the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.

oh boy. i’ve been so concerned with decorating the inside of this pretend house, that i’ve completely forgotten about the outside — until now! today i’m opening the front door, taking the art out for a little fresh air, and making the neighbors jealous with the house that jealousy built ~ room no.5 {i suppose the front yard doesn’t count as a ‘room’, but you know what i mean}.

seating. crucial to outdoor comfort. 1) put your toes in the green grass and relax in one of these old school lawn chairs {leah giberson}. 2) or, embrace your inner-lumberjack with this rustic, recently carved from a tree, ‘chainsaw chair’ {front design}. ah, comfy. ok, moving on to the perfect view from the front porch:

3) perhaps a magical, brightly colored, ceramic forest {amanda smith}. 4) ooh! or giant pencil crayons silhouetted by the setting sun! {jonna pohjalainen} 5) oh wait – a majestic mountain range created with cut photographs of the great outdoors {liesl pfeffer}. so many decisions! alright, while you ponder the view, i’ll start planning the décor:

6) seriously, how could i design a garden without including a diy gnome. it’s simple – i couldn’t {the gnome shack}.  7) oh dolan geiman. sigh. these pieces feel like they would only be truly happy outside — out of the rain, i promise {dolan geiman}.  8) imagine if you will, a big basket full of these painted sticks right beside the front door. love, love, love! {ginette lapalme} 9) ok, this might be overkill, but would it be so bad to redecorate the odd spider web? look, there’s even a little kit specifically for your web-reno needs! {nina katchadourian}.

and finally, most beautiful outdoor lighting ever:

10) see? so unbelievably beautiful {rune guneriussen}.

there. i feel better. hm, i wonder what the neighbors are saying? if you hear anything, let me know. alrighty, I’m heading back inside to work on room no.6. see you in two weeks!

~ the jealous curator xo

18 Responses to “the house that jealousy built: the jealous curator.”
  1. mlle paradis says:

    GREAT post! magical!

  2. SO MUCH FUN! Love it, all of it :)

  3. Miu says:

    The neighbours love it, too! :)

  4. Alice says:

    very whimsical and fun! love it!

  5. Bobbi says:

    Is there anything here not to love? The light in Leah Giberson’s paintings is so perfect. And I would love to have some giant colored pencils! I can’t even look at a garden gnome without getting wanderlust, thanks to a certain tv commercial:)

  6. That Amanda Smith piece is amazing!

  7. thanks for the lovely comments everyone… and i know i say this every second tuesday, but thank you so much to victoria for giving me a place to build this little home ; ) it’s soooo fun!

  8. … i wonder how many rooms this house is going to end up having? hm, i may need to remortgage it to pay for all of the additions!

  9. victoria says:

    thanks for doing the posts! it’s always a favorite of mine. the house will need loads of additions and remodels! :)

  10. What a delight to see our Rescued Wood Constructions in such wonderful company. These guest posts are a treat every {other} week!

  11. ooo i love this, anything with leah gibberson and right off the bat i’m into it. those crayons are so

  12. Nickie Frye says:

    This whole post made me grin. So cute!

  13. This is one rockin’ house! So many artists to love. The outdoor lamps are fantastic.

  14. The crayons are so cool ! What a great idea !!!

  15. jacqueline says:

    I adore those dolan geiman pieces! Lovely lovely post! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

  16. lush bella says:

    i love the mended spiderwebs! i think she was in an old world of interiors. i have the tear sheet somewhere. wonderful!

  17. Amy@Pikaland says:

    This is crazy amazing! I think you might need to actually build a 10-storey building to fit them all in (with a huge lawn, of course!) ;)

    Oh jealous curator, I think I am secretly in love with you (and victoria of course, but that’s a story for another day!)

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