vintage finds for a modern world: glassworks.

beautiful chemistry, via ethanollie.

i’ve been looking for some new, but vintage, accessories for the house, and i remembered a lot of wonderful industrial-like glassworks i’ve been seeing in the vintage etsy shops and around the design blogs these days. i love the contrast of the somewhat sterile, industrial looking glass partnered with some pretty flowers, single branches, and even terrariums. here’s a few of their wonderful glass finds i’m loving right now.

via emmas design blog.

Vintage Laboratory Centrifuge Tubes, via ethanollie.

fairy garden terrarium, via doodle birdie.

antique oil jug, via lucky little dot.

a lovely example of arranging via design*sponge.

vintage pyrex beakers, via cottage farm.

terrariums made by kat geiger at design spunk.

a boiling flask never looked so pretty, via trampoline.

terrarium diy project, via poppytalk.

13 Responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: glassworks.”
  1. Cara says:

    These are fabulous! Fun post!

  2. Shandell's says:

    Love the old glass vessels of all different sizes. I use large bottles for lamps and love their character.

  3. Oooh I just love old beakers and bottles. I’ve oft used bottles for vases, but it never occurred to me to use the beakers too.

  4. Anne says:

    How very beautiful and inspirational. I presume this would work with other colours of vintage glass vessels too. The Victorians did some wonderful Bristol blue colours for their medicine bottles which are not too expensive to buy.

  5. cottagefarm says:

    charming! i have such a fondness for these types of vessels. thanks for having cottage farm here among all of these other lovelies! cheers

  6. allyn says:

    adore the collection you put out there. i love glass’ simplicity. must check out etsy more often.

  7. Victory Vintage always had a great selection of beakers and test tubes. Lord I miss that store. These are so lovely – much better than my memories of breaking mercury thermometers in H.S. chemistry class!

  8. Amy Hadley says:

    The problem with seeing such a beautiful collection is a) I want them all, and b) I want a comparable number of surfaces around my house to put them all on. (But that would require either a huge house or a house full of table and buffets, neither of which do I really want.:)) Lovely round-up!

  9. I love to collect glassworks. The mix between industrial and flowers look fantastic

  10. saer says:

    I love love your stove and am a huge fan of openshelving as my blog shows waaay too often. I am always concerned about open shelving over the stove though – mostly because I am a ferocious cook and very clumsy..I would hate to hear one of your fave glass pieces ended up *IN* your dinner pot!!

  11. Brandi says:

    Old chemistry glassware is the way to go. When I don’t have to move anymore (I worry about breaking everything), I might go crazy with the old lab equipment — it’s so me and so beautiful. I’m so happy that so many people are posting lovely photos like these.

  12. Leslie says:

    Anyone have any idea where that tripod base is from? Is that an old globe base? All of it is lovely!

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