share your winning resolution.


it’s that time of year again — have you made any new year’s resolutions? feel like sharing them with us? i’d love to hear what’s on your mind, and see if you’ve got a secret something we all might get inspired by to make this new year a more productive, meaningful and happy one.

i’ll send a ‘keep calm & carry on’ print (in the color of your choice) to the resolution that i think might put a nice spark under us the most! simply share in the comments below (be sure & include a way to contact you), before next friday, January 8th, 2010, and  i’ll shout out the most inspiring thought, or resolution for the new year.

happy new year everybody! i can’t wait to see y’all next week for a brand new, and much better year! here’s to a fabulous twenty-ten!!!

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147 Responses to “share your winning resolution.”
  1. Natalyn says:

    This year I am doing something I should have done years ago. Better late than never.
    I am, once and for all, rejecting fear and doubt.
    I will no longer allow them to hold me back from pursuing all of my dreams.
    And since perfect love casts out fear, I am going to be on the lookout every day for the opportunity to show radical, perfect love to everyone around me.
    I was inspired by many in the blogosphere to come up with a word for the year.
    That word is FEARLESS.

  2. Sandy says:

    I love the photos you chose above.. really beautiful.

    I blogged my Resolutions through Polaroids.. and My #9 is both my toughest and seemingly the simplest. Thinking Positive.. basically this means to me to just keep going and stay positive even though things are tough and the weather hasn’t broken yet… just know it will.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Kathleen says:

    My NY Resolution is to eat local. That means getting locally grown produce and joining a co-op and to support restaurants that use local resources. If I can’t buy local than I want to buy food from locally owned grocery stores. I’m also wanting to plan my own veggie garden. I’m really excited about this resolution. Resolution #2 is to Keep Calm and Carry On, of course. Happy New Year!

  4. erin says:

    not enlightening, just necessary: to embrace just being. where i am, when i’m there. hard to write a resolution without also writing a cliche, but for lack of a better phrase–i resolve to live in the moment. as much as possible. oy.

    wishing you the happiest new year, victoria!

  5. Hannah says:

    I’m resolved to take a picture every day single, to watch my year evolve. It’s going to be hard and frustrating, I’m sure, but I’m so excited about it.

  6. Bluebird says:

    This was the first year that I’ve actually sat down and thought of what I need to work on for the next year. But I realized that it would not be most beneficial for me to decide on a rather vague haiku that I would unconsciously put on the back burner three weeks into the new year.

    So instead I created a list of very tangible, realizable goals. And to make things more interesting for myself (and more of a challenge) I modeled my list after the 12 Days of Christmas in that each goal increases with difficult for the amount of times I need to accomplish it.

    Haha. That seems complicated. Here’s a link if you want to take a peek over at my blog:

    But a few of my favorites are:

    2.) Grow (2) of my very own tree seedlings and plant them once they get big enough.
    4.) See (4) plays I’ve never seen before on stage.
    9.) Try (9) new types of teas, including homemade sun and/or moon tea.

  7. abbersnail says:

    This year, I resolve to be joyful. I know that sounds simple, but I’ve found that it is a choice that I have to make every day. I resolve to be joyful in my own skin, regardless of external negativity.

  8. Amanda says:

    My resolution is to think more about other people and spend more time volunteering for various causes close to my heart. I’m so excited to be spending all of next week at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society helping with a campaign!
    Happy New Year, Victoria!

  9. emily says:

    I read a book this year where one of the characters says that we all follow our own paths through life: “There are no rules.” So that’s my resolution, to live my life as it works for me, not worry about others’ expectations, and look for adventures!

    happy new year!

  10. Ilaria says:

    Love more, write more, live more. Let it go. Like I was “onto a wave on a windsurf board”.

  11. Here’s my 2010 resolution: Appreciate the Now.

    In other words – don’t focus all your efforts on planning for the future. Instead, find pleasure in the present. Bit like Seize the Day, only less dramatic.

    Better than my 2009 resolution which was: Accessorize more. See how I’ve evolved!

  12. Amy - No.15 says:

    This year I began taking photos again and loved my digital camera but then I did a photo swap with film and realized I just can’t get that same feel with digital. So my new years resolution is to take at least one roll of film a week.

    Hope you have a wonderful new year and that many good things come your way.

  13. Dina Zhuk says:

    My New Year’s resolution is just to be happier. Spend less time stressing…and more time smiling. Spend less time being cautious…and more time creative. Spend less time worring…and more time dreaming. Happy 2010 New Year!!!

