fab friday.

vintage is for lovers.

if y’all follow my tweets, you might have seen i went and bought myself a teepee. yep, it’s true, i’m a grown woman with my own fort. you see, i never really had a good fort as a kid, and i have always wanted one, so i decided, there is no time like the present.

little by jenny.

blogging the teepee way – yes, indeed you can picture me out there in the yard with my laptop tucked away in my very own teepee? i found a fairly standard one (on sale for $104!) but with some inspiration from some of these fine wigwams, i intend to dress her up and make her my own bohemian haven. perhaps toss in a sheepskin and some mismatched patchwork quilts – pow! wow!

i’ll need a cosy quilt to keep me warm, like this one from abc home; and why not some festive garlands while i’m embracing my inner child? this one’s made from children’s book pages by pink shirts and carwrecks; and i think a donna wilson pouf would look quite cute, and not take up too much precious space in my wee world.

these are all so romantic and wonderful: ariadne at home; smile and wave (pssst…rachel has a great diy tutorial on how to build your own); and tiger teepees makes a cute one in stripes.

i wonder if i could affix one of these luke bartels branch antlers on one of the teepee poles, just to have a place to hang my hat; and a few urban outfitters quilts would be definitely in keeping with my mix ‘n match.

and, i’d love just a bit of this fluffy stuff and maybe some mosquito netting, via the new york times.

29 Responses to “fab friday.”
  1. Jana says:

    Blanket tents = Love…and take me back to the days when I made forts out of blankets tucked into the top and bottom of our bunkbeds!

  2. I think that’s pretty awesome that you’re going to do something you’ve wanted ever since you were a child. I made forts in my backyard all the time with my brother (and cats!) so I think I got that part covered, ha! It’ll be a window seat in my future home .. definitely. Have wanted one ever since I was a child and had it promised in each new home to no avail!

  3. patricia says:

    this is why we love you.
    always trying something new. always inspiring.

  4. cajeta says:

    i can’t wait to see your teepee!

  5. It’s been so long since a tent even crossed my mind … and it’s now spured a whole host of child-like thoughts. Thank you!

  6. Meredith says:

    Uh, I love that idea! You better take a picture of yourself in it!!

  7. audrey says:

    This is so great. I love the tepee trend that’s going around, and you did a really great creme de la creme round-up. Thanks!

  8. Victoria, you are too adorable! I cannot wait to see photos of your teepee.

  9. Love this idea! But especially love that you’ve decided to treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted. Very inspiring! xo, Claudia

  10. So funny, as soon as I saw that you had purchased a teepee, I thought of that New York Times article about the woman with her cottage. Every girl needs a place of her own, fluffy or not.

  11. lisa says:

    i love teepee’s! i’m making one for my little girl right now!

  12. Samantha says:

    I would love an invitation to your tee pee one day!? You can come to mine anytime! ;) Thank you for the link! I opened by dashboard today and about peed my pants when I saw how many views I had – now I know! Thank you for the Love!!! xoxo Samantha

  13. Nícia says:

    They’re all so cozy!

  14. Bethany says:

    I want one!! xxxx

  15. Kathryn says:

    We bought one for our six year old last year. I can now spend two extra hours gardening because of it! Best buy!

  16. victoria says:

    i’m nothing, if not immature. :)

  17. Cassi says:

    That’s fantastic Victoria! What a great roundup you’ve put together of inspiration photos. I might have to save a couple for myself, cuz I plan on getting a teepee too. :)

  18. Tyrene Hickman says:

    I love that you put “No time like the present.” :)

  19. Those teepees look amazing! I love how they mix a sort of youthful escapism with some really beautiful design, too. They remind me of making “nests” in nooks and under tables when I was small, having a cosy little hideaway from the world. Now I’m starting to think about draping a couple of sheets over a pair of chairs and sneaking underneath!

  20. Hannah B. says:

    That 1st little tent is just magical! And I think I definitely need that quilt and garland! This whole post is just so inspiring :)

  21. Giedre says:

    That’s AWESOME that you bought yourself a teepee. I want one, too – they look so gorgeous! Especially the last photo. That looks like the perfect hideaway to go read, relax, or daydream.

  22. many thanks for featuring my garland, victoria!

    my man and I were thinking about making a blanket fort with couch cushions and throws and a broom like we did when we were kids, but a permanent teepee is my dream! congrats on the grownup fort!

  23. victoria says:

    i love forts of any kind, too, libby! we’re never too grown up!

  24. OMG the last one is just wonderful.

  25. Evita says:

    I have to say that I really like the branch antler fad. We have some small oval plaques and I’ve been thinking of going in the woods out back and collecting branches and bark!

    I also believe one is NEVER too old for a fort!

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