i spy: tea & sympathy.

*cinnamon, vintage green and reflect /refract.

i am still under the weather – it just keeps shifting illness gears – what’s up with that? anyhow…today, i spy a little tea & sympathy. something to soothe my achy head and bring some calming comfort. be back tomorrow (i’d better be better!) with more get and up and go.


honey & jam.

frugal luxuries.



the cool hunter.


mark dorf.

21 Responses to “i spy: tea & sympathy.”
  1. Sorry your under the weather,feel better soon,tea will def. help! & you will be resting as calmly as the girl in the Kayak,she looks very relaxed!! :o)

  2. judith b. says:

    Ahhhhh, that was soothing. Get well soon!

  3. I’m so intrigued by that last image! I hope you feel better soon, Victoria.

  4. Gosh- such great images! I need a day full of all this now!!! Life seems so stressful sometimes and this just helped me to relax. :)

  5. Ulrica says:

    Oh no, you’re sick, too! I’m afraid if I sneeze one more time my nose will fall off…this soothing post definitely gave me a little boost and inspired me to make some tea…hope you feel better soon. And love the last image. xo

  6. Amma says:

    That was very soothing. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Jenae says:

    Stumbled across your blog ~ months after swooning over your home in Rue…So glad to have found your corner of the web. Sending my sympathies your way. ;) Feel better!

  8. You just made feeling like crap look beautiful…lovely images!

  9. Amy says:

    this is definitely calming and comforting to me.
    Hope you are up to your good self tomorrow :)

  10. Mary says:

    Beautiful images. Hope you get lots of rest and feel better soon!

  11. Cez says:

    love the honey picture and the ‘Louis Ghost’ in the middle of vintage stuffs!!!!
    take care of you;;;;

  12. Okay. I just sent you some healing energy, so tomorrow you can rock once again.


  13. victoria says:

    thanks for all the good cheer, guys. i think i may be on the mend. *finally!* xo

  14. Lee says:

    Feel better soon. This is one serious bug going around. I had it for ten days, and I know friends who had similar durations. Be kind to yourself, and don’t try to do too much too soon. Easier said than done :)

  15. whitney says:

    I love the last photo! It looks like you could take the best nap ever on that little boat.

  16. body wrap says:

    I want to float in that Marc Dorf image too (I’d probably sleep better too). Buck up.

  17. Pistachio says:

    Oh dear! I hope you are feeling better. :(

    Thank you for all the pretty pictures :)

  18. Penny Patten says:

    Love the bed, and the photo in the lake!

  19. Wow, the photo of the honey is great. I love the lighting. The last photo is wonderful too, so ethereal! Thanks for sharing. And feel better!!!


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