lesley evers giveaway.

i’ve got a really darling giveaway for you girls today! my lovely sponsor, lesley evers, is giving away this super cute mimi tunic from their spring collection. simply pop over to lesley evers and then comment back here with your mimi color choice (sorry the green print above is only available in stores) and comment by tuesday, april 26th.

*oh! and you can also get credit for an extra entry if you blog or tweet about the giveaway and then comment back here with your link. as always, please be sure there’s a way to reach you!

• photos by lara rossignol.

291 Responses to “lesley evers giveaway.”
  1. Emily says:

    I love the Ivory Fleurette tunic; so adorable!

  2. Kate in the Shade says:

    black links for me! love it!

  3. char says:

    OH…LOVE the Aqua Tmbleweed…FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!!!!

  4. Kristina says:

    i loooove the ivory fleurette tunic! so cute :)

  5. Summer says:

    What a great top! I love it! The black tumbleweed is my favorite.

  6. sara says:

    ooh i love the aqua! beautiful top

  7. jenny says:

    The black links is definitely my favorite!

  8. larissa says:

    I love the black tumble weed!!

  9. Donatella says:

    Oh, no doubt… a cute Black Links Mimi for me!

  10. Bridget says:

    So hard to choose as they are all gorgeous!! I have to say black links.

  11. Emily L. says:

    Love the one pictured but the Aqua Tumbleweed is so pretty.

  12. Georgia says:

    I like the aqua tumbleweed!

  13. Kami C. says:

    I love the ivory!

  14. Krista says:

    I love the Ivory Fleurette.

    Also, been tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/kristarayP/status/60699851016507392

  15. Dominique says:

    In love with the Ivory Fleurette!

  16. Chetana says:

    I love Ivory Fleurette!

  17. Kim says:

    ooh – I have been looking for a top like this for ages! The aqua tumbleweed is oh-so-summery, it makes me feel happy just to look at it! (although I am still a sucker for the green one pictured). I would be a very happy camper wearing the aqua tumbleweed, that’s for sure!

  18. Marilyn says:

    These are so cute! I would go with the ivory fleurette.

  19. Jules says:

    Wow! Think it would have to be the Aqua Tumbleweed for me.
    Thanks for a gorgeous give-away!

  20. Kelly says:

    I love the black links! So mod!

  21. Debbie says:

    Ohh, the aqua tumbleweed. Because the color and the name rock!

  22. Rachel Abbey says:

    Black Links is perfect for a Saturday in the city! What a terrific giveaway, thank you!!

  23. Maria says:

    LOVE the aqua tumbleweed!

  24. Christine says:

    Love the ivory! All of them are beautiful, however!

  25. Um IVORY! So dang cute. And what a great giveaway. Thanks!

  26. Marie Benson says:

    I think it’s got to be black links for me, although the ivory is pretty as well.

  27. Clara says:

    The black links would be lovely for surviving the hot Texas weather!

  28. Heather says:

    The blank links would be most versatile for me!

  29. Maria says:

    black links for me!! Beautiful!

  30. Meg S says:

    I love the Aqua Tumbleweed!

  31. Megan says:

    They are all beautiful, but if I had to choose one, it would be the Ivory Fleurette tunic!

  32. Rachel D says:

    Black links! So mod and so versatile.

  33. jennifer says:

    The black links is perfect!

  34. stephanie says:

    aqua tumbleweed. how darling. love this giveaway. :)

  35. Stephanie says:

    Black Links please :)

  36. Danielle says:

    It was hard to choose – I love them all but I think the aqua is my favourite.

  37. Ivory Fleurette is lovely for summer!

  38. amanda says:

    Oooh I like the black links tunic. So CUTE. : ) I hope I win.

  39. Oh la la! It is very difficult to choose but I would love the Aqua Mimi!

  40. Toni says:

    Certainly loving the black links!

  41. LOVE the black links! This is super-cute!

  42. alison says:

    Decisions, decisions… I love them all but I think Ivory Fleurette is my fave!

