thanks for the blog love.

it’s turning out to be a great start to the day! the sun is out and i’m feeling the blog love! i want to thank the fun and fabulous grain edit for including me in their “50+ Designers on Twitter: Our favorites to follow“. I am so honored to be included in such a cool and resourceful list! This list isn’t exhaustive, it’s just a little peek at who’s tweeting about design. Thank you Grain Edit!


And then, we pop all the way over to South Africa, where the lovely heather moore (of skinny laminx fame) blogged on elle decoration about my unexpected guests home tours! thank you heather – i love elle decoration and am so happy to share these inspiring and creative homes with your readers!


5 Responses to “thanks for the blog love.”
  1. havilah says:

    wow, congrats! that sounds like quite an honor. a well-deserved one, too.

  2. Congratulations – you’ve certainly earned it!!

  3. victoria says:

    thanks guys. i just really like both of these sites, so i was very happy to be linked with them! there’s some very inspiring posts on both.

  4. Asiye says:

    Congratulations! two great places to be featured. i love heathers things so had to come and visit you :D
    have a great day

  5. kelly says:

    Congratulations! xoxo I agree with Maria well earned.

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