unexpected guests: old brand new.

this may be one of my very favorite unexpected guests. not only is this home fabulous, but the photographs are quite stunning as well. please meet dabito of the blog old brand new. dabito says he also goes by Dab, David, Thrifty, and sometimes Crazy. but i say crazy with color and style! dab loves to thrift and has a passion for collecting beautiful things needing to be saved, like film cameras, shoes, books, art, furniture, knickknacks, and even plants, and he clearly has a knack for finding the good stuff. you can follow dab’s finds on his equally stylish blog, old brand new, and check out his prints at toss and turn. let’s take a look at his mid-century modern los angeles loft.

Where do you live in Los Angeles, and what are a few of your favorite things to do in your neighborhood?
I live in a new loft in Downtown Los Angeles with my heartmate and our precious dog, Beatrice Arthur. I’m a few blocks away from LA Live which has the Staples Center and a bunch of eateries, so it’s fun to grab a bite and then catch a hockey or a Sparks game. There’s so much to do in downtown but I also enjoy taking a stroll in Chinatown, get dim sum and check out the wonderful galleries on Chungking Road.

What are your top three etsy or online handmade or vintage shops?
Hindsvik for vintage home, Hello Jenuine for illustrations and Paper Pastries for stationery.

What’s your favorite flea market, or secondhand find?
My favorite secondhand finds are my film cameras, especially the beautiful Polaroid SX-70.

What five things can’t you live without?
Chapstick. Trader Joe’s Glycerin soap, I use it mainly for my face but it’s great for everything! Ice cream cookie sandwiches. Wielding mask for when I cook, it’s dangerous in the kitchen! And lastly, my photos of all the people and places I love.

What bores you to death?

If you could go shopping with anyone in the world, who would it be?
Will from Bright bazaar! He has a knack for color and design.

41 Responses to “unexpected guests: old brand new.”
  1. JenLynn says:

    great home. There are so many fabulous elements that I can’t pick just one.

  2. the whole thing just WORKS. every single element is so stylish/comfortable. dying over the brick wall

  3. Will says:

    Dab is such a great guy (and I’m not just sayin’ it because he kindly linked up to me) – he really is! Creative, friendly and inspiring, I can’t wait for the day we get to hook up over a few beers and have a proper chat. Plus, he likes colour which always helps ;)

    P.S. Keep your eye on that purple sofa…

  4. Moocy says:

    What a lovely, bright space. I’m a little bit in love with that purple sofa!

  5. brandeye says:

    what an amazing space. i love EVERY square inch of it!

  6. really love his style! thank you for featuring him on unexpected guets. it was such a delightful read this morning!

  7. Ez says:

    I adore Dab, his incredibly chic space, and his ridiculous talent for thrifting (even though it makes me more than a wee bit jealous). Thanks for this great interview Victoria! xo Ez

  8. CapreeK says:

    I love, love, love Dabito and his gorgeous home (and incredible style… and sense of humor… and sweet pup)! Thanks for such a wonderful interview, Victoria. And thanks Dabito for sharing your home and talents with the world. :)

  9. Lilia says:

    What an amazing space!! Please please please – where did he find that amazing purple sofa? Please tell me it’s still in production!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I am stealing the art on hangers for my girls bedroom.
    The whole place is wonderful.

  11. Love this guy’s taste and sense of style, and double bonus, he seems super cool. Great to read more about him!

  12. Its a great house! He has got a very nice taste!! And his paintings also great!

  13. Bekka says:

    I love Dab! He just won our Style.Play.Work.Shop contest, and for a good reason, he has a great eye. I am determined to make him take me thrifting one of these days,

  14. Ambyr says:

    I like the plum couch and the random fur throws. Gives the room depth without too heavy of patterns.


  15. erica says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that blue bar cart!

  16. Samantha says:

    I can immediately sense the love in their home. xo Samantha

  17. IAMSNWFLAKE says:

    I love the use of coat hangers as “art hangers”.

  18. Alice@AliceinDesignland says:

    As usual great style Dab. The purple couch definitely gets two thumbs up. That your place is constantly evolving is inspiring. Anyone wishing to see a previous iteration of the space can click here http://bit.ly/gbWYNn. I think I might like the current version a little better…there’s just something about that purple couch that makes me smile :-)

  19. What a fantastic space, so warm and inviting. Love the shoe collection!

  20. Van says:

    I love Dab’s passion, colorful comfortable style, bright photos…but most of all, his charming animal. How I want that little dog!

  21. So beautiful–cozy without clutter and lots of treats to look at.

  22. sunny says:

    I’m a fan of ANY house tour that features Dab’s design. His style is uh-mazing. Thanks for these photos!!!

  23. margaret says:

    Though we haven’t officially met face to face, I already feel as though Dab is one of my oldest friends. I can’t get enough photos of his place or Beatrice.

  24. victoria says:

    i love dab’s place so much – so much character and creativity! so i’m so glad y’all like it so much, too!

  25. This is such a great place. Very hommy and stylish.

  26. I love every single thing about this post!

  27. Victoria, thank you so much for letting me be part of your unexpected guests! I’m overjoyed to see all the sweet comments. Thanks everyone, you guys rock my world! I’m planning a belated housewarming soon and you all are invited!

  28. victoria says:

    it was all my pleasure, dab! honestly, one of my very favorites. your home, and your photography is amazing! thanks for letting me share!

  29. Swaen says:

    The pictures make me smile, it is just how I would like to see it :)

  30. Nashvilledeb says:

    Really fabulous photos. What a great home. I really love the use of the vintage art work for a bed headboard. What a great idea!
    Wish I could come to your housewarming, but Nashville is a long way from San Fran. :-)

  31. Rhianne says:

    Everything about this is amazing, the cameras, the dog, the gallery walls! I love everything!

  32. ChantaleP says:

    There’s so much to see and drool over in these gorgeous photos! Wow..

  33. Man, what a great eye for treasures. Feels really fresh. Who did the photography? It’s gorgeous.

  34. I love everything about this post. The furniture, the old cameras, bright colors, the interview. It’s amazing. And the purple couch is just what i need in my home! Thank you for the mid mod inspiration. i do love it!

  35. bliss says:

    i love this guy, his dog, his pad and his blog! thanks for showing this :)

    i want those kitchen tiles in my own home…

  36. freefalling says:

    my favourite “unexpected guest” ever.

  37. jennifer says:

    ahhh..david never fails. sooo good to see him on your blog victoria! thanks for this feature!!

  38. Such warm, cheery style. I love it!

  39. Justina says:

    Dab is the cat’s meow. Cant get enough.

  40. Anne says:

    I love every single detail in that apartment. The Danish furniture and the touch of yellow just add so much style and warmth to the space.

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