now i lay me down to sleep.

i thought i’d share a little bit more of the new house today, this time my bedroom. i quite love it in here, and find it a really peaceful room to say goodnight each evening, and even to doze or read on a lazy saturday afternoon. the light is really nice, and i feel so lucky to be able to look out my windows into my garden and the trees. quite a luxury for me, living in the big, bad city!

vintage dish re-purposed as jewelry tray from stephie d’s etsy shop; thrifted eiffel towers from alemany flea market.

i love my pretty dwell chinoiserie bedding. photograph taken by kim schoen in prague, 2007.

vintage turquiose bedside lamp from hindsvik; and tord boontje garland lamp inspired by anna at door sixteen, or you might say completely copycatted! thrifted bedside table, and mirror found at urban outfitters’ store fixture sale ($20!).

dresser found on craigslist ($35!) and painted with black lacquer; thrifted mid-century modern chair; and black print flannel blanket via david fussenegger.

thrifted yard sale find chair ($5); thrifted ‘diane-arbus-like‘ photo found at alameda flea market ($2); cowhide rug via ebay.

thrifted bedside lamp found at yard sale; i added a piece of custom-cut glass to the top of this vintage rolling cart found at a sadly, long-gone antique shop (my old coffee table, re-purposed). photograph from the lovely *cinnamon; and oil painting thrifted from goodbyes.

turquoise thrifted mid-century pottery ($1) found at alemany flea market, and used as large candle votive.

looking in from the hallway (above); and looking out towards the kitchen and nook beyond (below).

82 Responses to “now i lay me down to sleep.”
  1. ashley says:

    Oh my! I adore this room. I just bought a cowhide rug this past weekend for my bedroom and I’m in heaven. I love the coat on yours. The lamp is just gorgeous as well.

  2. Kelly-Ann says:

    lovely and fresh…..definitely a lovely place to be on lazy a Sunday morning =)

  3. Lehua says:

    I love this room. Such a fresh feeling! <3

  4. Chaucee says:

    Wow it looks great! You did a really nice job with it. It must have been fun to have a new room to decorate all over again : )

  5. automatism says:

    Such a pretty and happy room — thanks so much for sharing! And great finds, too!


  6. Brigitte says:

    Wow, Victoria. I love everything about this room.

  7. chelsea says:

    Love, love love your nightstand and the mirror is so pretty. You must just love your new place. The view from the window looks quite peaceful.

  8. Mads Mom says:

    Oh, this is just wonderful. I love the light! This really makes me miss SF!

  9. It is absolutely gorgeous Victoria! No surprise there but, I believe we might be soul sisters in one area and that is how quickly you settle in and make your house a home. I am like that too & am so impressed with how quickly you have put it all together. I love all of the black you are using & I see your light came :) Also, the bench by window with plant gives me a great idea so, thank you! So wonderful, thank you for sharing and with all of the fantastic photos!
    ps LOVE your bedding, it never fails.

  10. Kristen says:

    Love your bedding! The place looks great!

  11. victoria says:

    thanks y’all so much! i’m really finding it peaceful and happy here. it sure is an eclectic mix, but i think i like it (for now!). ;)

  12. oh my Victoria!!! I adore this room, seriously! Can I please move in there with you? just kidding! I love how your bedroom turned out! super great job! xoxo

  13. I adore this room and all the great style and decor you have put together!!

  14. Cat says:

    Love the soft color pallete of your bedroom and that comforter with the birdies on it…swoon!!!! :) You are one talented lady and sure can pull a room together well!

  15. Tanya says:

    You place things in the perfect places. Every shot, angle and corner of your room looks gorgeous. Love that $5 chair!

  16. what a lovely space! i love how you’ve managed to have so much contrast and still to keep things light and airy!

  17. Priya says:

    It is beautiful!!

  18. marivic says:

    Your space is heavenly! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Piper says:

    Your bedroom is so cozy and chic!! I LOVE the dwell bedding, they’re one of my faves. And you even make your jewelry look so nice – whenever mine is out in a bowl like that, it just looks messy!

  20. Pamela says:

    Especially that open window.

