serenity now.

the fabulous 10cent designer shared a wonderful new website with me last week, gardener & marks. perhaps they were off my radar because they are way down under, in melbourne, australia – an interior design firm specializing in affordable residential & commercial interiors and consultations. gardener & marks also has a wonderful prop room full of their finds available for photo shoot rentals. partners amanda hernderon-marks and lyn gardener are passionate about good design and sourcing unique vintage-inspired finds. here’s a look at a recent project – a stunning and serene residential sanctuary. how fitting that this home was converted from a derelict 1900’s mattress factory. ahhh, peace.

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  1. I’ve been a big fan of Lyn Gardener’s since for a long time. I met her at her shop and she was so sweet. Great post!

  2. nicole hill says:

    BREATHTAKING! this is my dream style if i could re-do my whole house and start from scartch! i hadn’t heard of them either, thanks for sharing Victoria. oxo

  3. ron says:

    love, love, love this! Especially that white bedroom with the book pages as art. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ludmilla says:

    Lovely, wonderful scale of whites. Nice to look at and appreciate somebody else’s efforts. Unfortunately this beautiful color scheme would not fly on our ranch, but I can dream.

  5. Thersic says:

    Ok, I’m now painting everything in my apartment white this weekend.. LOVE.

  6. Absolutely stunning! I love the cool neutral tones. I think I would add a bit more green tones or plants. These spaces are certainly relaxing!

  7. Love it all! Thanks for introducing me to yet another fabulous design firm!

  8. Shannon says:

    This is heavenly indeed! Oh that bathtub. Wonderful.

  9. heaven says:

    oh my heart for a white room. inspiring. soothing. and all things yummy. thank you for the post.

  10. This is just purely beautiful! Especially love the second picture, where there’s an open view of the garden. The use of colour and details are perfect.

  11. I LOVE the light shining through the windows, the white, and the green foliage in pic 2! The stairs in pic 5 are outstanding!

  12. Penny Patten says:

    Some times all white can be to much, but this is lovely! Love the bath and all the chandeliers! Thank You for sharing.

  13. patti backer says:

    every room is heavenly. sigh.

  14. Hannah says:

    What a beautiful space, I could definitely live here. I does feel very tranquil and I love all the little details like the taxidermy bird and book pages on the wall. Thanks for sharing. x

  15. LOVE this. Especially the branch with ornaments in two photos. stunning.

  16. It looks my dream home..

  17. Woah…all that white! So soothing… I love those book pages above the bed. That’s a great idea!


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