  14. beryl says:

    I will take the risk of abolishing my mental comfort that has been hiding and lying beneath the design vision dreams within; and expose my fear of losing my “self” privacy and becoming known or criticized for my creative endeavors; endeavors that were lost or never acted upon for 20 years, as I allowed others to steal my joy, my sense of self worth, my passion for all encompassing design venues. I shall start by saying it right here: ” I will not be afraid anymore. I will put myself “out there”. Thank you, I am looking forward to the challenge ahead.

  15. Sheri says:

    I resolve to be more brave. Fear of the unknown, fear of making a fool of myself, and fear of failure has kept me from trying new, adventurous things for too long.

    And I’d really, really like to wear a sparkly dress somewhere. :)

  16. shelley t says:

    no plastic for me – plastic bags and bottles, be gone!
    thanks for a great year of blogging, i love what you do.

  17. steph anne says:

    My resolution this year is to become the person I have been aspiring to become which is myself but with a lot of confidence & gain new skills and dreams. To accomplish this I have decided to have an open mind and go with the flow and just enjoy life…most of all BE HAPPY and turn the bad negative things into positive things.

    Happy New Year!!

  18. Courtney says:

    Keeping it simple–giving up plastic bottled water.

  19. Meghan says:

    I resolve to look with both eyes, and see. Really see what’s in front of me. No blinders, side intentions, or glances back. There is so much infront of me to appreciate. 2010 is time to share the light I’ve been given.

  20. debbie says:

    2010 is gonna be a BIG year for me! I pretty excited. This year I vow to stop procrastinating, officially open my illustration studio and quit my job. There is so much to do, but I’m READY. Yee Ha! can’t wait to jump into the new year.

  21. LINDSAY LEE says:

    2009 has been a big year for my family. I married the man of my dreams, gave birth to our gorgeous daughter Landyn Noella AND bought our first home! 2010 has some BIG shoes to fill! I am a new stay at home mommy so my goals this year are to bring a sense of calm to our lives (after a crazy year), keep my marriage rich, and get involved with my baby girl. I hope you and yours have a happy new year! Hugs!


  22. I am going to embrace imperfection!

  23. Dane says:

    I like and respect myself so much more today than I can like or respect the person I was ten years ago. I’ve been fortunate (though it didn’t always seem so at the time) to experience personal growth that seemed like it was on fast forward in the last decade. I’m proud of myself for what I’ve been able to become.

    So my resolution is to continue being awesome in 2010. :) Indeed, to try to become more awesome by continuing to stretch and grow. And to ignore that voice that likes to pipe up and tell me that I’m a failure because I haven’t done more or done this or that with my life yet. What does that voice know, anyway?

  24. dawn says:

    my new year’s resolution is simply to play and discover like i used to do when i was a child. i want to see things like i once did and embrace creativity and imagination~ and do it with a sense of freedom, wonder, and entitlement. somehow living in my grown up world i’d forgotten how to do that. life is too short not to have fun.

  25. VivaCindy says:

    I don’t usually do new years resolutions, because I have a list of them evolving year round. one I have been working on and will continue into the new year is to spend thoughtfully so I can save$$ and make living in Mexico a reality.

  26. Acacia says:

    In 2010 I will finally make the life I have been waiting for. In the Fall of 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I realized that I don’t have unlimited time to wait for the life I want to begin. I must make it happen now. I am entering the final phase of my treatment and in 2010 I will stop waiting.

  27. To give back. In a major way. Can’t wait. Can’t wait for this to unfold…
    2o1o will be a year of changes and reaching out in a way that boo rad and I have never reached out…

  28. Wow, so happt to see that many others out there are in the same little spot that i’m in, and wanting 2010 to be a year of more fearlessness and going for the things they really want.

    I have a great career, family, home, friends and could quite easily stay in this little nook and be very happy and blessed with my lot. But i know i can do more.

    I think it’s like swimming in the ocean and deciding whether to go out past the breakers or not. Takes a bit of courage to push through, but once you get passed it you’re so glad you made yourself step up to it.

    I look forward to pushing myself past the scary bits more often and not letting comfort and complacency hold me back from really exciting places on the horizon.

    ….btw, pls don’t put my comments into the draw for your fabulous prize, I already have one of your lovely prints and think there are some really deserving winners above!

    Cheers to all and great things for 2010.

  29. Last year I made a resolution to cut out all the stupid extra monthly expenses my business had that I was too lazy to cut. It took all year to snip them all away, and in the process I realized the importance of taking the time to be a better business person. To do anything well takes a bit of time everyday, and I want to start applying this philosophy to other parts of my life, starting with writing!

  30. Shayla says:

    I haven’t read the comments above so I’m not sure if this one has been mentioned yet or not, but I intend to simplify my life and be more joyous. Every other year I’ve racked my brain and come up with like 20 items on a large resolution list and have lacked focus and resolve. This year I’m throwing that list to the wind and listening to my heart. I intend to simplify and focus on a few priorities such as my family and home – in the end nothing else really matters.

