sneak peek.

so, i’m in no way finished with this room, but this is a sneak peek at the beginning stages of my cozy little breakfast nook, just off the kitchen. i painted the walls with two coats of rust-oleum’s black chalkboard paint, but i’m almost too in love with the color to actually chalk them up! the clock was a beechwood modern find from the crate & barrel outlet store for $15. the big ‘v’ is from hindsvik’s vintage etsy shop.

here’s the ‘before’ photo.

i also took my white bentwood chairs (4 for $25 on craigslist) and painted them a shiny coat of black lacquer to place around the vintage knoll tulip table (the table and four knoll tulip chairs were just $150 on craigslist — the chairs are around my dining table, to come).

chairs, ‘before’ black lacquer paint.

there’s also a built in storage and shelving unit, where i’ve displayed my mixed collection of new and vintage white and cream-colored ceramics and serving pieces.

still on the decor agenda for this room — a metal, industrial rolling cart i also found on craigslist, that i plan to adorn with a ton of potted herbs in all shapes and pot sizes. that will sit at the far end of the room near a sliding glass door that looks out onto the private terrace, so there’s lots of light for the herbs to grow and thrive. kind of like this idea, below from lonny magazine. more to come!!

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  1. Mhari says:

    This looks so good! I love the black wall…

  2. LOVE! I just left a comment on Facebook about the paint. Oh, I love that you did chalkboard paint. I’m not sure I could write on it either :) Looking great!

  3. Laura Marie says:

    Absolutely love it!! As someone trying (desperately) to make my new apartment more “me”, this is so inspiring… I definitely need to hop on the DIY train! Thanks! :)

  4. It looks great! The chalkboard paint is so dramatic and perfect with the white chairs! And no, don’t write on the wall! It looks so pretty like that.

  5. I love it! You’ve got a good set of bones to work with, too!

  6. libby says:

    dude. the place is looking amazing already. sheesh. you make me want to move and start all over!

  7. lindsay says:

    so pretty! question–how do you go about asking the landlord for permission to make changes to the home? We currently own a home, but when we move, we’d like to rent for a while until we feel committed to a certain location. When you swap out light fixtures, paint woodwork, etc…how do you get your landlord to play along?

  8. Veronica TM says:

    such a wonderful room! you did a great job! i cannot even imagine it how beautiful it’s going to be when it’s finished

  9. jodi says:

    what libby said. totally.

  10. Henrique says:

    You have done amazing things in such a short space of time. Relax and enjoy. Congrats

  11. victoria says:

    thanks so much you guys! i was pretty excited about how it turned out.

    lindsay – in this case, my landlord hasn’t been to the house in 20 years, and she pretty much leaves me be. i told her i was painting, and she said to “make it my own”. i do think in most cases a landlord wouldn’t be so happy about black walls, unless maybe you promised to paint them back.

    i also usually live somewhere so long, i want it to be my own, so have forfeited some of my deposit, just to have it my way. ;)

  12. Ana says:

    Wow! What an impact! I can’t wait to see what you do with this place.

  13. beth says:

    I am loving this sneak peek! I think this room is going to turn out amazing!

  14. Ainsley says:

    eeee! Looking good so far!

  15. simplygrove says:

    Seriously, its gonna look INCREDIBLE!!!!

  16. Cindy says:

    Oh my, Victoria! It is beautiful. Congrats on your new home.

  17. Anna @ D16 says:

    OMG! Now you KNOW I love this. :) :)

    Looking great, Victoria. So exciting!!

  18. victoria says:

    thanks so much!!

    anna – you KNOW you were my biggest influence!! thank you for all the inspiration! :)

  19. It’s all gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more photos.

  20. allyn says:

    your home is really coming together! it’s beautiful. that chalkboard paint is such fun sophistication. may need to try that at home. congrats on the new pad!

  21. oh my you’re good.

  22. Tanya says:

    A this teaser is killing me. I love it so much so far. Your eye for renewing and making it unique and beautiful is SOOO amazing!

  23. Victoria it’s looking great! You are so talented at this stuff! I love the chalkboard all and the little nook you styled.

    Hope you are feeling wonderful in your new home! xo

  24. Tif says:

    i’ve visited everyday just waiting for a sneak peek!!!
    i love, love the glossy black chairs and the wall. i agree to the ‘no chalking’ rule, having dabbled in chalk board paint for our laundry room door, i noted after ‘a particularly exciting chalky moment’ that it never quite looked the same.
    so keep it just as it is Victoria, perfectly perfect :)

  25. lindsey loo says:

    i have a a chalkboard wall in my sons room and i love the stark black look as well. but the trick ive found to get it black again after chalking it up. clean it a few times with a swiffer wet jet. you have to do it a couple times and let it dry between cleanings and its gets it nice and dark again :)

  26. You are terrific!!!!

    i am very happy to see a bit of your new home.

  27. I can’t believe you’ve done that all so quickly! It looks amazing. Love the plants idea. It reminds me of something I read recently which said that British people aren’t really into indoors plants. I think it’s true – I can’t think of a single person who has one! But these look great.

  28. jan says:

    looks simply marvelous darling!

