curated collections.

landscapes are usually considered to be a very traditional type of subject matter – well, not today! this curated collection is filled with a few fantastic twists on the classic landscape. wouldn’t you want to look out your window and see an iceberg, a purple sunset, or a volcanic pool made from chocolate cake and blue milk? yes! me too!

see?! so many unique vistas, and original horizons – all of which i’d be thrilled to have just outside of my window. alright, well you enjoy the view, and i’ll see you back here in two weeks with another one of my little collections! ~ the jealous curator xo

{1. iceberg paintings ~ jeremy miranda 2. circular photographs ~ marco suarez 3. sunset paintings ~ zoe pawlak 4. portrait/landscapes (love these so much!) ~ helen sear 5. icelandic photographs (top three staged with wool, bottom three staged with chocolate cake, poppy seeds and milk!) eszter burghardt 6. collage ~ tom edwards 7. found landscapes embellished with text ~ wayne white}.

9 Responses to “curated collections.”
  1. Angela says:

    oh, oh! Eszter Burghardt’s work is incredible! Love it.

  2. It’s a wild world out there in the wide lens view.


  3. Bobbi says:

    The Icelandic pics are amazing, and I love the text in the found landscapes recedes into the deep space of the painting.

  4. Zoe Pawlak says:

    Thanks so much ladies for including my work with these fine others!

  5. you’re really amazing at choosing art. LOVE the icebergs.


  6. Thank you all for the comments!
    …and Zoe, of course you’d be included! I love your work so much.
    … and Joanna – wow, thank YOU! That’s a huge compliment (and yes, I love the icebergs too) : )

  7. This is a beautiful collection!

  8. mlleparadis says:

    jeremy miranda is an amazing painter. i’ve posted about him before. everything he does is stunning.

  9. Great post! Like Zoe’s work and the iceburgs.

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