fab friday.

studio mhl.

as i posted earlier this week, it’s san francisco’s open studios this month, so in honor of studios des artistes, this fab friday i thought i’d share a round-up of some of my favorite and very fab artwork out there on the Internet, and not just to hang on your walls!

yippee! camilla engman’s brand new calendar for 2011 — a wonderful way to begin again!

not officially artwork, but certainly a work of art to hang on your wall, vintage body chart from trampoline.

some very pretty, wearable artwork from studio mhl — the high up in the trees brooch; meeting over jonathan art print from dr kennedy jones; i love my family, via beauchamping on poppytalk handmade; and i love this faithful banner necklace, from landfill hill.

oh yeah, let’s do this thing, from hijirik.

elisabeth dunker postcards look so cute hanging together, from fine little day; some times embroidered artwork from all the luck in the world; sweet chinese lantern by lisa solomon, via the beholder; and vintage by andrea jenkins, via the beholder.

11 Responses to “fab friday.”
  1. cb says:

    i love the first image! that wall art is fantastic and so sweet!


  2. lynn-anne says:

    gosh, it’s all so perfect . . . every little thing makes my heart sing (sounds cheesy but i’m not sure how else to say it) – i esp. love the calendar and the embroidered artwork — inspiring.

  3. Lisa says:

    The “sometimes” embroidery put a Frank Sinatra song in my head, ai it must be fab! :-) Thanks for sharing this collection.

  4. Julie says:

    I love Trampoline and Camilla Engman. Slowly filling my home with art – much of it via Etsy – for several years now. My newest arrival this week…. Last Day of Summer by Ruth Shively. It’s devine!

  5. victoria says:

    glad you like these – some of my favorites of late!

    julie – that’s beautiful, too. thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the art print by dr kennedy jones: another great etsy find!

  7. Hej Melissa says:

    Lovely work, and nice to see Morron again. :)

  8. TheAL says:

    The dogs photo/illustration in the calendar is wonderful!

  9. Camilla E says:

    Thanks :) I’m glad you like it. Next year we want a calendar full of Lucy

  10. victoria says:

    i love it camilla! sure – i’ll bring her over for a photo shoot! ;)

  11. lisa s says:

    hi victoria… thanks for including me in a star studded list !

    and i’m with camilla e… we want a lucy calendar next year for sures !! xo

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