pssst…look what’s coming.

i’ll bet you might assume these beautiful blankets are from some exotic bazaar i found in my recent travels abroad, right? well, you might be a little surprised to discover they’re actually new this fall from west elm! i love the vibrant colors and textures (especially that pink & green one!). stay tuned…this gorgeous fall collection of blankets and throws will be available at west elm by late July.

8 Responses to “pssst…look what’s coming.”
  1. Kacie says:

    OOOh those are pretty! Not sure how I would make them work in our house. Maybe in our guestroom which is kind of getting all of the “I love this but it doesn’t quite match” items! ;-)


  2. pretty! I think a few of those would be great in my living room… love west elm!

  3. Well, in that case West Elm deserves another look-see.

  4. I love them, and i all ready have bought one for my balcony. old Saris right? Hug / Johanna

  5. Bria says:

    Lovely! I’d love to snag one of those! And that coffee table in the last photo… hehe

  6. Marija says:

    pretty blankets. love the workmanship…

  7. Will says:

    These look beautiful. I think my mum would really like them as well. Going to send her a link! Happy weekend, Victoria!

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