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hi all, it’s meighan from my love for you. i’ve decided to share some of my favorite contemporary photographers this week. i don’t seem to have a lot to gab about this week, so instead i’m going image heavy with lots of gorgeous photographs to sink into. click on each link to fall into a different world of beauty and perception.

yee rin mok shoots the mundane and makes it gorgeous.

i am in love with jonathan levitt’s photogs. so beautiful. total fantasy-inducing, if you are like me and think of moving out the woods. jonathan keeps a blog that he updates often and a lot.

i am pretty sure lane collins sprinkles pixie dust into her photographs, there always seems to be a little magic in her work.

elizabeth weinberg is published in many of the mags we read on the daily and works with many of the celebs we adore. the vibe and light she captures is always subtly stunning.

youngna park, another master of finding beauty in the ordinary.

i love the kitsch and days gone by that geoffery ellis seems to transport to us through his lens. he puts out a great zine called sad kids and a few others.

remi thornton’s photographs have a chill to them, perfect for the fall.

and lastly vic hannan invited ten photographers to take ten pictures on 10.10.10. she picked (among a bunch of talent) a few of my favorite, very talented internet ladies who all either work professionally or dabble in photography. see all of the images here.

kris atomic.

vic hannan.

kate miss.

that’s all for me, i hope you all have a lovely day and a beautiful week. until next time, you can find me over on ml4u or follow me on twitter or facebook.

9 Responses to “my love for you…”
  1. These are fantastic, ethereal, funny, moving — every last one.
    Cheers, Alcira

  2. Alice says:

    These are all beautiful but I particularly love the second one. That dog is amazing, he looks like a gorgeous polar bear!

  3. I LOVE this today! Totally inspiring. I have seen one of those dogs before – in Jonathan Levitts photo – and they are as big as cows!! XOXO

  4. every photo is stunning especially the remi thornton shot

  5. kate says:

    Aw, thanks for the link, lady! Love your picks, especially Lane, of course, since we go waaay back.

  6. theaxx says:

    love them all! good taste :)


  7. meighan says:

    Thanks everyone. I find each & everyone of these images so dreamy. Glad you all are into them. Be sure to check their links to see more stunning work.

  8. beautiful post, i love the images you compiled, can’t wait to look at the sites for more.

  9. cb says:

    so in love with that adorable owl ring!!!!


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