  43. angie says:

    ooh i want the Black Tumbleweed one. thanks!

  44. arveerell says:

    black links for me! ♥

  45. Kelley says:

    I’m thinking cute post workout coverup! Nice! http://motionstarved.com/

  46. Wendy TC says:

    Black tumbleweed, though all are terrific.

  47. Kelley says:

    I’m thinking nice post workout coverup. Nice! – tweeted @motionstarved

  48. kris says:

    aqua tumbleweed is my favorite!

  49. Ginta says:

    aqua tumbleweed is so absolutely perfect!

  50. MayaS says:

    Black Links! Such a cute and classy throw-back to the sixties.

  51. Kate says:

    The Black Links all the way. So chic and cute!

  52. Sarah F says:

    I love the Ivory Fleurette tunic!

  53. tricia says:

    oh, cute! definitely the black links. fab!

  54. Kristen R. says:

    I would love to pair the black tumbleweed tunic with some bright pink accessories!

  55. Dana Sawyer says:

    I love the black links Mimi tunic! And, I love your blog! Keep posting!

  56. I’m digging the Black Links, would be perfect for my upcoming Puerto Rico vacation!

  57. Karma Lane says:

    I love the black tumbleweed!

  58. Chartreuse says:

    I would love to wear the aqua on an endless beach day! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  59. alison says:

    ivory fleurette!

  60. Jaimie says:

    The black links would be perfect for photographing wedding rehearsals!

  61. SGood says:

    Black links. So CUTE!

  62. Kristen says:

    I love the Aqua one! Gorgeous!

  63. Kate G. says:

    I’d go for the black links (which, incidentally, would look awesome with this red earrings I’m wearing) :)

    Rad giveaway!

  64. Love… the Ivory Fleurette is definitely my fave!

  65. Jen says:

    If I can’t get the green, then the black links. Definitely.

  66. Megan Muraski says:

    The Ivory Fluerette is beautiful! Great way to advertise Lesley Evers!

  67. Loring Pfeiffer says:

    aqua tumbleweed! so lovely!

  68. Linda says:

    Black links….sooo cute.

  69. Tory says:

    I love the black links!

  70. Nissa says:

    Love the aqua tumbleweed–perfect color for spring/summer!

  71. zzipper says:

    Black Tumbleweed is my favorite.. love it!

  72. Emmy says:

    I love the ivory fleurette.

  73. Jennifer Cohen says:

    Love the black and white Mimi!

  74. Elizabeth says:

    I love, and need, the Black Tumbleweed :)

  75. Melissa W. says:

    Love it! My wardrobe is mostly turquoise or black and white… but I’d still go with black links.

  76. Ashley K says:

    I am loving the Ivory Fleurette!

  77. Lindsey P says:

    Love the Black Links

  78. KatieLou says:

    Love, love, LOVE the Ivory Fleurette!!

  79. Krissy says:

    I’m torn between the black links and ivory fleurette.

  80. I love the black & white links!

  81. Yolande W says:

    I adore the tunic! It is the perfect combo of casual chic! I especially love the ivory fleurette pattern! Beautiful design!

  82. Sharon Der says:

    The black links is my fav!

  83. Sigita says:

    I absolutely love the black links! So 60s chic!

  84. Dina says:

    I love the black links!

  85. Miranda says:

    Love the black links!

  86. Heather says:

    The aqua- perfect for a trip to Palm Springs!

  87. Kat says:

    Black tumbleweeds is my fav–so adorable!

  88. Mary says:

    Black links is my choice :)

  89. Cary says:

    Aqua tumbleweed indeed! I can already picture wearing it on my trip to costa rica in may — what an awesome giveaway!

  90. Heather says:

    I would go for the Ivory Fleurette. Thanks, snacktive@gmail.com

  91. Desi says:

    the black links rules.

  92. bliss says:

    size small black links please :)

  93. Terra says:

    The black links makes me swoon!