  29. victoria says:

    thank you all – it’s nice to feel so welcomed by you all in my new home – even ‘virtually’. i’m so glad you like it!! :)

  30. looking forward to a cup of tea with you someday —
    p.s. at first i ready lonny magazine as loony magazine…one of those days where i’m a bit mixed up with words — a new one i coined when i saw the upcoming dates for this weekend’s church rummage sale — Maypril…yes Maypril 1st…sheesh…and i can’t blame it on moving fatigue…

  31. Alessandra says:

    I’ve never imagined that black walls could be so bright!

  32. whitney says:

    i love that clock.

  33. Tricia Rose says:

    Wonderful! You certainly hit the ground running!

  34. isis says:

    perfect perfect perfect! it looks so cool and graphic and bold and at the same time calming and serene. i want. badly :) you’re a lucky girl to have found that house! it has such lovely details, like the moulding and the built in cupboard, and the wooden floors!

  35. Tina says:

    i am so excited what your creativity does with your new home. congrats to you victoria!

  36. Deb says:

    Really inspiring post – love the wall and the chairs – you’re doing a great job here!

  37. Emma says:

    The black chalkboard wall is looking great but I think what really makes it is that little touch of wood around the clock and on the table. Keeps it from being too stark. Definitely, do not draw with chalk on the wall!!!

  38. Beth says:

    Gorgeous!!! Stunning!!! Can’t wait to see the rest! Beth

  39. Lori Andrews says:

    so far so- perfect!

  40. victoria says:

    thanks again, y’all!

    emma – yes – it needs a bit of warmth, and i like the woods with the black,

    thanks, miss 10 cent! :)

  41. Don’t know what do I like more: the wall in chalkboard paint, the chairs or the big ‘V’…one is clear – the whole design is adorable!

  42. cathiehong says:

    oh goodness, it’s looking fabulous already. love the wall color in your bfast nook & your open shelving!

  43. LOVE. I never would have imagined such loveliness from that before photo!! I’ve been wanting some bentwood chairs and you are inspiring me to search craigslist now!

  44. ash says:

    it looks amazing victoria, just like I knew it would. xo

  45. v.exciting, all this new pad chat. can’t wait to see more!

  46. jess says:

    v – it’s SOOOOO fun to watch this unfold.

  47. Hilary says:

    Gorgeous! I really love how minimal it looks! Oh and that crown molding is divine!

  48. Great sneak peek! It looks marvelous already! I would paint the back of the corner cabinet black to make your white dishes/ceramics pop. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!


  49. This is wonderful Victoria!!
    I first looked at the photos and thought I love this interior and just then read and understood it’s yours!…
    Love that color! You won’t resist writing on it though! It is much too tempting! you’ll see that you’ll love it even more with some little scribbling on!
    This V – so cool! But I’m a sucker for typography and letters signs so you won me immediately here!

  50. Julie says:

    I totally made the O face when I saw your radical black and white nook. LOVE it. (and holy hot V!) I’m obsessed with black walls, my solution is almost always, ‘paint it black!’.. yay, glad you painted it black :)


  51. mrs. french says:

    eep! this is killing me! i am so incredibly excited for you (and us for getting to lurk)…thrilled for you my dear! xo t

  52. victoria says:

    i am truly so happy to be sharing the many projects i have going on around the house, with you my friends. thank you for all the kind comments. i hope you don’t get sick of this! ;)

  53. renee says:

    Victoria, it’s unanimous you cant ever write on the wall. Great job, it’s coming along brillantly.

  54. cottagefarm says:

    its a stunner already! cant wait to see whats next! dont you just love built-ins the collection look like it was made for that space. cheers

  55. Jill says:

    Love it!
    Your cream ceramics collection especially caught my eye…and then it hit me that you bought that log planter from me? I think?
    Looks great! :)

  56. Geri says:

    oh! … so jelous! … I want to be decorating a new home!!!… your ideas seem great, please keep us posted on the progress!

  57. Jamie says:

    How exciting!!! We will hopefully be moving into an awesome place in the inner Richmond soon, and I cannot wait to work my magic.

  58. Victoria it looks fantastic, I adore built ins they are always so homey! Your landlord sounds just like mine, its wonderful to have the option to paint as you please. Best wishes in your new home!

  59. Piper says:

    I seriously can’t wait to see more…the paint looks great!! I can’t believe those chairs – LOVE THEM :)!! And you gave me a great idea for my sun room with that table full of plants, thanks!

  60. Kris says:

    Love the black wall. I thought it was navy at first, which is what I’ve been thinking about doing until I read your post. Really striking!

    I definitely wouldn’t write on it. We painted my daughter’s closet doors with the chalkboard paint (~5 yrs ago) it didn’t really work as a chalkboard. Maybe the paint has improved since then.

  61. Deborah says:

    LOOOOOVE the room. It’s so good that I’m actually submitting my request for an ongoing sfgirlbybay series starring your black wall (as the stage backdrop) and any number of fabulous settings that you dream up from your repertoire of fabulous furnishings! Very tasty!!

  62. Brandi says:

    Are you sure that’s your home? Because it looks like something I’d find in a magazine — a photograph from an insanely cute and stylish bakery or cafe. The black wall is so wonderfully dramatic! And that corner shelving is just lovely.

  63. peggy says:

    Cute little nook! I agree, the color of the paint is almost too marvelous to chalk up.

    Congrats on the new home. Can’t wait to watch it progress!

  64. Jen F. says:

    (long-time reader, delurking)
    I love this! Can’t wait to see it with the potted herbs, etc.

  65. Maria says:

    You’re such an inspiration, V! It looks great!

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