summer school was never this much fun.

if there’s one thing i admire and love about the blogging world is the support and sense of community that i get from a majority of the bloggers i’ve met. and this is no exception. some of my favorite bloggers and creative talents have gotten together to form like, the most fun summer school, ever – summer school pdx! and in one of the best places, ever – portland’s ace hotel.

summer school pdx has got a line up of some of the best teachers out there to learn from:

multi-talented joy Deangdeelert Cho of ohjoy! teaching you blogging and social media skills

photography from lisa waringer of the stylish blog urban weeds

clever and well-designed packaging ideas from sally j shim and Joke Vande Gaer of tokketok

beautiful flower arranging from one of the best stylists out there, chelsea fuss from frolic!

photoshop extraordinaire from the fabulous miss bri emery of designlovefest.

if i weren’t already traveling, i would love to be enrolled in this summer school! best homework ever!

NOTE: we’re planning on a san francisco class some time in july, so standby!

8 Responses to “summer school was never this much fun.”
  1. Joyce says:

    Oh nooo, my heart just skipped a beat when I read this! That’s just a few days after my stay in The Ace, can you believe that? I would have LOVED to do the photography workshop, but then I’m already in LA…

    Love from Amsterdam!

  2. Cathy Jean says:

    My family is from Portland originally. Ace photographer = urban weeds. Wow. I’ll be in Oregon on the 4th of July or I would have dragged husband to this if dates coalesced.

  3. victoria says:

    p.s. we’re working on a class for san franciso in july, too!

  4. leslie kingery says:

    This is fantastic! The lineup of incredible women/bloggers & venue is incredible!

  5. angie says:

    i wish i could attend Summer School. :-(

  6. Ariana says:

    Ooooh I am so excited about this coming to the Bay! Please keep us posted and if there is anyway to be added to a mailing list by all means add away! Thanks.

  7. Sally says:

    Thanks for the shout out, V! Wish you could be here!! Would love to come out to SF to teach a class though! :)

  8. victoria says:

    ariana – will do! thanks!

    you’re most welcome, sally! and i’d love that! :)

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