now we’re cookin’.


like that blog title? ha! there i go again, trying to be all pithy. but these kitchens and dining nooks are really cookin’! smokin’ hot even! they’re just so stylish, cheerful and bright. i went on a little binge and just had to share. now, if only i could rip out my yellow and burgundy (bleeck!) kitchen tile and start anew. a cook can dream, right?

hus & hembolig magasinet and hus & hem.

hus & hem, and fantastic frank; and residence | mixr.

Susanna Varpunen via petra bindel in dwell.

the selby, and a cozy kitchenette from vtwonen.

dusty deco, and fernlund + logan, dos family.

living etc.

18 Responses to “now we’re cookin’.”
  1. cara says:

    ahhhhh this post is making me so anxious to buy my first house and completely redo the kitchen! i hate waiting :p

  2. Lida says:

    beautiful and tidy kitchens, although one must wonder, at least I do, if the owners ever cook in these:)

  3. victoria says:

    lida – i think they must…just not during photo shoots! :)

  4. sami says:

    love the post title and love the wall white. it’s so pretty. i wonder if it would be hard to keep a white kitchen clean?


  5. Cathy Jean says:

    Not fair all these photo’s have such a great source of light! Light and white! Must seek it out! @ Sami- white is easy to keep clean. Easier than black and stainless steel which has been all the rage in the last decade imo.

  6. these are such beautiful photos! I’m a total sucker for black + white rugs. I must have one in my kitchen someday :)

    x fallon

  7. Kacie says:

    We are redoing our floors really soon and I’m contemplating buying cheap laminate and painting them white!

    A Collection of Passions

  8. Stephanie says:

    Gorgeous…they have these neat peal and stick realistic looking tile covers at home depot to cover the burgundy.

  9. I am absolutely vibrating from all of the yin and yang energy. Charming!!! I’m off to redecorate my kitchen.


  10. Nashvilledeb says:

    Oh yes, we have to dream. Otherwise we couldn’t create!

  11. So many beautiful kitchens! Love the black and white contrast on the fourth image.

  12. Alison Rae says:

    love it… .a girls gotta dream. lovely photos… we’re looking at buying our first house, and luckily my hubby’s company does the most amazing work, so maybe i’ll get my dream kitchen after all. here’s hoping.
    alison rae

  13. lovely kitchens.. why don’t you paint over your tiles? I know such a paint exists… less messy than removing them for now!

  14. victoria says:

    leila – i’ve thought about it, but i’m only renting, so should it fail, i could be in trouble! ;)

  15. Allywan says:

    Love a white kitchen with a pop of color!

  16. I can never get enough of dreamy kitchens, especially when they’re white, bright and spacious. Need to look for a bigger apartment after your lovely post…
    Cheers Tesca

  17. Ariana says:

    Clean and White is the way to go. I gotta get rid of my dark wood and horrible 60’s maroon and green tile.

  18. We went all white in our kitchen last year. it looks fantastic.

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