    Happy New Year and thank you so much for becoming such a big part of my morning routine. Your blog bestows much joy in my life and supplies endless inspiration!

  31. liz says:

    To truly live the saying – “if you can’t say something nice – don’t say nothing at all”.
    I’m tired of being catty.
    all the best of everything in 2010 – to you + yours, liz

  32. tenthings. says:

    a fantastic post!

    my new years resolution is to keep working on last years’ resolutions.

    some i proudly stuck to, like trying to always see the positive side of everything, i did that {most days} and

    to set goals and KNOW that i can achieve them, {it really does work, if you write something down, follow the steps toward your goal, you can achieve anything you want}…you just have to ‘follow through’ to make your dreams come true.

    and that brings me to this years resolution…

    believe in myself, and follow my dreams all the way through.

    happy new year victoria!


  33. smauge says:

    It can be summed up in 6 words
    – brush, floss, rinse
    – cleanse, tone, moisturise

  34. corinne says:

    my biggest new years resolution is to spend as much time with family and friends as possible. reschedule anything, and drop everything, in order to create special memories with the people in my life that mean the most.

  35. Jenny says:

    My first and most important resolution is this one: accept gloomy thoughts and anxiety as a part of myself and not judge or fear them.

    I hope I’ll be able to fulfill it. Have a beautiful new year!

  36. Iva says:

    1. Make resolutions everyday.

  37. Genevieve says:

    My main resolution for 2010 is pretty simple. yet pretty extraordinary as well: My goal is to survive (and thrive at) being a mother. (I’m due to have my first at the end of Feb.)

  38. Olivia says:

    Enjoying life !
    & going to San Fancisco (sure in July !)
    keeping spending money in Flea market
    Happy New Year to U !

  39. Lisa says:

    I resolve to believe someone when they show me who they are

  40. Lisa says:

    I resolve to believe someone when they show you who you are…

  41. Tina says:

    1- DESAPEGO!!!!!


  42. Cary says:

    To wake everyday feeling grateful!

  43. Jes says:

    This year I aim to put everything I have into my Masters to show my parents that they were right to put their faith in me, and to earn enough money to give my boyfriend a break from paying the rent, as a small token of thanks for supporting me through my studies!

    Corny, but true :)

  44. Kim Mallory says:

    To grow as a person and a photographer… let go my inhibitions… just create from the heart..

  45. Tara says:

    I resolve to maintain my newly “paired down” home by removing an item for any new items brought into my home. There is no good reason to carry so much stuff around with me in this life!

  46. emily says:

    My resolution this year is to consume less, produce more. I’m hoping to apply this to work, what I eat, what I wear, what I make, and how I interact with the people I love.

  47. My motto for the new year is to “Finish What I Start,” be that a load of laundry (yes, I need to bring it up from the dryer and actually fold it and put it away!) or the dreams and plans that drift around my mind that I KNOW I could actually accomplish if I just took baby steps and did from beginning to end.
    And I love Hannah’s idea, to take a photo every day of the year. I’m going to go get my camera now!
    xoxo–Happy new year!

  48. Ainsley says:

    Resolution (1): Dress the Part

    (My uncle told me once to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” I don’t necessarily want a new job, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a more adventurous new year!)

  49. Tonia says:

    I shall be taking up the Dottie Angle challenge of an utmost kind in an attempt to rid myself of the buying tat habit that I’ve developed. A resolution and a revolution. And possibly a revelation!

  50. Celia says:

    In 2010, forever and ever as long as I live, I will TAKE LESS AND GIVE MORE!

  51. Kokie says:

    Embrace fear, and take on every adventure that comes my way!

  52. Laura says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to be more green.
    I know this sounds really cliche, but as a college student studying Environmental Engineering, this includes learning about green techniques on the large scale and small scale, including stuff people can do in their own lives.
    The plus side of this is that a lot of the techniques are also health conscience: eating more locally grown (generally organic) produce, adopting a diet low in process/packaged foods, and biking/walking instead of driving.

  53. Debra says:

    I actually started this recently, I will compliment people everyday, those I know and especially strangers. It is so wonderful to put a smile on someone’s face, old, young or in the middle.

  54. Cathy says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to make better choices.

  55. Laura says:

    i know it’s simple, but this year i’d like to learn to be as patient and forgiving with myself as i am with everyone else. let 2010 be the year i learn to let go of perfectionism and embrace my original, beautiful flaws.

  56. My goal:

    Do one thing every day that scares the pee-waddle out of me. This includes most activities related to my blog.

