vintage finds for a modern world: francophiles.


via .natasha.

I love a bit of French flair. Crazy, over the top ornate, or elegant with feminine detail, it’s all got a great sense of drama and seems to tell a story. Rooms decorated this stylishly have history and make you wonder more about the prior life of each piece of furnishing.


I looked for some images that had that European feel to me, tall ceilings with wide crown moldings, bits of gilt and baroque details, or an old dress form, found at a Paris flea market that just had to be had. But I also included a few images representing a modern twist on the classic Parisian panache. Bright colors adorning older, vintage objects and pattern running amok over ornate chairs.


baroque chair via Hotels Paris Rive Gauche.


a very parisian apartment, via cookie magazine.


feminine lines and colors via pia jane bijerk.


stylish comfort via aphrochic.


via ochre.


beautifully ornate mantel via design*sponge.


blue velvet sofa via so sylvie.


pendant lamp via paris hotel boutique.


a paris apartment via miles202.


french giltwood portrait mirror via factory 20.


a little bit bohemian gothic, via canal apartments paris.

23 Responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: francophiles.”
  1. Chaucee says:

    This post is SO Beautiful.

  2. redbirdstyle says:

    This is all I need to keep fueling my need for Paris. I must get back there! GORGEOUS post!

  3. sofia says:

    beautiful images, altough I live there I never get enough of Paris :)

  4. Wow, these spaces are gorgeous!! The last room is my absolute favorite!

  5. Nancy Carrington-Chambers says:

    Such lovely photographs! I adore the pendant lamp and the gray-blue velvet sofa. You could wear almost anything and look wonderful sitting on this sofa — a pink frock, a little black dress, a white cotton nightgown, a stern suit.

  6. Rebecca Ward says:

    C’est tres belle! Merci pour les photos!!

  7. Amy Moore says:

    This is sooo pretty! I love Parisian decor! This book has more gorgeous pictures that I love to look at for inspiration: French Island Elegance by Michael Connors

  8. Lolo says:

    Lovely collection of images! Very inspiring.
    I really need to go back to Paris soon.

  9. Bethany says:

    That floral chair next to floral wallpaper is unusually lovely to me. I don’t usually go for that look, but it really works there. The gray background really helps settle it I think.

  10. Sigh. If only two nicely groomed and delicately perfumed wire fox terriers could be part of some of those photos … our Moma (she helps us write) found you and dreams of other days. In this case, days in Paris. With her doggies. One of our wirey friends has enjoyed Paris (and Rome) with her people. We can only dream. And your lovely blog makes the dream come alive!
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  11. Johanna says:

    So inspired! Love these pics!

  12. elena says:

    Oh I love that wallpaper in the 3rd photo! So pretty. :)

  13. I miss my little Paris apartment so bad it hurts! Love the style

  14. Helena says:

    i love the stunning parisian apartment! Paris has a certain je ne sais quoi :)
    Great post, thanks!!!

  15. Christine says:

    The French just know what they’re doing when it comes to style. I love the photos of the Parisian apartments.

  16. you’re killing me here. Now I really can’t wait to go! :)

  17. Tod says:

    such a beautiful post! thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Moa says:

    Lovely photos! I adore the wonderfully lit livingroom… Thanks for sharing the goodies :)

  19. Tonia says:

    Oh I do love me a bit of bohemian gothic!

  20. The Hausfrau says:

    Love the bohemian gothic!

  21. Very beautiful spaces

  22. Wow!! :) Soooo much amazing eye candy, here! :) I love it all to bits – such amazing places and inspiration!

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