i spy: springtime.

greenpoint works.

it rained the entire time i was in new york. and then, i got home and it started raining here in san francisco. it may have suited my melancholy mood for a while, but i think, like anything — enough is enough. i need to see some sunshine and signs of spring. it’s almost june, for heaven’s sake, so before san francisco skips summer all together, i’d like to bring some of the outdoors inside, and spy some springtime!

springy frock and sandals via the sartorialist; and some cheerful wall decor via vtwonen.

bright pops of colorful dishes placed unexpectedly along a wall can create an indoor garden of sorts, via lonny magazine.

a door re-purposed as art; via red online; alexandra angle’s bedroom via bliss; turkish foutas or towels from chance; pompom throws and a vintage plate from abc carpet & home; and let’s just say mais oui to hilda grahnat’s poster.

signs of springtime, via hilda grahnat; a simple yet cozy bedroom, via the style files; some charming styling by louise rastall.

a mantle made colorful by bringing in the outdoors, via the selby; a lovely potting room via sköna hem; and some paper whites via lonny.

love the sunshine smiling on this pretty credenza, and cuts of fresh flowers and the wee topiary, via stadhem.

an eclectic springtime table setting, via vtwonen; decorate your bike, via shape shifter; set your tables with sprigs of fresh herbs from studio choo; a quick and easy idea to bring spring into your kitchen from readymade — dress up your fridge;

hang a chinese floral lantern, via nice room; and just add peonies to make any room look perfect, via design*sponge.

16 Responses to “i spy: springtime.”
  1. Oh, I can relate. Living here in Vancouver can be deeply dreary. All these images are pretty, sunshiny and inspiring. I’m actually saving my pennies for the chair in the first image. Have a good day Victoria!

  2. Agreed. Usually damp and overcast here in Oxford as well. Bright pink sheets and duvet cover, vase of peonies makes my room look springy/summery. Waiting for the sunshine, where are you, sunshine??

    xx G

    Gayatri Kumar
    Look who’s Wearing (LwW)

  3. The plate design on the wall is a super cool idea! AND…I want that credenza!


  4. kim says:

    oh man, i live in CT and i was feelin’ for ya the week you were visiting. the rain was relentless, not to mention i’ve seen the national forecast since you’ve gone home. good gracious. and now i’m sure you’ve heard we’ve got summertime temps. not fair for you. anyway, great selection of pics – i’m kicking myself for not buying a crocheted bedspread i spied at the thrift store a couple weeks ago and is since gone (similar to one pictured above.) i say go get a massage. if it’s gonna be dark and dreary, you may as well be in a dark room with someone making you feel good.

  5. I love that Mais Oui poster! So cool.

  6. Will says:

    Lovely post, V. Feeling ever so inspired, especially by that trio of candlesticks.

    Hope you are keeping well. xx

  7. michel stong says:

    Just what the doctor ordered, lovely post, and now a little sunshine please. ; )
    I love the colors and patterns, they are dancing around in my head.

  8. Marie says:

    I’m feeling your pain…I’m also here in the bay area and can’t believe it’s raining today :( these pics have definitely helped me forget even if just for a moment.

    I love the plates displayed on the wall and I especially LOVE the drink cart. I’m officially starting a search for one. Having that at home would make me forget about the rain outside :)

  9. Wendel says:

    This is very cheerful, and a real good mood-lifter. The weather here in the Netherlands has also been disappointing (but that’s nothing new ;-)). Surprising to see a VT wonen image amongst your little collection, images sure can travel a lot easier than us people!

  10. Oh you are like Shalako (sorry my dad is just a huge fan of cowboy movies so I got to watch this one with him recently lol). Well it is also raining in Rio de Janeiro… so I am happy to see all the pretty spring inspirations…

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  11. Evelyn P. says:

    I love that brown credenza , wwoo

  12. We missed summer almost completely here in the southern hemisphere – it seemed to rain endlessly and was barely hot! Fingers crossed you get a better deal.
    Love the door as art, gorgeous.

  13. Mrs. Green says:

    Whew! We’re ready any time for spring to start so then summer can come next. Picking peaches, nectarines and cherries in Brentwood this weekend has our spring fever in full bloom!

  14. Penny Patten says:

    It was a very rainy spring here too! Pretty much the whole month of May, other than this last week-we finally had SUN! Great sunny and cheerful pictures!

  15. Katie says:

    These colours make me so happy!

    I really like the movement of those plates on the wall. I might/definitely steal this idea.

  16. Vanya says:

    a gorgeous collection of images, colours are so fresh and beautiful.

    Nice work!

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