  57. Megan says:

    My resolution is to learn how to cook! I just found out that I am gluten intolerant (and I’m already a vegetarian), so eating has become an every day struggle. I’m lucky enough to have a mom who understands food alergies, and therefore is willing to try new things and cook for me! At 23, I think it is finally time that I take the leap though! I don’t know how to make anything other than pasta (which is now out of the question), so I am very excited to tackle this daunting task!

  58. Jody says:

    This year I resolve to Be Kind. Kind to myself, kind to other people, and kind to the environment.

  59. alicia says:

    i resolve to live and be and create without fear. i will trust what i see and what inspires me. i will no longer hold back because of the fear of failure, because of the fear of what others might think. i will move past that fear and live a creative life in 2010. i will not be afraid to fail, and when i do fail, i will only look at it as a way to grow and change. in 2010 i resolve to live fearlessly.

  60. Crista C. says:

    I have come up with a list of resolutions that I am going to stick to:

    1. Drive less, bike more.
    2. Practice yoga everyday.
    3. Save more money (so I can buy a house!).
    4. Read more books.

    Three out of these four have the word “more” in them. I don’t feel unsatisfied now, but these things are important to me and I am committed to allowing them more space in my life. I think of these resolutions have a common thread: slowing down. I want to savor 2010.

  61. LAUREN says:

    Pray daily. No matter what faith you are, or who you are, I think the most important thing is to keep good thoughts for everyone and everything around you.

  62. Diana says:

    My year will be less about the stuff and more about adventures. The first, TANGO LESSONS.

  63. Nikki says:

    To give. It’s small and simple I know but it’s important to give. I don’t have much but if I have an extra dollar I’ll leave it in a tip jar. Pull in my nieghbor’s garbage cans if I’m home before them. If I make cookies give half away to friends. Little things sometimes make the biggest difference to people.

  64. My resolutions are more of goals this year. It is my New Year’s goal to write a book in 2010 and open a little clothing boutique here on Main St. in my town.

    I’ve been inspired by a quote that says “Whatever you want to do, do it now. For life is time and time is all there is.”

    I don’t know who said that, but it’s really spoken to me. I’ve got no time for excuses! If I want to do it, this is the year.

    I believe that 2010 is the year that will shape the rest of my life.

    Happy New Year!!

  65. I’m resolving to do something I’ve been advised against but have always wanted to do: paint all my wood floors white. 2010 will be about taking risks.

  66. whoops, forgot to put the correct email address:

  67. ethanollie says:

    a lifelong resolution

    share more of myself . . .with my son, my friends, a stranger.

    sometimes we go too far inwards. it’s time to look out.

  68. Christine says:

    My goal for this year is to CURATE MY STUFF, following William Morris’ dictum to “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

    This means to only buy things that I love or need; and to release possessions that I don’t need, don’t love, or am unwilling to care for.

    Inspired by Nubby Twiglet, I’m also trying to cultivate a cohesive visual identity for things I have around me every day, to brand my world with me.

  69. Trina Reed says:

    I am doing something this year that I have never done before…My resolution has nothing to do with improving myself. I have decided that this year I am going to focus completely on my son, and improving his view of the world, and his view of others. I have been going through a terrible divorce the last year and a half (way too long if you ask me) and I feel like I have been casting a dark shadow on my son’s view of other people. I finally have full custody of my little guy and I am making it my personal goal to devote myself 100% to improving his life and truly showing him how grateful I am to have him in my life.
    Happy New Year.

  70. Jessica says:

    Bloom and Build. Anais Nin said “Then the time came when the risk it took to stay tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom.” Every year brings new opportunities to risk opening up and sharing more of myself with the world, and visa-versa. So this New Year (and the many to come) I plan to build a life that brings me closer to who I am and what I love….starting with acrylic on canvas.

  71. happy new year my dear!

    xo katherine aka. urban flea :)

  72. Jenna says:

    A new one I thought of was “helping people I don’t know”… through random acts of kindness…. paying for the person behind me in line at Starbucks, putting a quarter in a meter that will be ticketed, sending clothes to a family in need… that kinda thing. I want to do at least one a week for the year.

  73. Drink more water. This is a very easy to do thing, but easy to forget.

  74. Amanda says:

    I have two resolutions this year.

    1) Give more compliments to people, even random strangers. Every time I receive a compliment on a sweater or a pair of earrings I feel like I am floating on a cloud for the rest of the day, so I want to pass that feeling on to other people. Now the tricky part will be giving a compliment to a stranger without coming off like a weirdo! I think I can do it!!

    2) Increase the number of vegetarian dinners in our weekly menu from two a week to four. We have been pleasantly surprised with how delicious and healthful vegetarian eating is and we want to make it even better this year. Increase the vegetables and downsize the meat. Easy peasy butter breezy!

