pinning it forward.

a beautiful bedroom, as pinned by megan charland.

have you been following the pin it forward posts? there’s like 300 of us, so it’s a lot to take in, but oh, so worth the time. i’m so impressed with the pinterest pinboards that have been put together by all of you participating! i think what i like best about pinterest is the feeling of sharing, and discovering all the beauty of the world (and the web!) at our fingertips, and finding friends with similar interests and impressions of all that’s around us.

dreams of maps, as pinned by meggy wang.

i thought i’d take a moment and remind y’all to follow along and to share just a very few of my favorite pins! for a look at more pin it forward pinboards, click here, and check the schedule here for truly, beautiful and inspiring images of ‘what home means to you’.

vintage photography, pinned by sacred lotus.

a gorgeous office, pinned by making it lovely.

fine little shop, pinned by alternative eagle.

books really complete a home, pinned by natasha the housewife.

childhood home, pinned by michelle & dent.

lazy sunday mornings, pinned by good measure.

lovely white space on d*s, pinned by hirijik.

kindred spirits, pinned by design for mankind.

a cozy bed, pinned by lawn party.

dining al fresco, pinned by cartoules letterpress.

12 Responses to “pinning it forward.”
  1. thanks victoria for letting me be apart of this awesome project. all of the pin boards have been amazing.

  2. Delisa Sage says:

    Victoria, you bring such joy to my life. Your lovely photos thrill and inspire!
    It is such a service to bring such beauty into peoples lives. I much rather read
    your blogs than the news anyday.

  3. Mandy says:

    “Pin it forward” … what a great idea. I just had a little peek and they all look amazing. Well done you !!!!

  4. brittany says:

    thank you for posting this! i was afraid blogland had forgot about pin it forward (and today was my day!).

    i hope you’ll check out my post –

    thank you so much for continuing to give us such a great blog to read and such a great series to participate in!


  5. honeydonthink says:

    Okay, Leah with the baby kangaroos just made my day!!

  6. erin / dfm says:

    awww you are sweet! thanks, vic! this project was STELLAR.

  7. Ben says:

    Victoria, what a lovely post! The little team here at Pinterest has been totally floored by the beautiful pinboards and posts that have been rolling in. Lots of the boards have been not only visually stunning and perfectly curated, but also really touching! I’m SO excited about all the new entries to come.

  8. Hijiri says:

    ohhhh I have been trying to check everyone’s posts/pinboards here and there whenever I have a chance — I LOVE what I see!! So inspiring, too.

    I’ve been still pinning even though my turn has passed :) and so sweet of you to include one of my pins!!! Thank you, Vic!!! xoxo

  9. mlle paradis says:

    hmmmmmm …… cat hair removal from sofa and cushions, or losing myself for an hour or three checking everyone’s pin it forwards?

    that was hard!

  10. Annie says:

    loved every picture! the thought that came to mind to sum up the pictures was…what a wonderful life!

  11. Asiye says:

    what a great collection! i am really enjoying the project, and am trying to visit each post, and found it exciting and really inspiring. thank you victoria!

  12. kimia kline says:

    i would give anything for that hammock to hang in my living room :)

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