snow days.


via harpy.

i saw this glorious polaroid image (above) the other day, and it somehow reminded me it’s still snowing in many of your hometowns. so i thought i’d share a look at the season’s creamy winter whites. i find these images i discovered around flickr so soothing and peaceful. like the hush of fresh fallen snow. not that we have any of that here in san francisco, but you know how i like to put my imagination cap on. here’s a little white on white.


via saka matra; _cassia_; emma lamb; and diem design.


via snapshotradio; Vintage Amethyst; red ticking; and domino deco files.


via ~Romantic~Vintage Home~; SusanNajarianArt; this is janis; and red ticking.


via spring globe; ATLITW; klara kristina; and door sixteen.

15 Responses to “snow days.”
  1. L O V E white on white objects and furniture. That just makes color seem so much more alive! Hi sfgirlbybay, I’m a new reader, just started this past week! I love your blog and your take on all things that inspire creative ways of thinking ;)
    Have a great weekend!


  2. victoria says:

    welcome, elizabeth! thank you so much! :)

  3. Sandy says:

    thanks for thinking about all of us who have to deal with the cold cold snow! i have to admit, it is pretty to look at as are all things in this post, but the cold is unbearable, boo!!

  4. Love these pictures….Brilliant as usual!

  5. charlane says:

    you must see this work then – she’s the queen of white to me:

  6. oh i love this post. white on white was one of my inspirations.
    happy friday!

  7. madi says:

    thanks for the inspiration, looking further into those links for even more for my soon to be built cottage. :)

  8. lovely dreamy …I have my snow bird on black as well…

  9. amandajayne says:

    i love white – this is a dream selection. Thank you.

  10. kelly ann says:

    these are all so pretty!

  11. Thanks for sharing! Love the white! So simple and chic!

  12. jessica says:

    love all these shades of white. soooo relaxing.

  13. Deb says:

    I would almost swear that those three men are my uncles! No, really!

  14. victoria says:

    i’m glad you all liked this! me too, :)

    deb – maybe it is your uncles!

  15. Jordana says:

    Oh – I am SO happy to see all this white! I adore it! In fact, my blog is all about this glorious colour!

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