  75. Laura says:

    In 2010, I will embark on an adventure!

  76. Kas says:

    I am continuing last year’s resolution: to always answer my conscience. Never resist a deep urge to do something good or right, no matter how minor. It feels really good!

  77. Jessica says:

    This year will be my very first time making a resolution. I am a person with a disability and self-doubt about my abilities has been complicating my life since I was diagnosed. This year (and hopefully for the rest of my life)I will not allow self-boubt to rule my decisions and prevent me from becoming a self-sufficient and confident woman.

  78. mrYen says:

    One resolution is to exercise more as I have had a bad back for a while and its time I got it sorted! plus… create as many papercuts as I can, to get my etsy shop up and running more successfully.

    Happy New Year!

  79. Georgia says:

    What I would like to do, every day of this year and beyond, is to be more ‘there’ for my husband and family. Rather than exhausting myself thinking how much I’ve got to do, how tired I am, … just go outside myself and ask if there is anything I can do for him/them. Happy 2010 for all!

  80. tijana quilici says:

    at this time last year, i was very excited to make the year my own and had a full list of what i called “2009 re(v)solutions.” the list was packed full of creativity and crafting projects, as well as ways to reach out to my community. i desperately wanted to create a year revolving around things i love… i accomplished maybe one or two of the 25+ ideas (some with multiple a.-e. subparts) and every time i looked over my “re(v)solutions” i felt insufficient.

    this year, 2010 is a new decade and i truly feel it will be productive for the new me – even though almost all of my tasks weren’t checked off from last year’s first attempt in recreating my motivation, i realize that i worked on each of them without knowing it. i worked on myself and feel committed to continuing the process of working on me. i realize that a long list of wishes has always been something i strive towards, but nothing will be completed if i don’t feel in tune with my surroundings, and myself.

    this year i’ve learned to live without resolutions, i’ve learned to follow my programed intuition, and i’ve learned to trust myself and believe goals will be accomplished in their own timeframe, even if i don’t know what they are yet!

    everyone wants to feel they are actively pursuing a promising future, and because of that i feel those paths will lay themselves in front of us without us turning them into a list. all we need to do is trust that we can recognize them and trust we can take that necessary step.

    it is hard to come to terms with the fact that we don’t have control over everything, even one year of hopes for ourselves… but it is freeing to accept it and move forward into the unknown and trust yourself, because we all will do fantastic things and it’s impossible to predict the limitless possibilities of our hidden resolutions.

    to 2010 – a year of blind beauty.

    with love,


  81. catie adams says:

    my resolution is to eat only local, plant a back yard garden, save my money, and to become the thirty year old woman I really want to be! and to take more pictures. i have never been so inspired! i love love love how you capture the beautifulness of this world in your photography. smiles, catie

  82. To live without fear.

    I have been working on this resolution for a while now. Maybe it’s one for my life not just the year.

    xo Happy New Year honey!!

  83. Nic says:

    i found my perfect new years resolution (and my every day resolution!!!) a few weeks ago at etsy. it’s a print of studio mela that says… GIVE GOOD!

    see it here:

    cause that’s what life is all about!
    happy new year!

  84. I try to make goals instead of resolutions. My goa;s are here

  85. alisha s says:

    I have three resolutions: To stop focusing on the things that I think will make me happier–bigger house, better job, more money, etc.–and to remember to be grateful for what I do have. To make sure that my family and friends know that I appreciate them instead of assuming that they know. And to successfully grow a blueberry bush with my son, in Colorado… apparently this is very difficut but we’ll do it!

  86. Sarah Ann says:

    This year I resolve to give little gifts to friends and family on gray, rainy days when they least expect it.

    Happy 2010!

  87. annelise says:

    i have quite a few that all come back to personal wellness. so i guess my resolution is to be well. it is more than a resolution, it is my new mantra & encompasses so much.

    be well.

  88. jackie says:

    to live AUTHENTICALLY, and from the heart – to drop the social masks, the falseness, the protections that have turned into prisons, and the fear of being myself. And to offer to others that freedom to be exactly who they are as well.
    oh yeah and to get a tatoo!

  89. Emily says:

    My resolution is to take control of my evenings and spend them intentionally instead of letting time slip by. I hope to accomplish more by reading and producing creative work… no TV until the weekend.

  90. Brooke says:

    I also have a goal making approach to the New Year – I need tangible things that are measurable!

    1, Read more non-fiction. I’m happy with the volume of reading I do, but it’s around 95% fiction so I plan to read more history and politics this year.

    2, Work in my sketchbook daily. I currently do, er, not very much work in my sketchbook!

