Weekend Finds: Karen Hilton Designs.

The British are coming…the British are…oh, umm, they’ve arrived! My Union Jack pillow from Karen Hilton Designs etsy shop arrived over the weekend and I just love it. It’s really well made, with lovely bright pink & green felt appliqué. Karen’s etsy shop has several other color combinations of her custom made Union Jack pillows as well as some really great silhouettes of the Queen Mum!

10 Responses to “Weekend Finds: Karen Hilton Designs.”
  1. annie says:

    i love these! such a great design.

  2. marci says:

    Isn’t Karen’s work great? I have one of the QEII stamp pillows – love it! (I think that’s the actual queen, not the queen mum.)

    With your “Keep Calm…” print and my QEII pillow from Karen, this Anglophile has a nice little English themed corner in her living room.

  3. sfgirlbybay says:

    thanks annie!

    oh shoot! i always get my queens mixed up! i hadn’t thought about the Keep Calm connection before, but i like it! must be a quaint corner, marci!

  4. c*liz says:

    Hey Victoria! About the weekend, did you go to Antiques by the Bay yesterday? I decided not to go on account of the weather. I’m wondering if I made a bad decision….

  5. sfgirlbybay says:

    c*liz – well there were only about twenty vendors, even though there was no rain. so sad. so, yes, i think you made the right decision!

  6. Uncle Beefy says:

    Oh Victoria! Why? Why? Why? What are you trying to do? Oh I heart these! And there is going to be a bankruptcy attorney out there just knowing I’ll be the answer to their prayers. You are seriously not helping. ;)

    And, for that matter, Marci…you’re not doing much better. Don’t put fab stylish combo ideas in my head!

    Shame on you both! ;)

  7. paris parfait says:

    These are terrific! Wonder what my British husband will think if I order one? :)

  8. soups says:

    where did you find these oh so sleek, oh so sweetly and midcentury chairs?!

  9. sfgirlbybay says:

    soups – those were a craigslist find awhile back now. thanks!

  10. paola says:

    Why don’t I find chairs like that on craigslist?

    I blogged about these cushions a couple of weeks ago. They gladden my little expat heart so. Have been speaking with Karen about getting some to sell on ‘mirrormirror’ too.

    And yes, the silhouette ones are actually meant to represent our everyday stamps which all carry a profile of the queen’s head on them.

    Liking the idea of combining them with Keep Calm and Carry On. Maybe I should get a doorbell that plays God Save the Queen too?

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