little winter market.

if y’all are lucky enough to be up in portland this weekend (and i really wish i was!) you have to pop into the little winter market, a curated, handmade market happening November 6 + 7 at The Ace hotel in Portland.

organized by chelsea fuss of frolic! and Abby Powell Thompson of abby try again, the little winter market will have some amazing vendors in attendance, including Elly Fales of Garment House, Shanna Murray, and Jordan + Paul Ferney. for more info and for a list of vendors attending and their shop links, visit little winter.

9 Responses to “little winter market.”
  1. jac says:

    yay, i’m so excited for little winter! this will be the first art show that i’ll have the opportunity to check out in portland since moving here from philadelphia in august.

    i’m especially interested in seeing cori kindred’s work. her photography is so gorgeous.

  2. Laura R says:

    This looks amazing! I hope I can attend!

  3. Allison F says:

    For those of us not fortunate enough to be in Portland, who made that awesome bag?

  4. victoria says:

    allison – shoot! my bad – the bag is from forest bound:

  5. jodi says:

    i SO wish i could teleport there!

  6. Allison F says:

    Thanks! I wish I could go, but I’ll settle for the bag! :)

  7. Brandi says:

    Oh, I so wish I could be there — I imagine it would be great fun! There are days I wish I were more of a scientist so I could work on a transporter.

  8. abby says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Victoria.
    It was truly a dream to see Little Winter come together after months of working on it-so thank you for spreading the word :)

  9. victoria says:

    i wish i could have been there, abby! portland is calling my name! i will visit soon! :)

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