    3, Stop my time wasting: no more spending hour upon hour looking at the internet!! Might help me with number 2.

    Best wishes for 2010 !!


  91. Jen says:

    My resolution is simple… find more ways to have fun… laugh more, feel more, create more, find happiness in the small things more. I love that it is all encompassing and we’re finding it can apply to many, many situations…

  92. Amy says:

    i am so inspired reading everyone’s resolutions. i think my ny resolution is simple but will be tough for me. just to work a bit less and spend more time with friends/family/people i love!

  93. Kristen says:

    My New Year’s resolution is to live handmade. For me this mean knowing what is in the food and products I am buying, knowing about who made them and where they came from. In addition to this I hope to learn to sew!

  94. Elizabeth B says:

    My resolution is to be a stronger person all around. I want to get in better shape, learn to let stuff go, learn to not be so naive, I want to be a better person.
    I also want to be more “green” I’m going to try to waste less.

  95. jillian wendt says:

    My resolution is to eat and cook something new everyweek. I believe in the power of good food, local, fresh, seasonal food. Cooking and eating with friends and family really brings people together in a way nothing else can.

  96. Emily says:

    I don’t usually make “resolutions” in the tradition sense but in thinking about the new year, I have resolved to be more deliberate about almost everything. More deliberate in loving people close to me; more deliberate in communicating with people, especially those far away; more deliberate in learning how to do things, from taking better pictures to being crafty to what I do at work.

  97. Meghan says:

    The one year I vowed to make that year the best year ever, it turned out to be the single worst year of my life. So this year, my resolution is to not make a resolution — just let this year be what it is. Not to try to change myself or anything around me, but to just relax and let life take hold of me and carry me wherever it wants to go. And to enjoy every minute of it.

  98. Debbie says:

    My resolution is to take the art in my head and actually create it.

  99. becca ann says:

    what wonderful resolutions everyone has. i have hopes that i want to intentionally live out daily. i hope that i will truly embrace the new people and experiences that come into my life; i hope that i will be brave joyfully as i embark on my path to becoming a nurse midwife; i hope that i will continue to live out the phrase common in botswana, “women cradle each other” with all my friends both male and female. specifically i also plan to reserve fifteen minutes of everyday for prayer, giving myself a scalp massage, and stretching…it’s going to be a good year!

  100. Shelley says:

    my 2 resolutions this year are *to inspire* and *to delight*.
    this is in my art, with my family and friends, and in my everyday life.

  101. lara says:

    For the last six years, I have done a resolution book. I divide it into categories – personal, professional, home, emotional, general, physical – and list out what I plan to focus on for the year. Throughout the year, I reflect on the changes, challenges and goals by writing in the book. It’s helped me stay focused, reminds me of what’s really important, and serves as a wonderful memory of the year. At the same time, I try and choose a theme for the year – one year, it was ‘clearing the clutter,’ from my home and mind. The next it was, ‘find joy in everyday life.’ This year, it’s ‘realize my best self.’ Only I know how to do those things, and despite the challenges we all face, it’s my way to stay on track. It’s my personal, private blog if you will!

    On a much smaller note, I do resolve to open an Etsy shop this year, and do a logo/brand for my PR business!

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  102. instead of stressing about what’s not right, or what needs fixin’ or cleaning or what not……i’m adpoting my friend megan’s motto: it’ll do for now.

  103. Janet says:

    My resolution is to Eat More Cupcakes. It’s going well so far.

  104. Rachel says:

    I need to de-compartmentalize my life! There is too much separation between my online life, my family life, and my social life. It makes things difficult. I want to bring them all together somehow, make the different areas of my life flow together more seamlessly. No more Weekend Rachel, Online Rachel, Working Rachel, Daughter Rachel, Best Friend Rachel… just one Rachel!

  105. julie says:

    Here is what I posted on New Year´s Eve –

    I´m not really into New Year´s resolutions… I´ve kind of always let myself down on them and would rather think of a larger picture that incorporates my goals and wishes, an image that also allows room for error and new choices and time for all the other unexpected turnings that come my way…it´s a kind of ongoing thing, don´t you think ?

    So, here´s a wish to myself – to treasure that image and keep moving with and toward it, to develop and question and to experience. To protect it where needed and to put it out there for it to grow.

    A happy healthy fulfilling 2010 to you all.


  106. Jennifer says:

    i resolve to not let the actions or words of others affect me negatively. i realized in 2009 that all my excuses for bad behavior were because of other people’s bad behavior. and that’s just a cop out. no one is responsible for my joy except for me. if the hubby is being snappy, i’m not going to let that set me off. if someone cuts me off in traffic, i’m not going to let that put me in a funk. i decide how i act, not other people.

