unexpected guests: art hound.

this week on unexpected guests, we’re dropping in on the art-filled home of Kate Singleton who writes the blog Art Hound, about living with affordable art. Kate’s got a great collection and a wonderful eye, also offering a very affordable art consulting product called Art Matching. Kate has been collecting art since she got out of school six years ago, and it’s become the most fulfilling ongoing project of her life. Kate and her husband Cameron Cundiff, an artist, live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with their two Maine Coons cats. Kate has some lovely ideas for displaying artwork, and the perfect exposed brick canvas for doing so. here’s a look.

What are a few of your favorite things to do in your neighborhood?
I love my neighborhood for a host of reasons but the food ranks very high on the list. I love having lunch during the week at Frankies when it’s not so busy, stopping by specialty food shop Court St Grocers for homemade rugula, eating mind-blowing cannolis from Court St Bakery, and picking up a coffee from Black Gold while keeping an eye on their stuffed Hyena.

What are your go-to online shops?
Heath, Etsy, Gretel, Spartan, Enormous Tiny Art, Brook Farm General Store, Design Public.

What’s your favorite possession?
It’s hard to pick favorites but this sculpture of a crushed coffee cup by Chris Mitton that we keep on our coffee table is up there. It’s quite inconspicuous, but if you look closely you realize it’s actually made of carrera marble, and if you venture to pick it up its weight is astonishing. Many people don’t realize what it is, and I like it more for that.

What’s your favorite flea market, or secondhand find?
My collection of old glass medicine bottles dug up from my parents’ property in Connecticut. They’re still a little dirty and feel like recovered buried treasure (or trash actually!). I also love this chartreuse shoe form I use as a book stand that I bought from bouquet on Etsy.

What five things can’t you live without?
High-speed internet. A comfortable bed with good sheets. My Canada Goose jacket – I recommend it to all of my friends who live in the Northeast – Getting one seriously changed my life. A steady supply of good coffee and tea – We love our French press, and I’m partial to Harney’s Teas. Earl Grey is my favorite. Cinnamon gum – I chew it all day long.

If you could go shopping with anyone in the world, who would it be?
My husband! He has great taste and blindly shares my enthusiasm for the most random, dorky things. When we visited Tortoise General Store in LA which was like my vision of heaven (I’m obsessed with simple Japanese design) he was so happy for me. Having someone to share those moments with is the best feeling!

What bores you to death?
Feeling removed from others and their creativity. It’s why I love cities so much… and the internet. Also, channel-surfing. We gave up broadcast television for a Roku box and Netflix two years ago and have not looked back!

What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?
I would spend every penny I had on all of the amazing art I came across and build a one-of-a-kind collection. My husband’s grandparents almost bought some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work before she was famous, but didn’t. That’s my fantasy: to end up with work by the next Georgia O’Keeffe. In reality, though, I don’t consider art an investment and only buy what I really love.

•  photos: Katherine Hammond (styling) and Elizabeth Felicella (photography).

18 Responses to “unexpected guests: art hound.”
  1. Wow, what an amazing collection of artwork. Kate certainly does have a wonderful eye, and such an beautiful space to display all of her finds. The exposed brick wall with the collection of prints hung using blue tape – swoon!

  2. Love this feature. I really need to add more art to my walls but I never know where to start looking. That marble coffee cup is awesome. I also love the string with clipped on artwork.

  3. Sarah Flower says:

    Swoon! What an incredible apartment. The rooms seem so clean and un-cluttered, but at the same time incredibly fun. Surprises everywhere! How do you sign up for art matching?

  4. Shannon says:

    I am sorely jealous of both the wonderful art and the exposed brick. Beautiful place.

  5. brittni says:

    Congrats Kate on the feature. It’s so great to take a looksie into your home. And I, for one, am happy to see one of your cats made its way into the tour as well!

  6. kate says:

    thanks, guys! our art collection has been an ongoing project for the last 6 years and has really fallen into place in this apartment (which i never want to move out of btw).

    sarah – i am always striving for a balance between clean, modern design and warmth so i’m very happy to hear that! and you can read about and get in touch about art matching here (http://arthound.net/consulting/).

    thanks again for all the kind comments! : )

  7. kate says:

    also, if you’re curious about the titles and artists of the artwork shown you can find it all here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/42285361@N08/sets/72157623022125666/

  8. victoria says:

    so nice to feature you, kate! and thank you for the additional links to the artwork! :)

  9. Christine says:

    Thanks for the great article and all the great links. Beautiful, Fun photos!

  10. Fina says:

    I’ve been collecting artwork from thrift stores, ebay, & etsy…think it’s time to display them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Love this feature- the art is approachable, professional and well placed throughout :)

  12. kate says:

    thanks, guys!

    Fina: I am very lax about displaying art. I believe there is no right or wrong way! I get good ideas from flickr and pinterest. I think seeing real places is the best inspiration.

  13. honeydonthink says:

    Thanks Victoria & Kate – I grew up just around the corner from Carroll Gardens in Boerum Hill and love your neighborhood. I also fell in love with a lot of your artwork – especially the singing cat. The link to your art collection is great!

  14. I love Kate’s little table in the kitchen. And what she said about only buying art she really loves resonates…

  15. This is a great interview! It was fun to read!

    Thanks to both of you!

  16. joanne singleton says:

    wonderful tour of your apt and art collection. great job, kate.

  17. What a great collection and what a nice apartment!
    I’m very happy i’m on those walls next to such amazing artists!

  18. kate says:

    thanks, everyone!

    honeydonthink, it is an amazing neighborhood, isn’t it? amazing that a lot of the architecture is the same! definitely has a unique, old new york feel.

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