fab friday.

the new domestics.

it’s not too hard to see where i’m going with today’s fab friday roundup, is it? i actually hated anything to do with geometry or triangles, or any kind of math at all growing up, but i quite fancy this trend towards the triangle and geometrics. bright and cheerful like carnival pennants, or stark black and white, they are all right!

christopher bettig, via poppytalk.

ferm living’s columbine coral throw pillows; hilda grahnat’s pot coaster; textile artist Arounna Khounnoraj’s screen-printed tea towels, via task new york; twoems funky diamond print; technicolor card set from wit and whistle; and urban outfitters’ Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt.

Vintage color geometric wood puzzle from ohio picker; chevron throw and triangle pillow from haus interiors.

Danish Modern Dansk Teak Serving Boards from object of beauty; triangle tote bag from bookhou at home; clever triangle ruler/brush from canoe; and zig-zag rug from urban outfitters.

modern rose triangle handmade quilt from carsontoo.

13 Responses to “fab friday.”
  1. tijana says:

    hi victoria!

    … so i may be asking a dumb question here, but i’ve always wondered if it is possible to buy things online from the UK if your US native…

    you provide such wonderful sites to online boutiques from the UK :)

  2. victoria says:

    tijana – yes, these days it usually is. since i have readers everywhere (thanks to the world wide web!) i like to mix it up. but, they can sometimes be a little expensive due to the exchange rate.

  3. Ana says:

    I am loving your picks so bad :) Adorable.

  4. My eyes have had their exercise for the day – thank you. I especially like the two pillows in front of the window. What a joyful sight.
    Happy weekend all. :-)

  5. We’re completely opposite Victoria. I love geometry and anything that has to do with angles, angles, and angles. I decorate and redecorate my house and garden according to their geometries, especially my living room.

    But it’s also nice to be spontaneous sometimes.

  6. ambyr says:

    I’m not really a geometrical shape person either, but I totally love the card set and the black and white rug. Good inspiratons.

    Happy Friday

  7. Very cool triangle inspiration.

  8. jena says:

    I own that urban outfitters quilt! I love it :)

  9. I just bought that quilt last Friday. I can’t wait to get it in the mail. I, too, am LOVING this trend towards triangles & geometric shapes.

  10. linda says:

    Love the array of geometrics! Can’t get enough of them and
    am happy to see so many different applications of inspiration!

  11. LOVE the geometry, zig-zag stuff. It speaks to me in magical ways….

  12. Meghan says:

    Beautiful collection! I am loving this trend too. The bold colour mixed with black and white is terrific.

  13. Hande says:

    Wow love everything here. Big fan of Carson’s amazing quilts.

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