Flickr Curator: Jinnie Lee.

Today’s Flickr Curator is one of my favorite Polaroid wizards, Jinnie Lee of Lilac Moon Studios. I first discovered Jinnie on flickr, and then she graciously agreed to share her home with us here on sfgirlbybay’s Unexpected Guests. Jinnie’s photography work is elegant and so lovely and she has a wonderful eye for what is just simply sublime. You can find more of Jinnie’s Poladoodles work in her Lilac Moon etsy shop, her blog, and on her flickr photostream.

Here’s what Jinnie had to say about her lovely flickr favorites: “These are my favorites among favorites. It was not easy to narrow them down! Arranging this set made me realize that I’m most attracted to pictures with simple compositions and soft light.. pictures with a little element of sweetness. These are the same qualities that I strive to achieve in my own Polaroid photography but boy, do these folks make it look easy! Oh, and I love dogs, especially Boston terriers, if you couldn’t tell. Polaroid + dogs are even better. :)”

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. *etoile* 2. 3. rebeccamissing 4. one blue wren 5. – yuki – 6. nao☆ 7. * cate * 8. * cate * 9. Camilla Engman 10. nathalie pahud-briquet 11. Cynr 12. zonepress 13. Ta  14. j_boogie 15. sara + h 16. littlebirddesigns 17. vera joão 18. little birds 19. *kauri 20. tamjpn 21. e*airfuly 22. nao☆ 23. PLY. 24. zseike 25. kayon 26. ♥ 27. – cicos 28. busyinmyhead 29. *kauri 30. moxiee 31. – cicos 32. Grant Hamilton 33. esoule 34. busyinmyhead 35. brookem_danno and 36. frenzy.

8 Responses to “Flickr Curator: Jinnie Lee.”
  1. Jeanie says:

    I think the photos are so great and I especially love the dog ones too! But what will she do when they stop selling polaroid film?

  2. sfgirlbybay says:

    Polaroid film has been saved! So stock up until they start making more:

  3. Miss B. says:

    I absolutely LOVE this series. It’s soooo inspiring!

  4. Kristin says:

    Gorgeous! Evokes summer fun!

  5. Octavine Illustration says:

    viva la polaroid!~ lovely pics…beautifully curated.

  6. Carrie says:

    lovely faves!! and is that Morran I see there? why yes it is! love the pups, so cute :)

  7. Jinnie says:

    Morran is so famous. :)

    @Jeanie: Ah yes, there is that problem.. I will probably start shooting more 35mm films if I run out of Polaroids. But I think I’m okay for at least couple years. My refrigerator is half filled with Polaroids. :)

    Thanks, sfgirlbybay, for letting me participate! It was fun!

  8. sfgirlbybay says:

    it was so great to have your set, Jinnie! Thank you! :)

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