tuesday’s girl: little surfer.

via mikael olsson.

it was super warm and sunny here this weekend and everyone was running around the city barely clothed. we san Franciscans tend to do that – the second the fog lifts and there’s even a spot of sunshine, out come the flip flops, the skimpy dresses and sunscreen. i thought for this tuesday’s girl we’d look at the carefree chic of surfer style. i think it’s more of mindset and mental attitude than anything, and perhaps we all have an inner gidget lurking in there somewhere.

sfgirlbybay; henrik halvarsson; and also henrik halvarsson.

marcus ohlsson.

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wild goose chase.


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Lou O’ Bedlam.

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23 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: little surfer.”
  1. Tanya says:

    Oh man, I am dying to go to the beach.

  2. Danielle says:

    I could just hear the beach boys playing in the background while looking through your post.

  3. Becca says:

    Oh my – Sally Field is such a familiar face due to her prolific career, that sometimes I forget that she’s such a beauty!

    Visiting SF for the first time in August – can’t wait.

  4. Junia says:

    Ah, yes! When that fog lifts it’s all about the shorts, bbq’s, and bike rides through GG Park for me. Crossing fingers that it’s going to be a nice & toasty Summer in SF! Loving your photos and that vintage inspired Chanel swimsuit!

  5. Jean says:

    You’ve officially put me in a beachy summer mood! I’m also a nail polish addict and hope you can tell me what polish is on the toes in that flower flip flop pic up top. =)

  6. Kristin says:

    This post is chock full of the joys of summer. LOVE!

  7. Oh to live by sea, how happy I would be! This is the time of year I won’t leave my house. Phoenix in the summer is like North Dakota in the winter – just don’t go outside.

  8. CaL says:

    This is awesome! Not that the weather & swimming every day aren’t enough, but this post has me in the most summery beachy mood ever! I love it! ♥

  9. stef says:

    putting me in the SUMMER mood! thank you ~

  10. victoria says:

    i’m so glad y’all liked this post – i’m a beach girl at heart, so this was really fun to put together!

  11. nicolle says:

    love this! being from huntington beach,ca i miss the warm sunny beaches. those sandals are awesome and i love that you threw gidget in there. i remember watching that show when i was a kid.

  12. karen says:

    It was our first hot day on Saturday down here on the peninsula and wish I could have gone to the beach to cool off. Looking at your lovely post makes me feel like I was there.

  13. Gabriela says:

    Sally Fields?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  14. victoria says:

    gabriela – yep! sandra dee was the original gidget in the 1959 film, but sally fields played gidget in the 1965 tv show.

  15. Aura says:

    I love these pictures. I just got back from a beach/surfing trip with my husband last month, and this makes me already want to go back. Of course I didn’t look like any of these girls after getting throw around violently by the Atlantic ocean :)

  16. Katy says:

    I like this, sums up vintage surf style a beaut. anything to get away from the lashings of mainstream surf branding/culture is always refreshing

  17. Nashvilledeb says:

    Love that picture of Sally Field in her “Gidget” days. When I was in junior high school, I loved her so much. I aspired to look like her!

  18. eva says:

    After spending many years in the surf industry I love seeing a non-surfers perspective! This is such a lovely and refreshing set.

  19. victoria says:

    eva – thanks so much.

    i’m not entirely a non-surfer. i grew up at malibu, and learned to surf a few years back in maui, and if the water wasn’t so cold here, and i wasn’t such a wimp, i’d still be surfing. the ocean is one of the biggest joys of my life.

  20. i love this post. i live in boulder, co and it is the same thing here. soon as the snow starts melting,it is skimpiness all over the place. however, i love the sun and lighter layers so i am all over this post.

  21. Terri says:

    So much fun! Living in the middle of the country, I don’t get to the beach very often. This post makes me want to plan a trip soon… or at least find a copy of Gidget to watch!

  22. audrey marie says:

    what a beautiful round up

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