  21. Eden says:

    I’m so excited for you – can’t wait to see more!

  22. I need to find out when Urban Outfitters is having a store fixture sale…that mirror is amazing!

  23. LOVE, LOVE it! That bedspread is so wonderful! Everything looks beautiful!

  24. Anna @ D16 says:

    Oh my gosh, Victoria!!! It looks SO spectacular – and not only do we have twin Garland lights/medallions, but we also have matching rugs…and we both have bedding from Dwell. :)

    I’m feeling the urge to put a bench in front of my windows suddenly!!

    Really, really, lovely.

  25. victoria says:

    thank you all so much!! you make me feel so happy! i was thinking maybe it was a weird mix, even though i liked it.

    anna – we are separated at birth!! i hope you come visit in person some time! you need to come to SF! :)

  26. karla quiz says:

    It’s perfect! I love it.. so clean and fresh…

  27. nicolle says:

    oh my Victoria! it looks amazing!! everything about it is wonderful. your bedspread is so beautiful. seriously my dream bedding! I love it. good job!!

  28. Cindy says:

    That is seriously beautiful light in your bedroom. What a lovely cozy space.

    And…..I am tickled to see the print on your nightstand. ;)

  29. CassiMO says:

    Very fresh and serene…I just love the little bench below the window, and your garden view. It would definitely be very difficult for me to leave that room in the morning if I were you…And what a score on that UO mirror!

  30. Tina says:

    nicely done!!! your house seems perfect! enjoy!

  31. victoria says:

    yay! cindy – i was hoping you would see this! i need to hang it, as i do with a bunch of art! :)

  32. liane says:

    you’ve donesuch a great job and i love your little displays/tabletop vignettes and second had finds.

  33. Danielle says:

    I have little eiffel towers also! I think I am going to have to copy the idea of putting them near my jewelry! Very pretty! The white makes the rest stand out!

  34. Tory says:

    Lovely, of course! Your house is coming together beautifully! I have a question about laquer. How is that different from the regular paint I would buy at Home Depot? Is it just high gloss?

  35. victoria says:

    it was rust oleum’s black lacquer spray paint. it was kinda toxic and yucky, to be honest – i wore a mask and did it outside! :)

  36. Ashley says:

    Crazy jealous. Your new place is beautiful!

  37. Caty says:

    charming bedroom! and…I LOVE your bad big city!

  38. Amanda says:

    It’s beautiful Victoria!
    All that light, oh my.

  39. Oh the new place is gorgeous!!
    Also, I’m pinning-it-forward today… hope you can sneak a peak : )

  40. Ancarol says:

    so comfort place …….. quite joyful.

  41. what a beautiful cozy space!

  42. mlle paradis says:

    what can i add? except, girlfriend, you totally know what you are doing! and on a shoestring! (are you paying attention world???????!…..i’m thinking- yes!)

  43. kathy says:


    i appreciate all the efforts that must be made when moving; your hard work paid off and you have a beautiful haven!

    i also appreciate the many photos (including the view from the hallway that shows more of your new home) you shared.

    and it’s fun to see how you have re-purposed things from your apartment into this new-to-you home.

    may you be very happy there (it sounds like you already are; great)!

    thanks for sharing.

  44. Ana says:

    Oh Victoria…wow!!

  45. marianne says:

    victoria, it is stunning!

  46. victoria says:

    thank you again everyone – you are very kind!

    hi marianne! and thank you! :)

  47. Jenny says:

    Really lovely! Adore the jewelry display with the Eiffel towers. Great job!

  48. Very serene and refreshing. Love the bedding, so cute! Great idea with the glass on the old coffee table too.

    Linda. :)

  49. sam says:

    what a lovely job you’ve done! its magic. I’ve just found your blog and its great btw

  50. victoria says:

    thanks again everyone! i’m so happy to hear you like it.

    and welcome, sam! :)

  51. nyc lu says:

    beautlful photos and home! you scored some amazing deals. i am in love with your turquoise lamp!

  52. kelly ann says:

    so beautiful and peaceful!

