i spy: separated at birth.

lonny and jane fonda.

i couldn’t help but notice how well some of this snappy home decor matched up with these equally fab fashion photos. i thought it might be fun to spy some pairs, possibly ‘separated at birth’. who really knows which comes first, and who may have inspired who…but i do think fashion influences furniture design, and very much the visa-versa.

lonny and julianne moore.

bddw, and animal head vintage.

skona hem, and bddw.


wild chairy, and twiggy.

lonny and grace kelly.

urban outfitters, and 1st dibs, via seesaw designs.

fan pop and ann mashburn, via lisa roy.

Anthropologie and doris day.

lonny and natalie wood.

mad men and urban outfitters.

33 Responses to “i spy: separated at birth.”
  1. How wonderfully clever! And gorgeous! And fun! You must have had good with this one. I’m in total envy of your way of seeing the connection between different images.

  2. phyllis says:

    This is so cool! This took a lot of work but fun work, huh? :)

  3. IAMSNWFLAKE says:

    Love the matching pairs! Very well accomplished.

  4. Amazing! These pairings are truly spot on. I’m loving the first Lonny image and the yellow lounge. The dottie dress from Mad Men is divine. So much inspiration here :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. LiveLikeYou says:

    How fun and how fitting. We all should design our interiors the way we dress!!

  6. Susan says:

    I am always so inspired by your posts and today’s is brilliant!
    My daughter lived in SF for a year and I visited frequently—even thought you may complain about the weather, it is better than Wisconsin—so, many of your images are familiar and pleasant reminders of my visits.

  7. What a great post, Victoria! I so enjoyed this collection of diptychs.

  8. victoria says:

    thanks so much! it was kind of challenging at first, but once i got into a ‘groove’ it was hard to stop. i was up late on this post! :)

  9. bex says:

    Perfectly paired, every one. I am envious of whoever gets to lounge on that yellow sofa in that lovely vintage yellow dress.

  10. WOW. Love this. GREAT job.

  11. LOVE this post! As always, thanks for sharing. You are awesome :)


  12. meagan says:

    fricking fantastic idea for a post!!! amazing and very very cool. Hats off lady!

  13. automatism says:

    This is just totally fun. Thanks for this!!!


  14. Ms. P & C says:

    Love this! So fabulous…

  15. Always loved this kind of posts, thanks, Victoria!

  16. Pistachio says:

    Oh this is so wonderful! What a great idea.
    Still, I am always amazed at how creative you and so many other bloggers can be. Looking at all these things keeps the mind sharp and the creative juices flowing!!

  17. victoria says:

    thanks again you guys. this was super fun, and something i might like to make a regular feature – would you like something like this?

  18. Amy says:

    i just love these posts
    I really am in awe of how these fashions reflect each other.

  19. This is SO clever! I’m with everyone else, I love this kind of thing: hope to see more soon!

  20. Sam says:

    Very clever idea! Love all the comparisons, very apt.

  21. Tracy says:

    what a great collection, ms. victoria. wow.

  22. Sierra says:

    Fantastic collection!! I loved that Better Draper dress the minute I saw her in it on the show, so happy to see it included here!

  23. Emily says:

    Wow! I am so impressed with this. Way to keep it original!

  24. Rachel Henning says:

    Very CLEVER – WOW LOVE how these fashions reflect each other !!! Love it !!! MORE MORE !!
    Ohhhhhh I LOVE the wild chairy fabric .. stunning !

  25. Kat says:

    *ahem…sometimes I think that Doris Day and Victoria (of sfgirlbybay) were separated at birth. totally her doppelganger!

  26. victoria says:

    kat – LOL. i was kinda thinking that this morning. she’s just goofy enough. ;)

  27. Barbara says:

    I love pairings and I think this post is absolutely brilliant! ; )

  28. Heather says:

    This is absolutely brilliant & inspired!

  29. kelly s says:

    What a great post! Refreshingly unique! The comparisons were spot on. :))

  30. I have always been intrigued by the “room to outfit” and visa versa that I first discovered in Donmino. You put together some wonderful ones here. The vintage examples put an extra spin into the concept. Thanks for the retro looks!

  31. I am always so inspired by your posts and today’s is brilliant! I love this kind of thing: hope to see more soon!
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