belly up to the bar.


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i’ve often thought it would be very sophisticated of me (this is quite an oxymoron if you know me at all) to have a charming little cocktail bar cart, like the ones you might see in a stylish manhattan pied-à-terre. so, ah heck, i think i’m going to go for it in the new house. i plan on lots of little lifestyle changes, and being less hermit-like is one big change i’m adding to the list. lots of backyard dinner parties, and regular sunday suppers, complete with a cocktail hour. so, here’s some sweet little bar carts and set-ups that have inspired me.


via lonny magazine.


via kcweiss.


via lonny magazine.


via lonny magazine.


via kcweiss.


via kcweiss.

25 Responses to “belly up to the bar.”
  1. Beautymist says:

    oh Victoria, younsould *totally* go for it! a bar cart is so you!!!


  2. Beautymist says:

    i meant “you should”. Sorry about that.

  3. Tonia says:

    Oh I remember my grandparent’s 50s leatherette bar that took up a whole corner of their living room. It’s where I took my first sips of advocaat, kahlua and creme de menthe (which I still like when no one else is around), and some truly hideous homemade wine (which I still don’t). My kitsch levels are quite high. I’d still hanker quietly for a white, fluffy carpeted bathroom because of them!
    I feel a coffee bean/sambucca moment coming on…

  4. liane says:

    victoria, my love! i’ve been ruminating on a bar for months. i have an old metal machine cart parked in the dining room with nothing on it which i think would be perfection for such. i have teenagers, however, and i am no prude and they sometimes have a glass of wine with me but….

  5. Nina says:

    oh yes, i love the idea of bar cars. and i also adore the way the stylists have used oranges and lemons as decor too :) xo.

  6. oh do! serve gimlets and invite us all round :)

  7. Brandi says:

    I don’t think there’s better way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day than with an ode to the bar cart. And these are oh so lovely. I already told my boyfriend he’s in charge of this — I personally have no idea how to stock such a thing.

  8. Tricia Rose says:

    I couldn’t keep my mind on the bar carts after picture 2: he skinned his dead cat for art??!!
    On second thoughts, a drink might be a good idea~

  9. Bobbi says:

    We have an old console TV shell that we use as our bar. It’s pretty funny, and gets lots of comments when people come over!

  10. Jenny says:

    Very cool. We don’t have a bar. Well, that’s not true. We have a shelf above our fridge ;)

  11. victoria says:

    liane – well maybe it’s more european to keep the liquor out in the open, their kids don’t think of it as so taboo, and then perhaps not as enticing, right? i always knew where to find it if i was feeling extra angst-ridden. ;)

    brandi – i forgot it was st. paddy’s day when i wrote this! but, cheers!

    tricia – wow – i hadn’t read the side note! i had to take a double-take! that’s crazy!!

  12. i thought this was a st. patrick’s day post when i saw the title and then realized it was serendipity as i strolled through the post — perfect sort of tongue and cheek, girl! happy st. patrick’s day!

  13. Valentina says:

    remember my mom’s had a bar cars years ago… I never thought about that until your post. I think is a *GREAT* decoration idea!

  14. Kelly says:

    Love the idea, too! Very swank. (I admit being distracted in the first photo by the write-up about the dead cat art, with the real fur. EEK.)

  15. tina says:

    someday I’ll be that sophisticated!

  16. Shanon says:

    I want one too. =) In fact, I’ve seen a nice idea, where the person had used a shelf in a bookcase for a little bar area. They used a tray under it all and it looked so pretty. I suppose this idea would work for people who are lacking space…

  17. cottagefarm says:

    well this post is right up my alley! i love vintage bar ware, in fact i have quite a collection and im ogling all of the accessories in these photos- there is something so wonderfully casual about each of these little carved out spaces

  18. Lynae says:

    Tricia, I’m pretty sure they just clipped his fur!

    Victoria, a few of my friends (who live in one of the houses that was on the Midcentury Modern home tour down in Palm Springs) have a bar just like the one in the second picture. Theirs is stocked with many more bottles, though!

  19. sarah says:

    since you’re graduating into a house, it would be fitting to have a grown-up cocktail cart :)
    cant wait to see your new place!!

  20. victoria says:

    yes – it’s just clipped fur – a little odd, but then again, i have a bit of my dog’s fur (some he shed) saved in a little box. it still smells like him. like dog-shampoo and all good.

    sarah – yes, i agree. about time i grew up! :)

    i like the casual elegance of these too – like i’m always prepared for guests to stop by for a wee nip. lol!

  21. Katy says:

    Love it! “Not being a hermit” is one of my spring resolutions as well. And I think a bar cart fits into that nicely.

  22. the purcells says:

    love bar carts! when we moved 6 months ago, one of our first purchased for the new apt was a cart, something like this (, little industrial and a splash of color.

  23. victoria says:

    love that idea for the industrial red cart! nice!

  24. Candice says:

    We are in the process of doing the same thing in our dining room. I have always admired the little “mini” bars I’ve seen styled in interior design photos so I thought, what the heck, I need one too!

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