  107. shellbell says:

    i have decided not to buy myself anything new in 2010. i mean, obviously basic necessities are exempt, but when i look around me, i see an overabundance of clothes and other items… i am not in need of anything new. i resolve to use what i already have, get creative with my closet, learn to sew, learn to knit, and if i really really need something, to borrow it or buy it second-hand or recycled. i am also exempting creative supplies from this, as they are part of my identity and continued personal development. day 3… so far so good!

  108. Ashleigh says:

    You are what you eat.

    This year, I resolve to eat more veggies. Especially green ones!

  109. Jill says:

    i love this post – as always, just beautiful and inspiring images!
    here’s a snapshot of what i’ve posted to do this year: i have resolved to spend more time on things i love – friends, family, craft projects and just slowing down enough to learn, be curious and have fun. to do these things, i’ve committed to a daily photo assignment, monthly dinner parties and craft projects and more time for yoga and outdoors. happy new year!

  110. camellia says:

    this mysterious year of 2010, my resolutions include:
    1. focusing on college. i realized that not many people have the lucky resources i have in my life so i plan on using them well.
    2. get healthier. im sure 99.99% of all the people in the world will have this resolution but i will focus on feeling happier and extending my life. i have finally accepted the fact that i will stay a curvy, big person and im proud that my attitude matches.
    3. be content. scanning over my journal from 2009 i realized that i wasn’t happy. i’ve never had a bf, i have to many responsiblities, i cant do anything i want, im not pretty enough. it’s alright though.
    4. help others. i want to make an impact in this world and realize i can start that now. just by starting a conversation, i want to mark a person’s life.
    -allonsy 2010~

  111. Russ Morris says:

    2010: Less internet. More real life.

  112. Maria says:

    Usually, I make these grand resolutions like lose 50 lbs or get rich by the end of the year. But this time, I want to keep it simple. At the age of 35, I will become a first-time mom and if I can stick to one thing this year, I would like to be a joyful mother.

    Happy New Year!!

  113. Peter says:

    I have 2 resolutions this year:

    1. Dress my age.

    2. Complete my 40 before 40 (I turned 39 on NYE). This means accomplish 40 things in the coming year, ranging anywhere from starting a new business to learning to knit. I just want to push myself to do things that might scare me or intimidate me or just something i’ve never thought about doing before (that’s where having awesome and adventurous friends comes in!). Its about trying new stuff and creating a new community of like-minded searchers, seekers, travelers and pioneers over the entire year to impel me into the next decade.


  114. debbie says:

    be kind. laugh a lot. simple.

  115. Di Overton says:

    Happy New Decade. May all your hopes, wishes and dreams come true.
    Much Love
    Di (Designers Block)

  116. christine says:

    I don’t do well with resolutions. I have wishes for myself that I’ve put on my blog…but they all really can be summed up with one phrase:

    Just Be.

    If I do better with this, everything will fall into place I think. :)

  117. Michelle says:

    To allow myself to slow down and not feel guilty about it. To savor this time in my life as it is. To embrace my shifted roles as they have presented themselves: mother, wife, friend and a much pared down but no less capable entrepreneur.

  118. Alexis says:

    I am graduating this year as well as starting my masteral year, so i hope this year to finally figure out for sure what i want to do after my schooling is over and done with. :)

  119. Kate says:

    Simply, to smile more.

  120. Taylor says:

    I resolve to unreservedly be myself. Regardless of the opinions/reactions of those around me. This will be a big step.

  121. Kelly says:

    In all areas of life that I hope to improve on this year — creativity, making new friends, being my most true self, pushing my limits –I vow to remember and live by my favorite quote: “Leap, and the net will appear.”

  122. gwen says:

    come hell
    high water,
    i will finish
    my phD.

    happy new

  123. Jessie says:

    Though it’s a bit broad, my #1 goal is take control of my life. I don’t mean plan every detail of my day and stick to it, I simply mean to stop feeling sorry for myself over the things I’m unhappy with that are within my control. This is the year to start reading more if I want to be better informed, start eating and exercising right if I want a nicer body, setting aside time for crafting if I’m feeling bogged down by the daily grind. Stop being a spectator and start living your life! :)

  124. Tammy says:

    I don’t know how you’re going to pick…everyone’s comments make me want to create a long lists of things to do more/better.

    One of my resolutions is to find myself. I feel that I spend so much time worrying about what others think that I lose a bit of me and deep down I’m a pretty cool person. I’m getting married in 5 days and in the next year will be opening a letterpress studio. Now seems like the best year to make this resolution to discover more of who I am and who I want to be.

    Happy New year’s everyone. I hope you all meet your goals.

