily I also have a wholesale business and enough followers from my jewelry being out in the world that people have made their way to find me. Especially local people from all over the Bay Area. It’s very much a destination shop. But I’m finding that this is a huge factor in its charm.

unexpected guests: alix bluh / sfgirlbybay

Who keeps you company in the studio?
I have the most neurotic rescue dog, a Boston Terrier named Jack who barks at the window and polices people as the walk by. It’s not the best disposition to have in a shop dog, yet he is the love of my life. To drown out his nonstop noise making I listen to Pandora and my favorite current line up are: Seabear, Band of Horses, Spoon, Andrew Bird, Horse Feathers, Radical Face, Sea Wolf, Alt-JGuster and Ray LaMontagne to name a handful.

jewelry, clothing and vintage decor at modern relic shop / sfgirlbybay

How did you go from living in Massachusetts to SF?
My brother had moved out a year before me and kept telling me about the city and he knew it was going to be perfect for me. I had lived in Boston in the late 80’s, though architecturally stunning and historically rich I felt very stifled there. There is a very different energy on the East Coast and I knew the minute I came out to SF I could achieve my dreams. It’s hard to really explain that feeling but it was like the “bell jar was lifted”, to quote from Sylvia Plath. So in 1992, with a duffel bag filled with clothes and my sister by my side, we came out here and started a new and magical life.

ceramics and glassware at modern relics in san francisco / sfgirlbybay

What are some places in the city you like to frequent for inspiration?
I get a lot of my inspiration from nature, Golden Gate Park, the ocean, Mt. Tam and Point Reyes. Also, I love to visit Flora Grubb, Heath Ceramics and the Boiler Room, Paxton Gate, The Legion of Honor and other museums. I also love visiting the studios of some of the artists whose work I carry, like Kim Austin of Austin Press, Diana Fayt and Paul Morin to name a few.

vintage home decor at modern relics store in san francisco / sfgirlbybay

What about some favorite spots to grab a bite or drink? What do you crave?
My favorite restaurant is Hillside Supper Club, it’s so good, really a great neighborhood restaurant at Precita Park. I also crave lots of flavor so one of my favorites is Dosa. My boyfriend and I love Vietnamese and our favorite is OTD (Out The Door). I never miss the Clement Street farmers market where I get my pasture raised eggs and produce for the week ahead. When the craving for ice-cream strikes I will head to Smitten in Hayes Valley. I will admit to a weakness for the Blue Bottle + TCHO hot chocolate or the euro drinking chocolate from Dandelion. I am a huge chocolate addict and TCHO is my all time favorite. I buy it in bulk at Rainbow and it comes in perfect bite sized tablets.

unique jewelry designed by Alix Bluh / sfgirlbybay

Who are some local artists, designers and makers you’re currently admiring?
I’m loving the work of Marnie Spencer of Bolinas—her imagery is so up my alley. Also I love Linda Fahey—her ceramics and illustrations are fabulous and she has a great shop in Pacifica. Paul Morin is a painter who did an amazing collection ‘daguerreo type’ portraits in oil paint for my shop. He is kinda exploding right now. And I love Beka Brayer—she does assemblage pieces that are near and dear to my heart.

alix bluh's modern relics shop in san francisco / sfgirlbybay

Do you have any other secret talents we should know about?
I don’t want to toot my own horn here but I think I could have been a great interior designer if I had gone that route. I think I have a knack for it. I have created my own beautiful interiors, made my own bedding, designed lighting fixtures and wall treatments, etc. I guess I am an all-around ‘maker’ as I tend to make lots of things. I have tried my hand at so many creative/studio arts and been pretty successful in those efforts.

modern relic store owned by alix bluh / sfgirlbybay

Besides the shop, where else can we find your pieces?
I have an online shop and also sell at several great shops and galleries, including Besame Mucho in Key West, Gallery 360 in Minneapolis and Imagine in Santa Barbara. I have been getting lots of direct sales from Instagram, too, which was a lovely surprise.

alix bluh's modern relic shop / sfgirlbybay

What’s next for Modern Relics?
I’ll continue having shows for local artists and designers, as well as wonderful chocolate tastings and pop-up events. I don’t have anything planned for the next couple of months but I welcome submissions from artists.

• all photography by leslie santarina.

living light.

living light with modern decor in neutral colors. / sfgirlbybay

U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey not only photographed this beautiful home, he designed it too. clearly he has a great eye — he was taking pictures by the time he was five years old and at sixteen, he was given a full-time position on The London Evening Standard, the youngest ever to join the staff.  his career later turned to fashion and portraiture, working with such luminaries as Armani, Valentino, and Vivienne Westwood. eventually his work included interiors — he’s shot for Living Etc, House and Garden, and Elle Decoration just to name a few. but should he drop all of that, i think he’s got a keen chance at a career in interior design! i love what he’s created here, restoring an old abandoned building and transforming it almost beyond recognition from its former life into a dreamy light-filled retreat. for more beautiful work from Paul Massey, visit his website.

home decor styled by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

home design by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

living light with modern home design by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

light filled retreat designed by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

light and white home designed by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

light and bright home decor via U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

interior design by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

half painted stairs by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

living light with interior design by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

light and modern bedroom decor by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

modern bedroom designed and photographed by Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

light and rustic kitchen designed by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

white kitchen with rustic island designed by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

white kitchen with rustic wood decor designed by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

rustic kitchen with white floors and white subway tiles designed by Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

photograph and interior design by U.K.-based photographer Paul Massey / sfgirlbybay

• photography by paul massey via living.