the house that jealousy built : the jealous curator.

ooh, i just had the most amazing dream! i was sleeping in a forest of wrought iron trees, green grass was growing in the place of a rug, and a pixelized wooden bird was perched on a nearby branch, whistling the pink panther theme song. hm, wait a second — that wasn’t a dream! it was the house that jealousy built – room no.3:

1) ah, the tree bed – it would be like sleeping in a fairytale {shawn lovell} 2) if you have a bed that looks like a forest, you really should have a grass ottoman {gh design} 3) ok, so it might be getting a bit too “meadow-ish” in here, but how was i supposed to choose between the ottoman and this diy knit grass rug? {} 4) Love, love, love this tangled-up nesty-looking pendant lamp {tom raffield}.

5) you really can’t have an outdoorsy, fairytale-esque bedroom without a bunch of birds perched on the antlers of a great big deer head {shawn smith} 6) – oh, and this sweet little colorful bird, both of which are made from many, many, many, many, many tiny wooden pixels, and a few very carefully chosen branches {also shawn smith}.

7) i love these more than i can even explain. owls, gazelles (i think those are gazelles?), and ducks all lovingly embroidered onto the magical masks of these lovely ladies {laura mckellar}.

— and for a little bedtime reading, a stack of “manipulated” books for your nightstand. 8) don’t feel like reading? no problem. just wind up your book and listen to the theme song from “the pink panther” as you settle in for the night {jennifer khoshbin} 9) now, if you have a bed with a nest built right in, you’re definitely going to need these! you may not be able to read them, but these bird book sculptures would be a stunning addition to anyone’s bed side table {su blackwell}!

well, good night. i hope you have a nice dream, and i’ll see you in two weeks with yet another room in “the house that jealousy built” xo, the jealous curator.

11 Responses to “the house that jealousy built : the jealous curator.”
  1. cb says:

    that branch bed is AMAZING!!! and what a peaceful and beautiful dream to wake up to…i woke up to one the other day…very different then yours but the feeling when i woke up was inspiring….dreamed i had my own pirate radio…told the mister and he was totally into the idea….wheels are turning…hehehe


  2. Bethany Joy says:

    I LOVE that lighting fixture. Man I wish it was mine :)
    Super cute ideas, THX!

  3. Linz says:

    ok…so you had my heart at the wrought iron tree bed. but when you posted the manipulated books…i felt my soul signing itself over to you. that…is…divine!

  4. Tanya says:

    I love that green rug!

  5. I wish I had taste says:

    This is an amazing post! Thanks for all the refreshing, whimsical tips.

  6. G. says:

    ohhh, i can’t get over that bed!!

  7. yep, that bed really is AMAZING isn’t it? makes me wish i had paid way more attention in ninth grade metal shop class!
    … and thanks so much for all of the sweet words everyone xo

  8. cvanlang says:

    Love that bed but got to watch out if there are real bird nesting up there while you sleep.

  9. victoria says:

    i am loving this house so much. and very, very jealous! thanks for another great post, d.!

  10. Oh, now I am dying to have the same grass ottoman – it must feel ridiculously awesome to rest your feet on it!

  11. Big fan of the grass ottoman but not too sure about the birds nest pendant light.

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