  53. You did a great job with this room! I love how you decorate your tabletops–the Eiffel tower miniatures with the jewelry tray is an especially nice touch :)

  54. Sarah says:

    WOWOWOWOW!!!! It is simply gorgeous! I’m in love with everything :)

  55. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Your house must be your favorite place to be. Your hard work to move to this place must have been so worth the efforts. Thanks for sharing the photos of your sweet home!

  56. oh really love this space, and it’s YOURS to boot…

    I am always so in awe of talented designers that can be thusly minimal and still have things they love all around them arranged in the most pleasing little vignettes. question about the rug…i’ve been on a serious rug hunt, how did you feel about buying one used on ebay?

  57. victoria says:

    thank you candace. it wasn’t used – it’s from a vendor who sells lots of new ones:

    it arrived just as i hoped, and quickly, and the shipping was very inexpensive. :)

  58. I have literally lusted after that dwell set for a while. But I have a kid and I know that beauty will end stained with bodily fluids, cold medicine and crayons…but soooo lovely….

  59. Hijiri says:

    WOW, Vic, it is fabulous!!! LOVE all your great finds, they make your place shine!!! xoxo

  60. Meghan says:

    very pretty… Really been wanting to own that bedding from dwell…

  61. victoria says:

    oh what’s a little bodily fluids when you can wash them?

    heej – thank you! i can’t wait for you to visit!

    meghan – i love this bedding, and it’s super soft, too! :)

  62. Aura says:

    That’s my favorite shot. Your window & its pretty little bits of sunshine are perfect. I would fill that bench with plants, flowers, and vases.

  63. alely d. lee says:

    victoria! your room is loveLee and how sweet that you can look out your window into your garden. truly something out of a magazine article. everything looks amazing.
    i also wanted to thank you so much for coming by my blog and reading my pin it forward! i really appreciate you taking your time out in visiting and commenting on all who are participating in this project. you are a wonderful and thoughtful hostess. thanks for getting this together and i am looking foward to your next project once it’s done!

  64. oh wow, what a fabulous room victoria! i love it. especially hte photo on the glass top table, that is so very lovely. really enjoy seeing your new home. jxx

  65. hannah says:

    it’s so bright and lovely victoria! and i love that you can feel the thought behind every piece.

  66. victoria says:

    alely – oh thank you, for participating! it’s all my pleasure. :)

    thank you jules – that photo is from *cinnamon (flickr).

    hannah – that’s such a nice way to put it – thank you, i did think a lot about this room – even dreamed about it at night (or had insomnia over it!!). ;)

  67. cindy says:

    insomnia paid off in spades and came together all so beautifully. it’s truly a bedroom built for dreaming :)

  68. Shandell's says:

    Love the bold use of turquoise next to your bed. Fabulous.

  69. gorgeous! so loving all of your little treasures

  70. Stephanie says:

    Hmmm, its a little boring, like the turquoise lamp, but as an accent not bedside. Needs some pop, maybe patterned headboard. Looks clean though

  71. That UO mirror was such a find. It’s my favorite part, aside from your photography. You do a wonderful job of documenting.

  72. Tory says:

    Thanks for the paint info, Victoria. It sounds like maybe I should stick with high gloss! :-)

  73. Becky says:

    I really like how light and airy it feels. It looks like you have some great space and spaces within!

  74. mrs. french says:

    is it creepy that i want to sleep in your bedroom…love it girly! xo t

  75. victoria says:

    thank you girls! :)

    nah, not from you mrs. french…thank you! xo

  76. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful!! Such a treat to see…
    May I ask about your bedframe and headboard; is it Room and Board?

  77. victoria says:

    thanks kathleen, the headboard is from west elm and was on sale. :)

  78. decor8 Holly says:

    This looks so pretty Victoria, really nice work and you are right, the room has lovely light. I really like the lamp and bench below your window, and also the black dresser, it is so pretty!

  79. victoria says:

    thanks quelle!

    thanks holly – still a bit of a work in progress, but i’m happy in here. it’s very peaceful. :)

  80. Bekah Mae says:

    I am so very in love with your bedroom! It looks like a wonderful escape!

  81. jinnie says:

    LOVE everything, especially that black and white throw!

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