vintage finds for a modern world: les cages aux falles.

vintage birdcage via caravan.

the other day, ez from creature comforts tweeted about this lovely illustration of a bird cage from clare owen (below), and it got me thinking about how i quite like the bird cage, as design motif. either as an accent piece of vintage decor, artwork or inspiration for a more modern mid-century modern lamp, the bird cage is seen all over the place, like birds of feather, flocking together, here’s a few examples of some interesting vintage-inspired bird cage finds.

bird cage illustration from clare owen.

mid-century modern pendant lamp from saffron colored pony.

antique tin bird cage from solstice home.

amazing bird house mobile from couverture.

mechanic’s beacon bird cage lamps from anthropologie.

miniature bird cage from vintage obscura.

set of four bird cage trays from ora grace vintage.

bird cage gocco print from wyanne.

whimsical bird cage pendant lamp from anns lights.

steel cage pendant lamp from paxton gate.

vintage toaster cover from old and fluffy.

13 Responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: les cages aux falles.”
  1. I love birdcages and what great birdcage eye candy you’ve given us today! Joan@anythinggoeshere

  2. beth says:

    Love these – I have some weird love for birds and birdcages, these are great finds!

  3. My Owl Barn says:

    I love the birdcages, too! These are all fabulous specifically the toaster in the last photo.

  4. Tanya says:

    I love these. So beautiful

  5. Jude says:

    Despite never warming to the idea of birds in cages, I’ve always loved the cages themselves – as lovely objects of pure beauty :)

  6. Piper says:

    You’re so right – there’s something about a bird cage in design that I just love. That illustration is just beautiful. And now I’m completely in love with the lamp from anthro – too cool!

  7. sandra lund says:

    amazing- especially the whimsical one from Anns light – love that one!

  8. grace says:

    Love the birdhouses! Barraveld International has a great selection of birdhouses like the one you posted…so great to put in a space as a ‘found’ piece!

  9. Love the lamp!! All the images you pulled are such great finds!!

  10. stephanie says:

    what fun and lovely uses for birdcages! absolutely adore the pendant light, what a great idea!

  11. Twiggs says:

    Love love love these vintage bird cages!!! I wish my home could support one more thing :p but it is so small, that i really keep it clean & simple! Hugs, Twiggs

  12. Nashvilledeb says:

    Thanks for that wonderful post, Victoria. Love everything on it and I just grabbed the vintage toaster cover for myself! I love a bird. I think I’m part cat. :-)

  13. Brooke says:

    I’m gasping for air right about now. LOVED this post! thank you for finding such lovely images to inspire us! xo

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