this week my wants are a cornucopia of cute. don’t ask me why, i’m just feeling feminine. so i want some girlie stuff to match my mood.  a smidgen of pink, a little bit patchwork and pattern all with smashing style. here’s what’s wanted.

1. i could totally get into the idea of having a kelly swallow patchwork chaise lounge to laze about on.  2. i’d love to hang this re-purposed and re-appropriated Hand appliqued sweetly linen from bird and bear somewhere around the homestead.  3. these swiss, handmade you and me magnets from umbu are so charming!

4. i would dearly love to have this encaustic painting from jhina alvarado’s forgotten memories series.  5. gennine Zlatkis’ cosmos pillow is so sweet and would look good on this sofa.  6. i could get happily slouchy lounging around on one of restoration hardware’s new slipcovered sofas.  7. i think i’ll toss this silk Pink Dotted Uzbek Ikat pillow from be still on the sofa as well.

8. oh, i do love the pink and brown pattern of anthropologie’s light wheel rug9. alyson fox has beautiful new work out.  10. and lastly, i’d love this set of vintage 1970’s pink flower shower curtain hooks from tiques etsy shop.

13 Responses to “wanted.”
  1. I’m always a sucker for a good magnet and these are too cute! Great “wanted list” I can see why:) Happy Wednesday!

  2. Cat Horn says:

    Adore that Chez lounge. Patterned furniture is so hot right now.

  3. Asiye says:

    so so wanted in cape town too!

  4. Chaucee says:

    Okay that couch is AMAZING!

  5. HolyokeHome says:

    I can’t wait for Ikat to out of style again so I can have yards of it in my house without looking like a copy cat.

  6. brittni says:

    number 9 and 7 are definite musts in my book. love ’em.

  7. Will says:

    Nice Ikat pick, Victoria!

  8. victoria says:

    glad you like these picks, guys. i’m a bad influence, huh?

  9. oh wow…I do LOVE that ikat pillow! beautiful picks!

  10. Zandri says:

    OMG, that chaise lounge is to die for! Not sure why, but I’m loving patchwork at the moment. Thanks for this!

  11. Tanya says:

    It’s like a quilt you can sit on. Yes, I want it too.

  12. TheAL says:

    That patchwork chaise is outrageous, in a good way. A trippy version of Betty Draper’s fainting couch! :-)

  13. Hannah B. says:

    I *love* all the patchwork-y furniture popping up lately. My favorite is the bench from Anthropologie right now! :)

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