  94. Caty says:

    I love-love-love the Ivory Fleurette!

  95. Ren says:

    Definitely the aqua!

  96. Lee says:

    mmm, black links.

  97. Tracy says:

    aqua tumbleweed please! tracyamber at gmail dot com.

  98. Iris says:

    Ivory fleurette for me please :)

  99. Wendy H says:

    Aqua tumbleweed, for sure!

  100. Marilee says:

    Absolutely love the Ivory Fleurette – perfect for warmer weather!

  101. Kristen says:

    black links, please. someday, someway i might win something here!

  102. Kate says:

    Black links, pretty please!

  103. Michelle says:

    Black links, for sure.

  104. KatyM says:

    Oh my heavens. This makes me very swoony. Love the Ivory Fleurette!

  105. Kim says:

    Ak! I really love them all – the lime is so pretty… But my fav is the aqua tumbleweed.

  106. The Ivory Fleurette is my fav :) It will look awesome with coral accessories.

  107. Felicia says:

    I really dig the lime but from the ones on the website my favorite is the black links.

  108. joanne says:

    crushing on the black links! this tunic is so cute!

  109. Shaina says:

    I love the aqua! So summery and light!

  110. am says:

    Aqua tumbleweed is the one for me!!!

  111. Amanda says:

    I LOVE this tunic! Aqua Tumbleweed please :) Thanks for the great giveaway Victoria.

  112. Kate says:

    ooh la la! Ivory Fleurette for moi, si vous plais!

  113. Ashley B. says:

    The Aqua Tumbleweed Mimi top is amazing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Mary Beth says:

    FB. The black links suits my fancy! I hope I win xoxox

  115. Lindsey Hubbard says:

    Absolutely in LOVE with Black Links….these are so cute and chic. Lovely!

  116. Mary Beth says:

    I love this black links tunic!

  117. I love the aqua tumbleweed!

  118. Megan says:

    Black links is so chic!

  119. I love the Black Tumbleweed—all her tunics are so fab!!!

  120. Delena says:

    Black links for me

  121. Lily says:

    Aqua for me, baby!

  122. rosemariee says:

    it’s hard to choose between the Ivory Fleurette and the Black Links- but I think I’d choose the Ivory!

  123. monique says:

    I love them all but I really want the Black Links on. In a large heh

  124. Camila F. says:

    Oh, they’re all so pretty! I love the Ivory Fleurette!

  125. Maryela says:

    Love the aqua!

  126. Julie D says:

    black links please :)

  127. Ashley S. says:

    Black links pretty pleasssse…

  128. Chelsey says:

    So cute. I hope I win :) I would choose the black links.

  129. kathryn says:

    boy…i love them all but i guess if i have to choose it would be aqua tumbleweed

  130. Lindsey S says:

    I love the yellow!

  131. Kristi says:

    I love the black links and the Ivory Fleurettes.

  132. I would choose the Ivory Fleurette. It is charming, sophisticated and perfect for late summer evenings drinking Pimms in the park.

    rosaliliumblog at gmail dot com

  133. Nellie Semana says:

    I love the yellow tunic!

  134. jenn says:

    Black links for me! love!

  135. CapreeK says:

    Oo, I love the Black Links pattern!

  136. Joanna says:

    Tough decision for a Florida girl, but I’d adore the Aqua Tumbleweed (for starters!).

  137. i love the aqua tumbleweed–a LOT! great work!

  138. Raquel says:

    Ivory fleurette would be lovely!

  139. Coco says:

    The Mimi “Black Links” is so 60’s chic, I love it. I’d like to wear this dress with some tall black leather boots to a party at Andy Warhol’s Factory… or maybe just in flats to lounge at Dolores Park. ;)

  140. Kaitlyn says:

    The black links print is darling. I love tunics!

  141. The black links is sooo Bardotesque love it!

  142. Kaitlyn says:

    Tweeted – twitter.com/kaitlyngarcia

    Blogged – http://www.downbeatdame.tumblr.com

  143. michel stong says:

    I love the tunic, all colors, but if I have to pick, the black tumbling tumbleweed.
    thanks {as if I won it! ; )} hey that could be a beard.

