Vintage Finds For A Modern World: Collage.

Collage Gallery
is a funky little shop up on San Francisco’s Potrero Hill. It’s the kind of spot I go to when I’m jonesing for a flea market and there’s not a one in sight. Collage has a wonderful selection of vintage oddities, gift ideas and collectibles, like letters and old maps. There’s wonderful handmade jewelry, too, all created by local craftsmen. Owner and collage artist Delisa Sage is really friendly and very helpful, which makes for my favorite kind of local shop. It’s also in a great neighborhood for walking around, and you can stop into Farley’s next door for coffee and a score of your favorite magazines. Vintage finds and magazines, just my idea of Heaven.

1345 18th Street (between Missouri and Texas Streets)
(415) 282-4401

12 Responses to “Vintage Finds For A Modern World: Collage.”
  1. Janis says:

    Yes, that little section of Potrero Hill is a great place, a home away from home… Christopher’s Books, Chez Mama, then a cup and browse at Farley’s (I love the dogs that hang out there!).

  2. annie says:

    oh my gosh! i’m so jealous! what i would give to live on the west coast right now. . . that shop is right up my alley.

  3. Ashley L. says:

    what a fabulous post! thank you for sharing!

    i just did a post on my own vintage finds! i have a picture of a frame that is very similar to the mirrored tray you have featured in this post (about 5 pictures down)! you should stop by and check it out when you get a chance!

  4. cartolina says:

    Right up my alley – brilliant vintage fun.
    Thanks for the pix!

  5. Sara says:

    I wish we had a place like that here where I could just go and play. Look at all those great finds!

  6. minkee says:

    oh, all these shops you keep posting! I’m so jealous – i don’t get anything like that out in the sticks in england.

    *starts planning a trip to the states*

  7. Lisa says:

    This shop is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I want to browse for hours with a coffee. I think I would pick up those red elf slippers and a few of the silver stars. My daughter lives in SF, I will pass this along to her. This will be on my list during my next visit.

  8. Prêt à Voyager says:

    I love all the vintage letters!


  9. reclaimingmisshavisham says:

    I went here on friday and told them your blog sent me. They marked it down in some sort of notebook. You can see the booty I scored here:

    Thanks for letting me know this great store existed!

  10. John says:

    Great post & a great store. Potrero Hill is a fun place to spend a day, Collage, Farleys, awesome.

  11. Please share your ideas and inspire us to incorporate your ideas about collage into our workshop for girls. We are considering a week long camp this summer in upstate New York, as well as in the Bay Area. Email us with any sparks you might have! Very feminine! Very inspiring! and possibly very empowering creative beginnings for our ThinkPeaceWorkshop Girls!

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