ink on paper.

simon walker.

i love the clever creativity of really good graphic design. and all kinds of type. i’m working on a site redesign (be forewarned, it’s gonna be way different…i hope you like it!). anyhow, i save bits of type i like all the time, and grain edit always inspires. grain edit shares good design from all over the world, right here in our own internet backyard. here’s some fun ink on paper i found over there.

a journey around my skull.

Áron Jancsó.



Andrio Abero.

Deanne Cheuk.

herb lubalin.

Esther Aarts Illustration.

16 Responses to “ink on paper.”
  1. bliss says:

    these are fantastic. wow, thanks

  2. Thanks for the link. It’s a beautiful site.

  3. Minnie Moore says:

    Beautiful and inspiring post! As most things in your blog…congrats! Greetings from Spain!

  4. Love Eshter Aarts and everything to do with Rufus Wainright is alway pretty. Love him.
    I’m planning a full re-design too, so thanks for all the links.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. erica says:

    Oh, thanks! I’m adding them to my Reader!

  6. lizzie says:

    GREAT work and cannot wait to see the redesign! It’s gonna look AMAZING, obviously.

  7. Oh I love your selection Victoria. If this is any indication about the flavour of your new site, then I like it already!

  8. victoria says:

    i do hope you guys like it. it WILL be much different.

    thank you, dana. i love your blog, so i appreciate your feedback. this isn’t quite the look, but gave me ideas. :)

  9. Linda says:

    Amazing Amazing Amazing! I feel a surge of inspiration
    just looking at these.

  10. Delicious graphic finds! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jacqui says:

    Love type. And love Grain Edit. Can’t wait ot see the new look!

  12. Like OMG! This is soooooo cool! It spoke to me in a HUGE voice.


  13. Brittany says:

    Oh love your bits of inspiration. Can’t wait to see!

  14. Bri Emery says:

    we have such similar taste sometimes, V!

  15. victoria says:

    bri – that’s why i love your posts! :)

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