i’m in the mood for more pink. it comes and goes, this attraction i have to the girliest pinks in the prettiest patterns, but i love it with black, a bit like licorice allsorts (sans that inconvenient yellow and blue) and y’all know i’ve got the black goin’ on. this week i want more pink!

1. i just can’t say enough about this blah blah blah throw from donna wilson2. there’s just not one thing wrong about this gorgeous eames rocker3. and, i’d die to wrap myself up in donna wilson’s beautiful new tree cloud blanket this winter.

4. i love this rose floral pillow cover from ada & darcy5 & 6. i do believe i need both these ever so lovely polaroid prints from Israel-based photographer Ella K. Sverdlov.

7. i hear all you need is love, so these plates from lou rota at not on the high street seem like a good idea to have around.  8. two eames chairs is always better than just a lonely one, so i’ll take this hot pink eames eiffel chair from modernica, as well! 9. it’s almost 2011, so yep, we all need a new calendar and this one from cats let nothing darken their roar is so rad.

9 Responses to “wanted.”
  1. Twiggs says:

    ahaha, i am with you on the eames!

  2. Lynnie says:

    Love this week’s collection – I definitely need the “blah blah blah” throw in my life!

  3. Iris says:

    I guess I never grew over the pink-fase almost every girl goes through, so this is spot on for me.

  4. Carol Neiley says:

    Love the tree cloud blanket. Sort of Native American sort of good’n plenty.

  5. *gemmifer* says:

    I love that Donna Wilson blanket–it definitely does remind me of licorice allsorts!

  6. Nathalie says:

    5&6: there is a charming sweetness about the photos taken with old-school cameras. they’ve got texture and atmosphere. looove.

  7. Tanya says:

    Seems like you’re favoring pink these days. I love it!

  8. victoria says:

    tanya – i am in love with pink, with lots of black and white and wood these days!

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