home ec-traordinaire!

oh, those crafty girls from Home Ec are at it again, with a brand new online class! Home Ec is an online sewing class for beginners, like me (no sewing experience needed!) and those of you interested in developing your sewing skills. The Home Ec class is a ‘take it at your own pace’ class, beginning August 10th that includes 3 Guides, 26 step-by-step Projects with at least 1 new Sewing Technique in each, and a tips post on How to Invent & Adapt projects of your own! Take a look at all these cute diy sewing projects!

Along with daily sewing projects in the private class blog, you can participate in live chats to get friendly with your Home Ec classmates and enjoy Q&A time with your teachers. Click here, for more details and registration.

11 Responses to “home ec-traordinaire!”
  1. Stacey says:

    This sounds so fun! My sewing skills could certainly use some honing:-).

  2. Holly says:

    I’m excited to take this!

  3. cb says:

    this is awesome…will totally check it out!


  4. Sharon says:

    This looks like so much fun! My sewing skill is limited to straight lines at the moment. I could definitely do with a tune up.

  5. julie says:

    Wow, so many projects. I love that it is self-paced, no pressure! Are you going to take it Victoria?? I think I may, I need to be liberated from this fear of sewing I have, for good!

  6. victoria says:

    i am going to take it. i’ve got so many projects in mind around here, and i find them all so daunting that i think this will be a great kick start for me. i’ve been looking for something like this class for a while!

  7. juliet says:

    yay yay and double YAY!!! i’m getting ready to check it out. got my mama’s sewing machine. i’m ready. :D

  8. Cynnie says:

    This sounds great,,,thanks for the tip!!

  9. Twiggs says:

    This is amazing! I should have a sewing machine!!!! Thanks for sharing, their blog is so cool!! :) Twiggs

  10. lauren says:

    definitely going to sign up for this…will be GREAT practice. Thanks for sharing!

  11. jennie says:

    wow, this sounds great! perfect for people who need a little structure to motivate them, like me! thanks for the tip.

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