  144. Valerie says:

    This is adorable will share for sure!
    Ivory would be amazing!
    Shared on my Facebook and Blog!

  145. Melanie says:

    I love the aqua tumbleweed!

  146. I’m liking the black links. Oooh la la.

  147. Miranda says:

    Love black links – it would look fab on me hosting a party in my mid-century ranch house :)

  148. Melissa says:

    I love the black links :)

  149. Lindsey says:

    ooh….I love the Ivory Fleurette tunic. So pretty!

  150. sarah b. says:

    how ADORABLE is this tunic! i love the aqua tumbleweed. so cute!

  151. Dotty D says:

    Cute………….love it…….

  152. Ryan Marie says:

    Aqua Tumbleweed for me. This tunic is wonderful as is this blog!

  153. Amber says:

    This is adorable! I love the aqua tumbleweed the best!

  154. Tina says:

    The perfect summer tunic! My choice would be the Aqua Tumbleweed. I love the colour!

  155. sarah r. says:

    black links!!! love.

  156. Corey says:

    The Ivory Fleurette is too adorable! <3

  157. Cassie says:

    ooooh the black tumbleweed, yes please!

  158. lynzey says:

    Black links!!!! :)

  159. Maureen says:

    Love the black links!

  160. Michelle says:

    oh yes black tumbleweed!

  161. Elaine says:

    I am seriously diggin’ the Ivory Fleurett!

    Thanks for the giveaway~

  162. Skye says:

    The black links tunic is adorable! I wish the green was available online.

  163. michel stong says:

    Finally found a way to say thank you for all your wonderful posts, Victoria, here’s my blog about lesley. Thanks again.

  164. elisabeth says:

    Ivory Fleurette is my favorite :)

  165. Pearl Bhasin says:

    Ivory for me. So it doesn’t clash too much with my tattoos. :)

  166. Libby says:

    Love the black links!!!

  167. Kristie says:

    Ohhhh…I looked for hours last time you mentioned Lesley’s website…I love them all. I think I will go for the Black Links…so very Mod..where’s my Vespa!

  168. Raina says:

    definitely the aqua is my favorite color, so summery!

  169. Noelle McReynolds says:

    Black links, black tumbleweed, why choose?

  170. Sara says:

    I adore the ivory fleur! So mod!

  171. Mina says:

    I love the black links one! So crisp and elegant!

  172. Denise says:

    Black Links is my favorite! But who could go wrong with anything from this collection!

    Love this giveaway and Lesley Evers!

    Tweeted @DKPA…http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/2011/04/20/lesley-evers-giveaway/

  173. Michelle says:

    I love the black links! This is perfect for summer!!

  174. Suzanne says:

    Not sure you should let me win this – what if I end up wearing it EVERY DAY?! I love the tunic. And I’m already making outfit plans for the ivory.. :)

    Thanks for the chance! Great giveaway!

  175. Kate says:

    Black links for me…all the way!

  176. Virginia says:

    I like the black links.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Danielle Butman says:

    LOVE the aqua tumbleweed!!!! I love them all but the aqua color is perfect for spring and summer! My favorite time of year =]

  178. Lucretia Cracchiolo says:

    I absolutely adore Lesley Evers! Her clothes are beautiful! I am probably her biggest fan! :)
    The black links would definately be my first choice.

  179. Kristen says:

    Love the black links!!

  180. Angelie Oro says:

    the black links is awesome!

  181. audrey marie says:

    love the black links!! gorg!

  182. Denee' says:

    ooh ooh~ Aqua Tumbleweed for sure! and I tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/jd_koch

  183. Love this tunic in black links.

  184. smstock@gmail.com says:

    Black links

  185. Stephanie says:

    Black Links!!! Thank you!

  186. janet says:

    Love the Ivory Fluerette!

