good reads: covet garden.

the new issue of covet garden is live and online, and that’s a bit ironic, considering the entire issue is devoted to taking us back to the 1940 and 50’s, long before this techno age we’re living in now! the current magazine follows moira, a stylish girl living a vintage-modern, retro-fabulous life. check out the complete issue of covet garden for more.

5 Responses to “good reads: covet garden.”
  1. Nashvilledeb says:

    Victoria, thanks so much for this new link. This is right down my alley. I’m loving those photos.

  2. Alexa says:

    Thanks for sharing…will definitely check it out! The photos are great

  3. Shannon says:

    Her bedroom is awesome. And she’s inspired me to try making won tons.

  4. The way this space is arranged fills me with peace…


  5. Ana says:

    I need to check this out asap. Thank you!

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