elvis is in this building.

there is nothing that is not unique about this home. i saw photos of elvis robertson’s house on flickr and i knew i just had to share. it’s warm, a little bit quirky, very vintage-inspired, and i love it all. elvis writes about her love of textile design on her u.k.-based blog, lovely textiles and home decor on her other blog, snitch – snotch, where you can see more glimpses of her lovely, eclectic and very artistic taste.

11 Responses to “elvis is in this building.”
  1. robin says:

    holy cow I love the ship lace!

  2. laura says:

    wow, it’s a mermaid house

  3. Those giant dried flowers are super cool! Great style.

  4. beautiful home… it has so much personality!!!

  5. What awesome pictures. The decorated window in the first image, I just love it. The lace with the old sailing ships in combination with the sea shells and the sea star…just gorgeous!

  6. victoria says:

    the swans are rad, right? :)

  7. jac says:

    that’s my vanity from when i was little! i didn’t know what happened to it, and now i do!

  8. sara says:

    that ship lace is so gorgeous, wow! what beautiful rooms

  9. Dar says:

    oh, the garland, & the bits of driftwood in the lovely, fancy vintage shoes – enchanting!

  10. I love the painted furniture! I wonder how they make this kind of distressing marks! They look so antique

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