  187. Charlene says:

    black links… aqua tumbleweed… black links… aqua tumbleweed… do I have to decide?!?! I love them both!!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  188. suzannec says:

    Black links, so cute.

  189. Deanna says:

    The black links is a must have!!

  190. Allesha says:

    Would love the Ivory.

    Posted on Facebook

  191. Melissa says:

    I’m a black and white kinda gal, and I dream of hot summers where tumbleweeds blow in the warm wind!

  192. Julie D. says:

    Black links!

  193. Sara P. says:

    I LOVE the Black Links!

  194. amy joy says:

    Black links is PERRRRRRRRRFECT for me!:)

  195. In LOVE with the black links! Though I almost went with the aqua! Thanks for the give-a-way! Pick me! Pick me! :)

  196. Kathy says:

    I love the black links! Thank-you!

  197. Drea says:

    Ooh, so cute. Can’t decide which one is my favorite. I would have to pick the Black Links.

    and shared twitter.com/#!/lil_drea

    (oops, tweeting for a non-profit and posted it on their twitter instead of my personal one.)

  198. Janet says:

    Black links is my fav.

  199. Kerry says:

    I love the black links design…SO cute!

  200. Cheri says:

    Tough to pick… But going with the black links.

  201. Sarah says:

    I love this!!! The Black links is my favorite!!

  202. leah says:

    I love the Ivory Fleurette tunic; so adorable!

  203. dawn says:

    black links would so rock my flipflops!

  204. Laura Hausheer says:

    I love the black links and the aqua! both so cute!

  205. Suellen Coveney says:

    I’d be sure to be noticed in the beautiful black mimi tunic. You could dress it up or down.

  206. Ashley says:

    Love the aqua color!

  207. Annette says:

    The black tumbleweed is my favorite.

  208. Hollie Parker says:

    I love the aqua! So beautiful for summer!

  209. Mary says:

    Aqua ;)

  210. Dani says:

    Black links! So classy and pretty. :)

  211. Jennie says:

    Love the Mimi in black links!

  212. Jennifer T. says:

    I love the Aqua Tumbleweed!

  213. Jennifer T. says:

    I’ve shared the giveaway on my facebook – http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=509384872

  214. Janet says:

    The Aqua Tumbleweed is my favorite. Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway!

  215. Hilary says:

    Black Links would fit in my lifestylee perfectly!

  216. Tara Ogle says:

    Absolutely the black links.

  217. Jessica Leas says:

    Black links is so cute! I like the aqua tumbleweed too, but I think black would be better for me. So nice of you and your supporters to give stuff away!


  218. Beth Easley says:

    Aqua Tumbleweed!! Beautiful!

  219. Jenny says:

    Well since my first choice would have been the green, which i LOVE, I’ll say the black links (which I equally love!).

  220. kaela d. says:

    love love love! top, glasses, hair, shoes….awesome combo! but aqua tumbleweed is aaaamazing.

  221. jessica anderson says:

    i love the top & would pick the black links.

  222. jessica anderson says:

    …and i tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/jessgott

  223. Abigail says:

    I like Ivory Fleurette–I’ve been wanting more yellow in my life. So lovely.

  224. Julie M says:

    I love the Aqua Tumbleweed!!

  225. What a fabulous give away!! I love the black links.

  226. Karen says:

    Love the aqua tumbleweed. Seems to be a popular color!

  227. gia says:

    oh so pretty, would go perfectly with my new gray skinny jeans! not sure which color I love the most, maybe the black.

  228. Andrea says:

    Blank links – wonderful pattern :) :)

  229. Lacretia says:

    Those black links are KILLING ME. Love.

  230. Casie says:

    Black Links all the way!

  231. Judy says:

    Love the aqua tumbleweed. What a nice giveaway!

  232. Irene says:

    Cant decide!
    If i win, surprise me with the Black Links. I would pair it with bottoms in a bold primary color. I can totally see myself wearing it at an evening pool side party at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica! Oh pick me!!!

