wood and faulk.

okay, so back to the matt. i mentioned earlier that matt, who’s a portland-based designer, had introduced me (via the www) to his girlfriend lisa’s photography. well i just discovered matt’s been holding out on me (or, at the very least, being quite shy) about his new blog, and shop of the same name wood & faulk.

i’ve followed matt’s crafts and creations for a long time on flickr, and now he’s sharing his diy tips on his blog, wood & faulk. matt builds bikes, he’s restoring and decorating his new home, he builds headboards, and refinishes furniture, all with sublime style. so i was pretty excited to see he’s made it all official, and is sharing his secrets with us on wood & faulk.

he even shares his pickling tips — as well as his great musical taste! like everything matt does wood & faulk is super swell, i think you’ll be impressed. and be sure and check out the handy diy tools and paumes books (below) he’s sharing in his shop, too.

*as you may have imagined, many of these photos were taken by lisa warninger.

15 Responses to “wood and faulk.”
  1. Carlene says:

    OMG. Thanks for posting this. That is my dream home. I swear I’m going to go home and fill a dumpster.

  2. lindsay says:

    i’d love to know where i can find lights like the ones in the second pic. do tell!

  3. gotta have that carpenter’s bag for my tools to take on my installs…my current one is a wannabe…thank you!!!

  4. lacey says:

    yay! love this post. i’m a huge fan of wood and faulk…and of matt, since he’s my big brother. :)

  5. love, love my wood & faulk bag!

  6. Tanya says:

    So beautiful, especially that bag. I love the pickling tips…I’d actually like to make my own jam…which is similar I guess :)

  7. Cez says:

    love the bags!!!!! hope he will be able to deliver oversea!!!!

  8. What a great blog Matt has!

  9. Urban Weeds says:

    I love Matt’s blog… and the bags are just as great as they look. I’m getting the small navy one!

  10. Kathryn says:

    Oh my, another amazingly talented Portlander! I had come across that blanket blind the other day and fell in love. Now, for that bag, amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Anna G. says:

    What a beautiful home! And that bag, simply perfect! Thanks (from all white and snowy Paris today!)

  12. AWESOME! It is so refreshing to see more guys blogging, don’t you think? – esp. ones with so keen an eye for style :) I am officially in love with Matt’s home now, as well as his utilitarian-chic tool bags. Thank you Victoria! What a find! xo Laura

  13. Gorgeous! The aesthetic is perfect, and the bag is to die for!

  14. Wow – is this guy “the perfect guy” or what – builds stuff, pickles stuff, makes stuff and blogs about it! Lisa’s a lucky girl.

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