schoolhouse rocks.

i am so very honored that the wonderful lighting company schoolhouse electric co. (one of my sponsors) chose to feature my dining nook in their brand new celestial collection catalog. i have schoolhouse’s satellite pendant lamp with the pretty metallic bulbs and i love it. it’s got just that right amount of modern sprocket lamp look, and it’s even on dimmers. thanks so much, schoolhouse!

14 Responses to “schoolhouse rocks.”
  1. Ward says:

    Very cool, Victoria! I loved hanging out in that little dining nook.

  2. Jordan says:

    I want to marry that light fixture.

  3. Tanya says:

    I can see why, it’s awesome

  4. LOVE the light fixture – it looks amazing!

  5. You are just rockin’ and a rollin’ and so is your nook! Congrats! And Jordan is FUNNY!

  6. alex wijnen says:

    Your nook looks awesome! And I LOVE Schoolhouse Electric, I live in Portland so I get to pop into their showroom from time to time and drool over all their fixtures ;)

  7. victoria says:

    thank you everyone!

    and yes, jordan is funny! :)

  8. maja says:

    your dining nook is perfection- congrats!

  9. Dar says:

    I can’t get enough of that wall color with the white trim, & that light fixture is fantastic. It’s such a great spot – I would never leave my house!

  10. Avant-Gardenist says:

    I actually saw this shot of Le Nook featured on their website before I saw it here. Yumpin yiminie!

  11. Kathryn says:

    It’s great to see USA made products coming back into the news. We have their fixtures all through our hallway. Love them!

  12. Heather McCall says:

    This looks brilliant! Which finish did you choose for the fixture?

  13. victoria says:

    heather – it’s the ‘antique black’ with the metallic/silver bulbs!

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