i’m thinking pink.


i’m taking the rest of the afternoon off, for some much needed packing for the move — as i am waaaay behind schedule! but in the meantime, i’m thinking a quick peek at pink might inspire some springtime style. see you back here tomorrow! pink eames chair via vintage 50. lick creek collection’s vintage kitchen set,  kenilworth place baroque pillow... 
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blog it forward – the wrap up!

rikshaw design loves casual style and eclectic design. well, we did it. i think just about everyone involved in blog it forward posted as planned — all 300 bloggers! that’s quite an achievement, and i think everyone should take a virtual blogger bow, and pat yourselves on the back! now, we’re dreaming up our next endeavor and the idea of a mood board has... 
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vintage finds for a modern world: francophiles.

via .natasha. I love a bit of French flair. Crazy, over the top ornate, or elegant with feminine detail, it’s all got a great sense of drama and seems to tell a story. Rooms decorated this stylishly have history and make you wonder more about the prior life of each piece of furnishing. I looked for some images that had that European feel to me, tall ceilings with wide... 
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wish you were here. A Photographic Travelog from Piewacket.


This is Lara Rossignol of Piewacket with my second in my “Wish You Were Here” series. along with shooting pictures, I also shoot pool competitively, and shot this story just outside of Los Angeles, while I competed in the Regional Tour Championships at the end of February. A major event where 64 of the best female amateur pool players from all over the planet... 
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what’s up buttercup?


i was looking for inspiration for a monday post (i kinda overdosed on jelly bellys, if the truth be told, and i had a total brain freeze and couldn’t think of what i might share with you!), and simply hue had added this image above to the sfgirlbybay flickr pool and shazaam! it came to me – how about some inspiration brought to you in the form of some good old... 
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