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Sometimes life is filled with sensory overload. Coming home to a kitchen with a lot of clean white is so refreshing! That way the focus can be on the color of the food while your mind takes a little ski vacation!

Once those Christmas decorations come down, we all love to have a more streamlined, uncluttered look. These soft colors of dove gray and yellow wide plank pine are the perfect backdrop to your clean living. Little surprises, like that gorgeous red & cream wallpaper in the hall and the  buffalo black and white check in the bedroom, make it fun to turn the corner.

My favorite part would absolutely be that sparkly white kitchen and those two simple hanging lights over the colorful table!

until next week!
bri from designlovefest

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10 Responses to “designlovefest | spaces.”
  1. Will says:

    Love the floor and the ‘rue’ sign. OBVS! ;)

  2. loving the white cabinets + wood counter combo! some inspiration for my next kitchen? :P

  3. Love this space! White kitchens are my first love-just re did mine but I want these amazing windows and all that light-I want my office to be in my kitchen one day-a real office-full-on! thanks for this awesome post!

  4. Alexandra says:

    I absolutely love this space. The kitchen and dining space are fab!!!

  5. The red and cream wallpaper is to die for!

  6. LOVE the wood counter tops, they’re my fav.

  7. Love that space! I especially like that the floors are also white. Each room is so refreshing…

  8. Eva says:

    I love all the white! The more I see white kitchens, the more I want a pristine white one of my own. Plus…those red shoes in the hallway are great!

  9. nicole says:

    holy pixalation! can not see photos anymore – one hot fuzzy mess! please fix victoria! :)

  10. victoria says:

    nicole – looks fine on my computer in both firefox and safari. maybe empty your cache and restart your browser?

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