P is for Purple.

I was in a mood for something soothing tonight and the thought of pale purples came to mind, so I lit a few lavender candles. Maybe when you smell lavender or lilacs those calming colors begin to float through your mind, too. So I took a look around some of my favorite online design sites and found some inspirational photos to share and threw in a few photos of mine own. Here’s what I found, compliments of these lovely flickr pages, websites and blogs: Domino, Pink Loves Brown, Bluecockatoo, Desire to Inspire, The 10 Cent Designer, and Julies517.

Now, don’t you feel nice and calm?

11 Responses to “P is for Purple.”
  1. Ali says:

    you know, i actually do feel quite calm. :)

  2. cindy@staged4more says:

    it’s quite a calming post. it reminds me of lavendar. i also love the photo of the door frame. great picks!

  3. midcenturyjo says:

    I’ve put some lavender aromatherapy oil in the burner. Calm, peaceful. Thanks for post.

  4. kim. says:

    Thanks for this post – now I’m leaning towards lavendar to paint my bathroom. Now if only I could get my hands on the mirror in the 3rd last photo…

  5. jaime says:

    I really like a rosy purple. I’m not a huge fan of deep purple. I like the lavendars. So pretty :)

  6. jade says:

    I also love the pale purples..so pretty. Great pics! My daughters bedroom is that color too, very calming!

  7. Di Overton says:

    I’m a great fan of flaking paint images. My next door neighbour has some 300 year old stables in his garden and their doors are just like that picture you have featured. He is in the throws of changing them which I am not at all happy about. He thinks I am mad.

  8. sfgirlbybay says:

    I’m glad you all liked the post – it was quite relaxing to write! :)

  9. notsocrafty.com says:

    The purple walls are very soothing.

  10. Jill Clarkson says:

    These are great pics! I’m feeling quite lavendar myself now!

  11. Mama Chilanga says:

    Do you think I could get away with painting my living room walls a pale lavender?

    Or would that be too much color?http://www.flickr.com/photos/15376711@N00/303614566/

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