blissful inspiration

good morning!  have you seen victoria’s new print?  i have decided to take my inspiration this week from it and from my beloved dog casey.  a small gesture when you consider the huge amount of love, warmth and loyalty these amazing creatures bring to our lives…

~dexell 1827

~dexell 1827



~karen primo

~karen primo





~meneer zjeroen

~meneer zjeroen



~blissful images (my casey)

~blissful images (my casey)





~sweet distin

~sweet distin

~my whimsy

~my whimsy

~the gentlmen amateur

~the gentlmen amateur

thank you so much for joining me this thursday morning.  i will see you next week!  in the mean time love up your puppies this valentine’s day.  xo mrs. french

[many thanks to weekly guest blogger mrs. french. be sure & visit her on her blog, bliss, and her etsy shop blissful images.]

31 Responses to “blissful inspiration”
  1. victoria says:

    omg. you’re killing me here. i love this!! thank you mrs. french. and now, i have to move, so i can have a dog again! :) xo

  2. Kate says:

    oh how i miss my woofers :( i grew up with three big dogs and living away from them has left a big hole in my heart! thanks for the warm and fuzzy post.

  3. stacy di says:

    ooh…what sweet sweet pup photos!

  4. Meg says:

    I love those! Great selection!

  5. amma says:

    those are so cute! i really want a dog. sigh.

    for a more humorous take on puppy photography you should check out Hipster Puppies {} its hilarious.

    i just stumbled across it last night and it made me smile. so i’ll pass the smiles along. enjoy and thanks for my daily dose of cute.

  6. I love it! i love dogs! ;)

  7. rosamaría says:

    what a beautiful photos!! thanks for posting that lovely faces!! i’m a dog lover, i love my Gumaro and Lucio!

  8. I love Goldens soooo cute!

  9. Emily says:

    The image of the black lab looks just like my puppy Owen. These pictures were so sweet, definitely put a smile on my face!

  10. i am obsessed with dogs and that one of the husky taking a snooze on the hill of red flowers is my favorite!

  11. Lulu says:

    such beautiful pictures! =]

  12. My Owl Barn says:

    Aww, how cute! I am forwarding this to my husband who is the huge-est dog lover in the world. I am sure, these pictures will make his day.

  13. abigail says:

    awesome pictures! you can really feel the dog/owner love between each one and how individual they all are.

    thanks for sharing

  14. Laura says:

    Oh, a blog post after my own heart! I have 12 dogs of my own and often blog about them and absolutely adore any blog post involving dogs, especially gorgeous dog photos! I’m in love.

  15. Leah says:

    aw, my sweet, sweet Charlie boy! Thank you for including him, mrs. french. I adore him so. xox

  16. what darling pups! i love how a dog’s personality shines through his/her eyes.
    wish i had a dog to hug now.. suppose my cat will do!

  17. Here’s a big whoot whoot going out to all the wonderful puppies in the world. Mine are definitely the most adorable–Daisy the Labradoodle and Stella the toy poodle. They are best friends and loads of laughs.

  18. Oh, Traci…..I feel like this post was made just for me, I guess you know how much I love doggies….and these shots are just incredibly beautiful. Your Casey gets me every time,I think it is because she reminds me of our Maddie and also because of her beautiful face…..thanks for this my friend. Off to check each one out!

  19. Jo says:

    So SO gorgeous! I’m so besotted with dogs I blog about them and how they inspire us at

    This collection has made my day! Thank you x

  20. bambooska says:

    Loved the dogs. Are they all yours?

  21. oh my goodness! so beautiful dogs! I’m a dog lover too!

  22. lush bella says:

    these are all so wonderful! now i must go wake up chloe from her morning nap and give her a great big hug and kisses.

  23. .amanda. says:

    what an amazing collection of ideas! I am def. marking some of these!

  24. Christina says:

    These pictures made my day, thanks!

  25. abigail says:

    adorable. Almost as cute as my Gus and Ollie. Almost.

  26. Laura says:

    Love them, love them all! You just made my day! Woof.

  27. Sarah says:

    As a girl who has been separated from her dog by a devious (OK not really) landlord, these pictures made my day! Just wonderful.

  28. Eileen says:

    Oh, just one love after another! Heaven! :)

  29. absolutely loving every one of these ~ makes me miss my pup

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