guest post: the 10 cent designer.

today, my favorite girl from up north, lori andrews, aka the 10 cent designer brings you ‘Teepee glamping’ (glamorous camping) in the prairies! what better way to start off my holiday, than with a great vacation idea?

Camping in an actual teepee has been on my list for a while. This month I made it a reality. I packed up my best wool points blankets, cozy down cushions and enough sheepskins to fill a teepee (I thought) and I hit the road for southern Saskatchewan.

My destination was the gorgeous grasslands of Southern Saskatchewan and four tipi’s that I rented in advance in the edge of a large natural Park (Grasslands National Park).

A beautiful green backdrop, gorgeous sunset and sunrise, and the biggest “tents” I have ever slept in made for a most memorable trip. Sleeping in a teepee is very comfortable if a little noisy (that is a lot of canvas and wood to be flapping around in the wind). I loved it so much. I’m going back. Next time I’ll bring a few friends, more cameras, more blankets, a dozen more sheep skins and my guitar.

Go rent a teepee. I guarantee you will not regret it.

23 Responses to “guest post: the 10 cent designer.”
  1. Anna @ D16 says:

    Lori, I am sooooooooo not a camper, but this makes me wish I were one.

  2. Heba says:

    the last photo is my favourite one :)

  3. Jen Ray says:

    This is so rad. I didn’t know the insides were like that! Now I really want to do it too..

  4. Jen says:

    That is absolutely stunning. I am NOT a camper but I just sent this link to my husband, do you think you can rent a teepee in Ontario?

  5. Lori Andrews says:

    it is VERY comfortable camping. This particular site has showers and wifi available. so very glamping Anna
    and Jen, I bet they do!

  6. Brandy says:

    What a rad idea!

  7. mlleparadis says:

    wow this puts glamping in a whole new light! i could be persuaded!

  8. Cathy Jean says:

    glamping! hee hee.. only if they have a shower! I do like the stones and the octagonal slats of wood.

  9. Lisa Mackay says:

    so amazing, and of course gorgeous photos. Makes me want to go back to Sask!

  10. i so will do this one day… i dream of living in ralph’s …. xoxo

  11. gia says:

    I want to do this for a girl’s trip! Did you rent 4 tipis for yourself?? in order to have privacy??

  12. Lori Andrews says:

    gia, I did. didn’t want a bunch of cars and people around :)

  13. I live in Saskatchewan and had no idea this was available. My kids would think this all kinds of fabulous. I myself am a touch camping adverse, but this looks like a wonderful experience. :)

  14. This has just been added to my must do list!!
    fantastic way to camp!

  15. What a great idea! Need to try this some time!

  16. so cool!! now on my list of things i’d love to do too :)

  17. Pink Ronnie says:

    This just looks amazing. I wonder if there’s something like this in Australia?
    Ronnie xo

  18. WOW! What a cool place to BE.


  19. Tracy says:

    wonderful. love these images.

  20. able mabel says:

    Cool! Looks relaxing!

  21. says:

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