  233. Shannon says:

    The black tumbleweed would be my choice! So deliriously darling! And could you please specify if you know where those accompanying glasses came from in your giveaway post? I’m in love with them as well. Thank you!

  234. Jessica says:

    Ooo, such cute clothes and a tough color choice! I would have to go with ivory fleurette. Thanks for the chance to win! http://twitter.com/#!/JessicaLoehrs

  235. Maxie says:

    Love the black tumbleweed!

  236. Caroline says:

    Black links size small please! Wow..really, what an amazing giveaway! xx

  237. Melissa Hodge says:

    Ohhhh love the aqua tumbleweed. A size Large please.

  238. Emily says:

    black tumbleweed, please!

  239. stets says:

    I’m torn between black links or aqua tumbleweed… AQUA TUMBLEWEED. Its too fun in that color and those jazzy little sketched circles!

  240. Karen says:

    Ohh they are so cute! The aqua tumbleweed! but the black links is adorable too! I may need to order both :)

  241. Pam says:

    I love the ivory fleurette. Beautiful!

  242. Lisa says:

    Black links for sure.

  243. Shawna says:

    I absolutely adore the Ivory Fleurette!!

  244. ashley k says:

    oh, i love the black links!!! i would love to wear this on my honeymoon this summer!!

  245. Melissa Bauman says:

    Oh my circular stars! The Aqua Tumbleweed is the way to go! I love this! Super cuteness-chic!

  246. Roxanne says:

    La tunique Ivory Fleurette! Tellement mignon! I love the pattern! And it’s so hard to find cute yellow top.

  247. Lesa says:

    LOVE the ivory!!

  248. Jennifer says:

    LOVE Ivory Fleurette! Everyone should have a yellow top!

  249. kinsey says:

    Hands down it has to be Ivory Fleurette.

  250. tiffany knox says:

    Black Links. Crisp and clean. I can visualize myself in it.

  251. Elena says:

    i love the Ivory Fleurette!

  252. Kate says:

    Ivory Fleurette, thanks!

  253. Simone says:

    The black links are stunning! One please. :D

  254. Vilija says:

    This tunic is fabulous, the print is eye catching in any color. This would be an especially flattering addition to my summer wardrobe.

  255. cyn says:

    the ivory / mustard one is lovely! i hope i win :) thanks.

  256. Karen White says:

    I like the aqua tumbleweed best…

  257. Stephanie Smith says:

    Black links please & thank you! Here’s to Spring.

  258. Alice C. says:

    How sweet! I like the ivory fleurette!

  259. Sarah Jane says:

    It took my breath away! So gorgeous!

  260. I love them all! To pick one I’d say the aqua tumbleweed, perfect for spring!

  261. Joan says:

    nothing but BLACK LINKS for me!!!!!!

  262. Ashley J says:

    Black Links is my fave!

  263. Midori says:

    Love how versatile this top is for layering or not, low in front or not, etc. So adorable in the green print, but I’d happily settle for Ivory Fleurette.

  264. Kimberly says:

    Black links is first choice and second would be the aqua tumble weed.

    I also tweeted the special at https://twitter.com/#!/kimmiberry

  265. Lauren F. says:

    Black links is rocking. This tunic is beautiful- thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  266. What a lovely giveaway! Really loving the black links!


  267. Lilly says:

    I love the aqua tumbleweed.

  268. Raquel says:

    I LOVE the Black Links not only for the chic factor but because I think I would be able to wear it now in my post-baby struggle to lose this baby weight.

  269. Brianne says:

    I love the black links color!

  270. The black links is beautiful and versatile, and would work so well on a petite person (like me)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  271. Melinda says:

    Definitely black links. Love it!

  272. I love anything by Lesley Evers! The Mimi Tunic is particularly adorable in the Black Links print. The winner of this wonderful giveaway will be very lucky indeed! :)

  273. Susan says:

    Love Lesley Evers — such cute stuff! The black links print does it for me!

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