oh, and happy, happy friday.

today’s happy friday is a little bit different from my one-shot, wham-bam, i’m outta here, gotta-go-bye blurb.

i got a very sweet letter from tim, the obviously very proud husband of blogger, emily of today’s letters. each day on her blog, emily has spent the last year writing kind of daily love letters – two to her husband, along with few fun and favorite observations from her day.

i encourage you to read today’s letters, i think it will spark some romantic notions in your own relationships, or inspire you to go out and get one! thanks so much for writing tim, and for sharing your lovely wife’s letters. i know it sparked something in me. if you have a special way of sharing your love, let’s hear about it! and happy friday, ya’ll!

5 Responses to “oh, and happy, happy friday.”
  1. Tanya says:

    Oh that’s beautiful

  2. tara. says:

    this is so lovely. i have a section of letters on my blog, but written about a different kind of love. i write ‘letters to danielle’ to my dearest friend who committed suicide in 1999. she always wrote great letters, and i wanted to keep the feeling of communicating with her alive. i miss her, and her letters, every day.

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks for putting us on to this lovely blog – what a sweet idea.

  4. Han says:

    I read todaysletters every day (and sometimes go back a second to read the comments)

    (Even started my own to my hubby – hannypants.wordpress.com)

  5. Anna says:

    such a great montage of home! i have been loving pinterest, i’m so glad i get to use it and participate in pin it forward!

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