  125. Lupen says:

    More time doing the things that bring me joy, less time on the computer, more time outdoors and in my garden, lots more self acceptance and courage to really be myself ♥

  126. MichelleP says:

    I usually make only one resolution which seems to work for me, but 2010 is asking for more. In a nutshell:

    DO – create more!
    BE – focused, happy, & fearless
    SHARE – creations with others (directly relates to the fearless part above)
    SEE – use photography to explore & appreciate the beauty around me

    There are some phenomenal resolutions in these comments. Good luck to all of you!

  127. Kara H says:

    1. Get up early to make the most of my days
    2. Practice yoga at least 3 times a week
    3. get outside more!! take a walk once a day
    4. take one picture every day
    5. spend less
    6. rid myself of things i do not need, love and use those i do need
    7. name one thing i am grateful for each day
    8. make more time to spend with friends and family, and make that quality time

  128. Jessica says:

    Lofty goals always leave me disappointed with myself and usually set me up to fail, so this year I resolve to do “one more” than I did last year. Paint one more painting than I did last year, learn one more skill, read one more book, take one more nap, take one more picture, try one more new recipe, give one more gift, take one more risk, play with my kids one more time…and hopefully by the end of it all “one more” will have led to thousands more and contributed to a life that was well lived.

    Happy New Year all!

  129. April says:

    I don’t have a resolution so much as I’ve picked a word to be my mantra/motto for what I want this year. My word this year is going to be BELIEVE. I want to believe in myself, in possibilities, in love, in hope and just in my life in general.

  130. Kelly says:

    NY resolutions are simple…making hand-printed textiles and spending lots of time painting with my son.

  131. Heather says:

    This year I’m going to lose! Lose inches around my waist…lose stuff I don’t need…lose the thought that I don’t have time to do the things I want to do and just do them.

  132. Deepa says:

    Wake up early.

  133. Carolyn says:

    I’m planning to turn off my computer and cell phone between dinner and kids’ bedtime. My kids are growing so fast and I want to be fully present with them. I realized the other night, that while all four of us were in the same room, my husband and I both had our computers on our laps. I don’t have to blog, tweet and check my email 24 hours a day. I don’t want to be that kind of mom.

  134. kim says:

    I didn’t sit down and think about resolutions until new year’s day. I think by coming up with things both big and little, I should be able to maintain {most} of them pretty well. Here’s a little list…
    1. dare to be who I really want to be, without holding back in fear of what others will say.
    2. own a lemon tree.
    3. continue my extensive workouts– with some form of exercise atleast once a day, regardless of my schedule.
    4. take a photo a day. {documenting this here:}
    5. continue to be kinder — I am meat free for two months now, and I feel so good about it. Can’t wait to start fresh with fresh, local foods. This new feeling somehow makes me happier, and in turn… kinder to people too. WEIRD. :)

  135. Megan says:

    To start my own business, no matter how small it may be.

  136. Lisl says:

    my resolution for the year is “just do it”! Stop putting things off, stop procrastinating, and just do it! Whether it’s making the unpleasant dr. appointment, sewing, taking a class, cleaning the bathroom, yoga, whatever, just do it! I hope this will push me to have the best year with no regrets.

  137. Karen says:

    People always say to follow your dreams. I realized last year that I don’t know what that means. I am hoping to figure that out in 2010.

    BTW, love #58.

  138. julia crain says:

    it is simple really, resolve to do more of those things that will make you happier, whether that is eating more vegetables or sleeping in later. there is nothing wrong with taking time to do the things you want to do, despite of everything else.

  139. Chryselle says:

    * To stop blaming my adorable 10 month old baby for missing my deadlines, my grumpy days or house-in-total-chaos.
    * Should that (blaming) happen, he gets a hundred kisses as compensation.

  140. Andrea says:

    I resolve…
    To attend to my life.
    Inattention and laziness do not a beautiful life make.

  141. Sarah says:

    Resolving to:
    *Replace every negative with three positives.
    *Learn how to MAKE more of what I feel I NEED
    *As an extension to the thought above, begin to love what I already HAVE instead of what I don’t
    *Learn how to make a souffle (I have heard it is pretty darn tricky!)
    *Be happy!

  142. Allee says:

    I resolve to be here on December 31st. I am currently battling breast cancer. I have already had 2 surgeries but they couldnt get all the cancer so I am going to have a mastectomy at the end of this month. I used to be so self-concious of my body because I thought I wasnt pretty and had such little boobs. Only now do I realize how awesome they were in their unique way and how stupid I was to not like my body as it was. I resolve to love my new body, post-surgery NO MATTER what it looks like. And I resolve to appreciate each and every day from now on!

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