get this look: spring fling.

I’m so bloody bored of this rain, haven’t had a good hair day in weeks, and am really looking forward to some damn sunshine. did you hear that, rain gods? back off! and, now that i have that off my chest, i thought i’d share these pretty pictures above (ahhhh), which inspired me to seek out some Spring decorating ideas. let’s fight back and get this look with pattern, color and panache! pow! take that, rain!

lovely wild woodland vases, via anthropologie; love this inspiring little collection of spring things via ellemania; colorful print fabrics from lotus bleu; and Apple Papple poster by Fine Little Day, via bodie and fou.

white ceramic collection from west elm; Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase from anthropologie; gorgeous rob robshaw blockprint linens; and marimekko socks rolled down tumblers at plastica.

vintage glass bottles display pompom flowers, via ellemania; and lili diallo’s fabulous brooklyn loft in details (as shot by annie schlecter); and emma lamb’s forever flower garland.

leah duncan’s sweet tea towel; amazing diy mason jar pendant lights via poppytalk; house industries’ most inspiring eames catalog; pretty DRAPER STRIPE POPPY DUVET SET, new from dwellstudio; and send some snail mail with orla kiely’s flower check correspondence cards.

• top photos: camilla engman; Jördis!; skinny laminx; and simpletoenchant.

17 Responses to “get this look: spring fling.”
  1. Stephanie says:

    So many pretty shades! I recently posted an inspiration board for my upcoming birthday party that incorporates a lot of these colors- the orange/coral, teal/mint & gray. Can’t wait for spring & sunshine!

  2. loving all the colors! Thanks for sharing.

  3. lisa says:

    The textiles here, AMAZING.

  4. Justine RZ says:

    Just discovered your blog, and I really like it, it’s so beautiful. Such a nice place, and really inspiring !

  5. natalie says:

    i’m so smitten with the chrysanthemum vase! that would totally brighten up our dreary rainy days!

  6. victoria says:

    welcome justine! :)

    this was really fun to put together, so i’m glad you like it!

  7. What great comments – seriously need that here with winter coming!

  8. Rosa says:

    I love that teal wall with the leather sofa in front of it!

  9. Ambyr says:

    I need to shop at West Elm, I keep seeing such great things from there.


  10. Cez says:

    so nice garlands and jar lightening !!!!! wonderful

  11. i love that mason jar chandelier, i want to know how he created the colors, maybe just paint? I want to make one right now!

  12. patricia says:

    oh! I love all of this.
    as a fellow californian i get it. as much as we needed the rain, enough already.
    thx for the inspiration.

  13. These colors are so refreshing! The multi-colored mason jar lighting is lovely too…another project to add to the list!

  14. Christine says:

    I was at Kew Gardens the other day and saw the pink watering can you have in one of your pictures and absolutely fell in love with the streamlined shape. There were so many colors to choose from though that i’ll have to give it some thought (and plant some flowers) before I go back ; ) There’s a ton of rain here in London but it keeps the flowers beautiful!

  15. Joana says:

    Amazing colors and textures! Does anybody know how to put lights in a jar like the one there??!! Plz anyone?

  16. victoria says:

    joana – the link is under the photo to the DIY project on poppytalk:

  17. Joana says:

    @victoria I know im late but thanx!

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