shelve that idea.

open shelving, via emma’s design blog.

i hope y’all don’t tire of following my progress on decorating the new house, but another DIY project around here is putting up some kitchen shelving. i have a spot above my vintage o’keefe and merritt stove that i’d like to put up some modern open shelving and racks, to contrast the antique stove.

here’s my vintage stove — i like the idea of open shelving, displaying some of my white dishes, and vintage glass jar collection. here’s a few ideas i saw around the web.

via ivy style33.

via houzz.

via door sixteen.

via elseachelsea.

via emma’s design blog.

via skona hem.

via my Scandinavian retreat.

via ruben de keyser.

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  1. Kate F. says:

    That will look great! One word of warning (which you probably don’t need)… If you’ve never had open shelves *right* by the stove, you may underestimate just how sticky stuff gets there. So dishes you use all the time/can throw in the dishwasher? Good. Art or textiles? Baaaad. Take it from one who has a huge baker’s rack immediately to the right of her stove. And should maybe consider steaming in stead of sauteing on occasion.

  2. Marija says:

    I think if you could somehow mix the image from houzz and the glass containers from emma’s design blog, you’d have the perfect above the oven storage solution!

  3. amy soczka says:

    ooh I love that top configuration. Do you have any idea if that’s the ikea system or something else? I would love a source (my office blocks emma’s site for some reason)
    Love your new place Victoria – very inspiring!

  4. Some of these would be so great for our kitchen. I’m so excited about redoing our house.

  5. Fiona C. says:

    I love open shelving! But with earthquakes in mind, a slight movement and everything will fall down immediately. If you are in San Francisco then you surely have tremors. right? I just lost my grandmother’s antique crystal because of large earthquake and it was in a cupboard. Everything inside the cupboards of my kitchen fell and broke. So I imagine that with a small earth tremor, things on open shelves would risk falling and breaking. Just a thought…

  6. ahem, tire of decorating the new pad?! mate, you’re preaching to the choir here!

    love it. want every juicy detail!

    jules : )

  7. Anna @ D16 says:

    @amy soczka: That’s the ASKER series from IKEA in the first photo. :)

  8. Tidy kitchens! Mine is a chaos

  9. Alessandra says:

    Love it! such a shame i live in a sismic country..imagine if i had one of those insted of a closed one, with the last earthquake i would lost all my cups and mugs :P

  10. victoria says:

    my blog has been acting all wonky today! so apologies – i wasn’t finished with this post, adding the shot of my stove, and links.

    anna – thanks for providing amy with the asker links!! :)

    as far as the earthquakes go – i’m a gonner no matter what – i have stuff everywhere that will come crashing down whether they are on open shelves, or in cupboards. i’ve been through them, and these old cabinets just fly open in an earthquake, so i can’t worry about it too much. :)

  11. Alessandra says:

    :)just double tape it on the shelve hehehe

  12. Ana says:

    If you DON’T post about the new place I think we’ll all be upset!

  13. I just added some open shelves to my kitchen and I love the look. These images are beautiful and inspiring.

    Here’s my shelves…not quite as fabulous, but I like them. :-)


  14. melanirae says:

    man, what I wouldn’t do to have a gas stove again. They are a real luxury here in Scandinavia.

  15. Kelly says:

    Ditto Kate’s comments – ensure that EVERYTHING you put there can be scrubbed (including the shelf); imagine spraying something like PAM oil spray onto your things and then baking that spray into your belonging in the oven – that’s the kind of intense coating that ends up on things above a stove. If you try and scrub it off with a sponge, the sponge will be unusable, it will be so full of gunk that will not come out.

    (Also not seeing a range hood, which will make it worse).

    Sorry to be such a downer! Just want to make sure you have a complete picture of the reality – not wanting to burst your bubble – I adore all your inspiration shots :)

  16. Tanya says:

    LOVE that vintage stove. I think open shelving would really suit it :). Fun! I’m NEVER going to tire of hearing these updates!

  17. victoria says:

    i think y’all are right about ceramics and glassware getting greasy, so i’m hanging my pot and knife rack up there…as we speak! :)

  18. Amy Hadley says:

    Great round-up for the rest of us pondering the same upgrade on a budget! Thanks. I esp. love the first pic… bunch of ideas I wouldn’t have thought of, even as often as I flip through my Ikea catalogue.:)

  19. CrowNology says:

    I’m at the same step! So Thanks for the Inspiration!

  20. Brandi says:

    Your vintage stove is fantastic! You should definitely put some open shelving above it. I love how open shelving becomes art. This post gave me a little organization high.

  21. jenny says:

    beautiful, but how do you stop everything getting dusty with these open shelves?

  22. Alicia says:

    I’m OBSESSED with open shelving!! Can’t get enough.

    P.S. We’ll never tire of your new decorating adventures!!

  23. Jutta says:

    Your vintage stove is to die for… Love open shelves too, and want to have proper ones when we remodel the kitchen.

  24. Nashvilledeb says:

    I would kill for that stove! Can’t wait to see your new shelves, too.

  25. Ivy style33 says:

    Hi Victoria!

    thank you so much for including this simple picture of our tiny & “I so much want to be called a kitchen” kitchen among all this gorgeousness here!

    I was planning to paint a wall black as yours a couple of weeks ago and recently realised that it wouldn’t really look good as the surface is bumpy.
    So, I guess so it stays for now…

    Adoring your kitchen/eating nook though and the overall apartment as it is rather fastly evolving!

    Happy nestling in…once more :)

  26. Mandy Ford says:

    I love open shelving and I think some modern shelves over your vintage stove will look great. We are painting our kitchen cabinets and leaving a few doors off to give this illusion without having to install anything new. I also really want to put up a few simple IKEA shelves in our dining room over a midcentury modern buffet (that I’ve yet to find) to show off my milkglass collection. Love the chalkboard wall as well – it will look really amazing once it has been well loved!

  27. Sigrid says:

    love the Scandinavian looks! Thanks for the links.

  28. Alicia Bock says:

    Your lovely post has been instrumental in starting a conversation between my husband and I about the cupboards above our stove (I say they have to go and be replaced by shelves.) If it happens I will be forever grateful! Have a wonderful weekend. – A.

  29. victoria says:

    alicia – you go girl! i’ll keep my fingers crossed! :)

  30. Jesse Lu says:

    First off, awesome stove.

    Now, is that black in the tiles in your kitchen? If so, maybe shelves to match? Would contrast nicely with white dishes and vintage glass jars. Or a warm natural wood?

  31. victoria says:

    jesse – sadly, i thought it was black, but it is kind of a burgandy red. :)

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