this week my wants may make you feel a bit like hibernating. it’s breezy and brisk here in san francisco, and i feel a lot like hunkering down with good books, comforting comforters, and creating some restful retreats from the world. i loved building forts when i was a little, and i kinda still do. i want an escape! so, here’s a few ideas.

1. first off, i’ve been dying to build myself an indoor reading teepee, and the always crafty and talented rachel denbrow of smile and wave offers us up a tutorial to do just that! 2. i think the remix blanket has a geometric motif that fits quite well in my modern-day teepee.  3. as do these cozy throw pillows, both from ferm living.

4. would it be redundant (or even feasible) to hang one of these le beanock modern hammocks in my teepee? ‘cuz i’d sure like to!  if not, i’ll find another cozy spot inside. 5. this quirky heirloom throw from anthropologie will add a nice homemade warm and fuzzy feeling to my fort.  6. and these anthropologie driftwood hurricane lamps will give off a nice natural glow in my reading area.

7. i can’t always be in my teepee and love this canopy creation i saw on mood, and would love to make one of my own. so dreamy.  8. i think i’ll toss a warm and wooly wood throw from donna wilson into the mix, just for fun.  9. is it so wrong to keep a cowhide papa stour flask in my retreat? i think not.  10. lastly, i think it’s a brilliant idea to add a few lina rennell sheepskin throws from beklina just for good measure. like i said, this is one fine place to hunker down!

18 Responses to “wanted.”
  1. You are totally speaking to my cozy fantasy aesthetic.


  2. lawn party says:

    love the hanging hammock bed!

  3. Zandri says:

    Wow, an indoor hammock. I love it

  4. Hey!
    We had a teepee for a couple of years. We parked it on our land that we bought at Kootenay Lake and Doug lived in it while he built a cabin. It was so great – we really loved it. We eventually sold it to another couple who were doing a similar thing. If Doug had his way we would live permanently in a teepee(and eat kettle chips all day) Good thing I’m the boss ;-)

  5. bridget says:

    that hammock thing is sooo cool.

  6. Sutton says:

    The Colorado Yurt Company has some really cool tipis, too. They are on sale right now and my husband and I have officially put one on our christmas list for this year. You can even have them painted.

    #4 makes me want to take a nap… looks like a down feather heaven

  7. Haha, the flask made me smile. : )

  8. karina says:

    I love this post,every kid dreams of little houses,I did, my kids do.
    It is spring here and a teepee would be perfect for my garden, I know my kids would love it.
    What are you reading right now?

  9. victoria says:

    i ALWAYS wanted a real fort, and the ones i made from blankets and stuff were never quite up to snuff. i swear, i am going to make a retreat like this.

    karina – i am reading ‘liberation’ by joanna scott. :)

  10. Meredith says:

    The beanock hammock looks dreamy! Teepees remind me of the movie the Holiday, when the two young girls have that magical one over their beds. Love you blog!!

  11. Hej Melissa says:

    I’ve wanted a teepee for just about ever!
    But I never thought of having one inside, brilliant. :)

  12. Kristina says:

    5, 8, and 10 are for me! Great post, so cozy!

  13. mydesignchic says:

    Loving the sheepskin…wishing for cooler weather in NC!

  14. Tania says:

    Le Beanock is already in my list of things to get at any costs! Now it’s just a matter of finding space in my apartment. Love the canopy as well…

  15. these are great! i just made a teepee for my son this past weekend. check it out if you want:


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